Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

  Keck telescope and the HST.
The lensed QSO SDSS J024634.11-082536.2 has 2 images A and B, with a third component C observed as a highly distorded object. Near the primary lensing galaxy G a faint object G' could be a secondary lensing G. Ref:=2005AJ....130.1967I byINADA N. , BURLES S., GREGG M.D., BECKER R.H., SCHECHTER P.L., EISENSTEIN D.J., OGURI M., CASTANDER F.J., HALL P.B., JOHNSTON D.E., PINDOR B., RICHARDS G.T., SCHNEIDER D.P., WHITE R.L., BRINKMANN J., SZALAY A.S., YORK D.G. Astron. J., 130, 1967-1976 (2005) SDSS J024634.11-082536.2: a new gravitationally lensed quasar from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. oFig.2: Star S not identified in SIMBAD. oText: <[IBG2005] SDSS J0246-0825> N=1. Tables 1, 4: <[IBG2005] SDSS J0246-0825 A> (Nos A-C, G), <[IBG2005] SDSS J0246-0825 A'> (No. G').
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