Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 pl. Ser., 249, 1-1 (2020)
    A systematic search for the reddest far-infrared and submillimeter
    galaxies: revealing dust-embedded starbursts at high redshifts.
oTables 3+B1: <[YMH2020] 500R ADFS TN xNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R ADFS TN RNN>,    <[YMH2020] 500R CDFS TN xNNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R CDFS TN RNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R    COSMOS TN xNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R EGS TN xNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R EGS TN RNN>,    <[YMH2020] 500R ELAISWN TN XNNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R ELAISWN TN RNN>, <[YMH2020]    500R FLS TN xNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R FLS TN RNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R GOODSN T1 xNN>,    <[YMH2020] 500R LH TN xNNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R LH TN RNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R XMMLSS    TN xNN>, <[YMH2020] 500R XMMLSS TN RNN>, N=629+205. Tables 4+B2: <[YMH2020]    SD850 COSMOS TN ANN>, <[YMH2020] SD850 EGS TN ANN>, <[YMH2020] SD850 GOODSN T1    ANN>, <[YMH2020] SD850 LH TN ANN>, <[YMH2020] SD850 UDS TN ANN>, N=95+50.
 Auth.:YAN H.+
=E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/ApJS/249/1/>

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