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Astronomy on the Internet
AstroWeb is a collection of pointers to astronomically relevant Internet resources, maintained by the AstroWeb Consortium. The present pages, based on the data shared by all the sites contributing to AstroWeb, are part of the CDS yellow-page services.
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The AstroWeb database currently contains 3090 distinct resource records:
Organizations Astronomy Departments (581 records)
Professional and Amateur Organizations (268 records)
Space Agencies and Organizations (56 records)
Observing resources Observatories and Telescopes (375 records) Telescope Observing Schedules (27 records)
Meteorological Information (15 records)
Astronomical Survey Projects (90 records)
Data resources Data and Archive Centers (137 records)
Astronomy Information Systems (34 records)
Bibliographical Services (29 records)
Astronomical Journals and Publications (96 records)
Astronomy & astrophysics preprints (42 records)
Abstracts of Astronomical Publications (26 records)
Conference Proceedings (46 records)
Astronomy-related Libraries (51 records)
Other Library resources (15 records)
Personal Web pages (702 records) (see also StarHeads database)
People (lists) (7 records)
Jobs (44 records)
Conferences and Meetings (46 records) (see also CFHT master list)
Newsgroups (at least somewhat astronomy-related) (38 records)
Mailing Lists (at least somewhat astronomy-related) (18 records)
Computer Science
Astronomy software servers (156 records)
Document Preparation Tools (6 records)
Overviews & technical notes for protocols (8 records)
Computer Science-related Resources (25 records)
Research areas
Space Physics
Radio Astronomy (157 records)
Infrared Astronomy (130 records)
Optical Astronomy (282 records)
Ultraviolet Astronomy (46 records)
High-Energy Astronomy (107 records)
Space Astronomy (193 records)
Solar Astronomy (96 records)
Solar System and Extrasolar Planets (83 records)
History of Astronomy (30 records)
Earth, Ocean, Atmosphere, Space Sciences (45 records)
Physics-related Resources (109 records)
Professional and Amateur Organizations (268 records)
Educational resources (358 records)
Astronomy Pictures (123 records)
Miscellaneous Primary Lists of Astronomy Resources (12 records)
Other lists of astronomy resources (58 records)
Miscellaneous Resources (123 records)

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What's new: new entries since last week · last month · last three months · Dead URLs.

A Searchable version of this information (a WAIS index based on the description listed in AstroWeb, and on all the words actually found in each URL) is available here, at CDS, Strasbourg:

The WAIS index at CDS is updated on a daily basis.

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