IVOA UCD1+ tools

This page provides a few basic tools for UCD1+. Note that they can also be invoked as Web Services (for integration as simple routines in your applications in Java, .NET, PERL ... ).


Translate a UCD1 into the default corresponding UCD1+ :


Find a UCD1+ corresponding to a description :

This tool will return a "best guess" value only: it might fail in some cases. You can use an advanced form to interactively assign UCD1+ to descriptions to override the default behaviour.


Find a list of candidate UCD1+ words matching a description :

This tool will return a list of candidate words: use the assign method for building a complete UCD..


Check if a UCD1+ is valid :

The first word of the result is an error code, possibly followed by an explanation of the error.
This function will return 0 if the UCD1+ is fully valid.
The error-code results from the combination (logical OR) of the following values: Example: an error-code value of 18 will indicate the use of a deprecated word and a syntax error.


The official UCD1+ words have sometimes undergone changes. This function will upgrade deprecated words within a UCD1+ (causing error-code 2 in validate) to their currently valid expression :


This tool gives a plain-text explanation for a UCD1+ :