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HIPPARCOS and TYCHO Catalogues

Access to HIPPARCOS & TYCHO Catalogues is open !

The HIPPARCOS and TYCHO Catalogues are being published by the ESA Publications Division, ESTEC, on behalf of the FAST, NDAC, TDAC and INCA Consortia. Principal Catalogues and Annexes are being provided in both printed and machine-readable (CD-ROM) form.
Requests for these catalogues should be sent to ESA (see Order Form in the ESA Hipparcos pages), as CDS is not distributing the printed volumes or the sets of CD-ROMs.
CDS is providing on-line access to Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, as soon as they are released (this is done !), through several services, as follows:
CDS, 27 May 1997

Last update: 8 June 1998 - D. Egret (CDS), and M.A.C. Perryman (ESA)