EuroVO-AIDA Project Schedule and events

Project schedule

The project will last for 30 months, starting 1 February 2008. It is organised into 4 phases:

  • Kick-off phase: 3 months
  • Cycle 1: 1 year
  • Cycle 1: 1 year
  • Final phase: 3 months


Colour code: EuroVO-AIDA events ; Euro-VO & EuroVO-AIDA partner events ; European Commission events ; IVOA events ;Other events

Date Event Host Location Further information
06 July Final Board meeting CNRS Telecon Meeting page
29 June - 1 July 3rd International School in Astronomy: Astroinformatics & VO Faculty of Mathematics Belgrade, Serbia web page
8-9 June Swedish VO Days AlbaNova University Centre Stockholm, Sweden Meeting page
2-4 June F-VO School CDS Strasbourg, France Meeting page
17-21 May IVOA Interoperability Meeting CADC Victoria, Canada Meeting page
30 April - 1 May End of Cycle 2 - Beginning of Final Phase      
27 April Dutch VO day Kapteyn Institute Groningen, The Netherlands Meeting page
12-16 April Workshop Comunicare Fisica 2010 LNF-INFN Frascati Frascati, Italy
9 April Bonn VO day University of Bonn Bonn, Germany Meeting page
24-25 March INAF - VO Day OAPa Palermo, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
24 March Workshop Fare Sistema per la Formazione in Rete University of Trieste Trieste, Italy
22-23 March INAF - VO Day OACt Catania, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
16-18 March Fifth Euro-VO Technology Forum UHEI/ARI Heidelberg, Germany Meeting page
04-05 March Second SVO Hands-on School IAC Tenerife, Spain Meeting page
01-02 March INAF - VO Day OATe Teramo, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
11-12 February INAF - VO Day OAFi Firenze, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
09-10 February INAF - VO Day INAF OACN Napoli, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
28-29 January INAF - VO Day IASF Roma, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
26-27 January INAF - VO Day OATo Torino, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
25 - 28 January EuroVO-AIDA School: "Hands-on Community feedback Workshop" Observatoire astronomique - CDS Strasbourg, France Web site
21-22 January Swiss VO day and local support Observatoire de Geneve Geneve, Switzerland Webpage
19-20 January INAF - VO Day INAF OAPD, Dipartimento di Astronomia Padova, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
13-14 January INAF - VO Day IASF Milano, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website

Date Event Host Location Further information
14-15 December INAF - VO Day IRA/IASF Bologna, Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
14 December Euro-VO Science Advisory Committee EuroVO-AIDA WP4 ESO Garching, Germany Meeting Twiki page
3-5 December VIII Convegno sulla Comunicazione della Scienza SISSA-Città della Scienza Napoli, Italy  
2-4 December Interoperability of Digital Repositories Queen Mary University of London London, UK Meeting page
30 November - 4 December Workshop "Networked Astronomy and the New Media" Astronomy 2009 Lorentz Center Leiden, The Netherlands web site
30 November - 1 December INAF - VO Day INAF Trieste Italy VO-Day ... in Tour website
19 November Evaluation of Research Initiatives ESA-ESAC Madrid, Spain -
18 November IST-Developers Meeting ESA-ESAC Madrid, Spain IST Web Page
16 November 3rd WPMTmeeting Mathias Depretz teleconference 3rd WPMT meeting
9-12 November IVOA Interoperability Meeting ESO ESO - Garching Meeting page
29-30 October III Spanish Meeting on e-science Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Valencia, Spain Meeting page
27-28 October SVO Hands-on school IAA, Spanish-VO Granada, Spain Meeting page (in Spanish)
12-14 October Infrastructures for e-Science: 7th Concertation Meeting Commission Services with the support of the BELIEF-II project Brussels Meeting page
28 September - 3 October Joint symposium "Astronomy and its instruments before and after Galileo" INAF Astronomical Observatory of Padova and IAU Venice, Italy Conference page
22-23 September Astronomische Gesellschaft, eScience meeting GAVO Potsdam, Germany Meeting page
24 September Journée OV LAB/CDS Bordeaux, France Meeting web site
22-24 September Fourth Euro-VO Technology forum INAF Trieste, Italy Meeting page
20-30 September Summer school NOVICOSMO 2009 SISSA (Trieste, Italy), Department of Physics of the University of Rijeka (Rijeka, Croatia) Rabac, Croatia Webpage
20-24 September The 9th Hellenic Astronomical Conference Hellenic Astronomical Society (Hel.A.S.) Athens, Greece 3rd WPMT meeting
15 September ESO VO Day ESO Garching, Germany Webpage
9-11 September Brown Dwarf Workshop ESA/ESTEC ESTEC, The Netherlands Meeting page
7-8 September Workshop Robotic Telescopes in Spain   Madrid, Spain  
23-24 August H.O.U. 2nd COMENIUS-funded Teacher Training Session Faulkes Telescope Project Cardiff, UK web site
29 June - 10 July 1st School on Multiwavelength Astronomy The European Union FP7/ITN network "Black Hole Universe" Paris, France meeting page
29 June Mid-term Board-WPMTmeeting Paris Observatory Paris Meeting page
22-26 June Euro-VO AIDA Workshop on how to publish data in the VO ESAC ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid, Spain Web site
24-29 May IVOA Interoperability meeting CDS Strasbourg, France Web site
14-15 May Open e-IRG Workshop Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Prague, Czech Republic Web site
12 May Journée de présentation de l'OV OCA/CDS Nice, France Meeting web site
4-8 May General Assembly of the Italian Astronomical Society Italian Astronomical Society Pisa, Italy web page
30 April - 1 May End of Cycle 1 - Beginning of Cycle 2      
24 April EuroVO-AIDA project review European Commission Brussels, Belgium  
20-23 April European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, incorporating RAS NAM 2009 and EAS JENAM 2009 University of Hertfordshire London, UK Meeting web site
19-24 April General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union Austria Center Vienna (ACV) Vienna, Austria web site
30 March - 2 April Euro-VO AIDA (Hands-on) School ESO Garching bei München, Germany web site
16-18 March Third Euro-VO Technology forum CDS Strasbourg, France meeting web site
2-5 March Second Practical Semantic Astronomy Workshop Department of Computing Science University of Glasgow web site
9-11 February METAFOR Year 1 meeting The Cosener's House Abingdon, UK web site
28-29 January INAF National meeting on Outreach and Education INAF Milano, Italy internal web page

