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In line with one of its major rôles as historical repository, Strasbourg astronomical Data Centre (CDS) is now collecting modern media offering material related to astronomy and space sciences.

The products are presented in the following categories:

If you are producing such a material, please send TWO (2) copies (one as a master, one as a backup) together with a registration form and the appropriate documentation to the address listed below. The material will be stored at CDS.

The registration form is available as a xdvi display and as a PostScript file.

CDS will also play an informational rôle by publishing details on the products received, such as brief descriptions, ordering information including current prices and so on.

In addition to these WWW pages, reports are published in the `CDS Information Bulletin' distributed worldwide free of charge.

CDS itself is not distributing the material, but rather acting as a pointer towards producers and/or distributors. Please note that more details on these organizations can be found in the Star*s Family directories and associated databases.

Soizick Lesteven