This page summarizes support resources and directions on best practices for publishing your data.

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Astronomical object names

SIMBAD documentalists make daily updates to the SIMBAD database, linking astronomical objects to the published papers they appear in. This task is made a lot easier if object names are properly written.


The dictionary of nomenclature is the reference service on how to write object identifiers. You can query the dictionary of nomenclature to check how acronyms are best written (e.g. M for Messier objects, or NGC, or HD) :

You can validate the syntax of individual object identifiers using the Sesame name resolver.

Some editors provide a way to tag astronomical objects in manuscripts. This is done with a \object tag in Astronomy and Astrophysics and a \objectname or \object tag in AAS journals.

CDS provides tools to validate these tags in your manuscripts :

Your data in VizieR

In order to publish your data in VizieR, please follow the instructions on preparing and submitting tabular data.
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Create your image survey

Aladin v7.5 allows one to create an all-sky survey from a set of images. Learn more about this feature in the Aladin FAQ.
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More support

If you need more support for data publication, for instance for non-tabular data such as images, spectra, time series, do not hesitate to contact us.