DateSorted ascending Event Host Location Further information
1-3 December EuroVO-AIDA First "Community feedback" workshop: Multiwavelength astronomy and the Virtual Observatory ESO & ESAC Villafranca del Castillo (Madrid), Spain web site
1-3 December 4th International Digital Curation Conference CNI Edinburgh, Scotland web site
1 February EuroVO-AIDA project start      
2-6 June The 23rd Open Grid Forum - OGF23 OGF Barcelona, Spain meeting web site
7 June 5th e-Infrastructure Concertation meeting e-Infrastructures as standardisation drivers EC Barcelona, Spain meeting web site
7-9 April EuroVO-DCA Theory Workshop EuroVO-DCA WP4/MPE Garching, Germany workshop web page
9-11 April EuroVO-DCA Grid Workshop EuroVO-DCA WP5/INAF Garching, Germany workshop web page
11-12 December Euro-VO Science Advisory Committee EuroVO-AIDA WP4/CDS Strasbourg, France Meeting Twiki page
11-12 March Fourth Euro-VO Science Advisory Committee meeting Euro-VO/T. Prusti/P. Padovani IoA, Cambridge meeting web page
15 July First EuroVO-AIDA Internal Science Team Teleconference WP2   IST TWiki page
16 December Information Event of the Fifth eInfrastructure Call European Commission Brussels, Belgium meeting web site
16-18 June Astronet Infrastructure Roadmap Symposium Astronet Liverpool, UK Symposium web site
16-17 January First DRIVER Summit : Towards a Confederation of Digital Repositories European project DRIVER Goettingen, Germany meeting web site
16-17 January 3rd GRID & e-Collaboration Workshop for the Earth Science Community ESA-ESRIN Frascati, Italy meeting web site
17 April ERINA Workshop European Commission Brussels, Belgium meeting web site
17-20 March First Euro-VO Technology Forum WP2/VO-TECH Strasbourg, France meeting web page
17 March EuroVO-AIDA kick-off meeting WP2 Strasbourg, France Board1
18 April Information Event on the fourth Call for proposals under the e-Infrastructures Activity of the 'Capacities' Specific Programme, FP7 European Commission Brussels, Belgium meeting web page
19-23 May IVOA Interoperability meeting IVOA/INAF Trieste, Italy meeting web site
20-21 November First EuroVO-AIDA WPMT Meeting ESAC Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid, Spain meeting web site
23-24 October VO Info Day EuroVO-DCA WP6/SIM Lisbon, Portugal meeting web site
23-27 June Euro-VO DCA Workshop 2008 EuroVO-DCA and Euro-VO FC Garching, Germany meeting web site
24 November 6th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting European Commission and the BELIEF-II project Lyon, France meeting web site
24-25 January Virtual Observatory Info Day EuroVO-DCA WP6/Institute of Astronomy - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sofia, Bulgaria meeting Programme
25-27 November ICT 2008 Conference European Commission and the BELIEF-II project Lyon, France meeting web site
26-31 October IVOA Interoperability meeting STSI & The Johns Hopkins University Dept of Physics and Astronomy Baltimore, Maryland, USA meeting web site
27-29 November ICS VII National Conference on Science Communication ICS Forlì, Italy web site
29 September - 2 October Second Euro-VO Technology Forum WP2/VO-TECH Cambridge, UK meeting web page
29 April WP5 teleconference Massimo Ramella teleconference WP5 TWiki page
30 April - 1 May End of kick-off Phase - Beginning of Cycle 1      

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