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"Astronomy Librarianship in the era of Big Data and Open Science"

Posters LisaVIII posters @ Zenodo (Authors instructions)

Tuesday, 6 june

Starts End Duration Session Title Speaker Affiliation Country
17:30 Welcome Walking Tour Welcome cocktail

Wednesday, 7 june

Starts End Duration Session Title Speaker Affiliation Country
09:00 09:15 00:15 Opening session Opening
09:15 10:15 01:00 Keynote F. Genova CDS France
10:15 10:45 00:30 Break
10:45 11:10 00:25 Research data management in astronomy: CDS Bibliography, catalogs, pixel data : management of heterogeneous Big Data at CDS by the documentalists M. Buga CDS France
11:10 11:35 00:25 Associated data: indexation, discovery, challenges and roles Pierre Ocvirk CDS France
11:35 12:00 00:25 The VizieR catalogues system certified by the "Data Seal of Approval" G. Landais CDS France
12:00 12:25 00:25 COSIM : the necessary evolution of a cross-identification tool along with data evolution Brunet Catherine CDS France
12:25 14:25 02:00 Lunch
14:25 14:50 00:25 Research data management in astronomy: work in progress Evolution of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) into a data mining discovery engine Marion Schmitz California Institute of Technology USA
14:50 15:15 00:25 The Michigan InfraRed Combiner data archive: Moving a large astronomy dataset into Hydra/Fedora Jacob Glenn The University of Michigan USA
15:15 15:40 00:25 Data Management in India : A Pilot study Nishtha Anilkumar Physical Research Laboratory India
15:40 16:05 00:25 Identifying and curating astronomical "dark data" through development of cyberinfrastructure resources Gretchen Stahlman University of Arizona, School of Information USA
16:05 16:35 00:30 Break
16:35 17:00 00:25 Research data management in astronomy: tools Growing a Bibliography Sherry Winkelman CXC/SAO Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA
17:00 17:25 00:25 Shared nomenclature and identifiers for telescopes and instruments Perret, E. CDS France
17:25 17:50 00:25 First Light for DOIs at ESO Bordelon, Dominic European Southern Observatory Germany
17:50 18:15 00:25 Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) Harry Enke Leibniz-Institut f. Astrophysics Potsdam Germany
19:00 Evening

Thursday, 8 june

Starts End Duration Session Title Speaker Affiliation Country
09:00 09:25 00:25 Metrics in astronomy: local applications A bibliometric analysis of observatory publications for the period 2011-2015 Dennis R. Crabtree National Research Council Canada Canada
09:25 09:50 00:25 Scientific productivity of ARIES: A Scientometric Study Satish Kumar Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital India
09:50 10:15 00:25 Astronomy in Chile: assessment of scientific productivity through a bibliometric analysis Cortes, Rodrigo / Depoortere, Denise / Malaver, Lucina Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Chile
10:15 10:40 00:25 Progress of Astronomy in India: A Scientometric Study based on the Papers published during 1991-95 and 2011-2015 Vijay Kumar Rai Intre-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune India
10:40 11:10 00:30 Break
11:10 11:35 00:25 Metrics in astronomy: measuring impact Use Cases of the ESO Telescope Bibliography Uta Grothkopf European Southern Observatory Germany
11:35 12:00 00:25 Evaluation of research publications and publication channels in astronomy and astrophysics Eva Isaksson Helsinki University Library, University of Helsinki Finland
12:00 12:25 00:25 Evaluating High Impact Papers: Are We Missing Something? Sherry Winkelman CXC/SAO Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA
12:25 12:50 00:25 How Accurate are Metrics? Michael J. Kurtz Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA
12:50 13:50 01:00 Lunch
13:50 14:15 00:25 Repositories: Creation and Application Institutional Repository: Know-how of a decade in Managing Digital Assets Meera, B M Raman Research Institute India
14:15 14:40 00:25 Polvere di Stelle: the Italian platform for data-sharing and data-preserving of modern and ancient astronomical resources Mauro Gargano INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, Italy Italy
14:40 15:05 00:25 Project PHAEDRA: Preserving Harvard's Early Data and Research in Astronomy Daina Bouquin Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA
15:05 15:30 00:25 Poster session Introducing the posters
15:30 16:15 00:45 Extended break + poster viewing
16:15 16:40 00:25 New tools and techniques Next Generation arXiv Oya Rieger Cornell University USA
16:40 17:05 00:25 New ADS Functionality for the Curator Alberto Accomazzi Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA
17:05 17:30 00:25 On the rise of Machine Learning for scientific text mining Patrice Lopez Inria Paris & SCIENCE-MINER France
17:30 17:55 00:25 Toward Binding Database Interfaces with Scientific Papers Laurent Michel Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg France
19:00 Evening

→ Social dinner – about 19:00

Friday, 9 june

Starts End Duration Session Title Speaker Affiliation Country
09:00 09:25 00:25 Current library practices and beyond Who is LISA? Donna Thompson Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory USA
09:25 09:50 00:25 Developing an E-strategy for the South African Astronomical Observatory Library and Information Service : A case study Samantha Bennett and Theresa de Young Higher Colleges of Technology South Africa
09:50 10:15 00:25 Soliciting Contributions for the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus Katie Frey Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA
10:15 10:40 00:25 A technologist view of the next decade evolution of the librarian work environnement Schaaff, Andre CDS France
10:40 11:10 00:30 Break
11:10 11:35 00:25 Best practices in publishing VOResource and Datacite: Converging Metadata Schemes Markus Demleitner University of Heidelberg Germany
11:35 12:00 00:25 Innovative or sustainable? Future of the IBVS Andras Holl Library and Information Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary
12:00 12:25 00:25 Elevating publications with MAST DOIs Jenny Novacescu Space Telescope Science Institute USA
12:25 12:50 00:25 Paying Attention to the Plumbing of the Journal Article Publication Jane Holmquist Princeton University Library USA
12:50 13:50 01:00 Lunch
13:50 14:10 00:20 Publisher session AASTeX and the challenges of publishing in an increasingly interactive environment Greg Schwarz American Astronomical Society USA
14:10 14:30 00:20 (r)evolutions in scholarly publishing Jose Stoop Elsevier Netherlands
14:30 14:50 00:20 Scientic Writing Studio:how publisher can help authors to work smarter an faster Agnes Henri EDP Sciences France
14:50 15:10 00:20 IOP : TBA IOP
15:10 15:40 00:20 Break
15:40 17:00 00:20 Closing session Panel
17:00 17:30 00:20 Closing

Saturday, 10 june

Starts End Duration Session Title Speaker Affiliation Country
09:00 The touristic Tour