Example projects from the previous 2009 VO school. Some of these projects were developed with the tutors before and during the school.

Example Project:

Finet Francois (previous participant)

  • search for existing quasars (ra. and decl., z, mag., etc.) in the narrow (+- 30') declination strip of sky
  • search for photometric standards in the r', g', i' systems in that same narrow strip of sky
  • identification of high proper motion objects and stars with known trigonometric parallaxes in that band of sky
  • production of long images at different wavelengths of that strip of sky based upon existing space and ground based observations

Example Project:

Daria Dubinovska (previous school participant)

Search for AGNs with X-Ray counterparts in the CDFS

  1. create a catalogue of x-ray sources in the chandra deep field south
  2. create a catalogue of optically selected sources in several bands
  3. crosscorelate two catalogues to identify sources with x-ray counterpart. that will be a catalogue of active and starburst galaxies + x-ray binaries
  4. within the catalog of optically selected sources make a selection of AGNs via the color selection method (for example color-color diagrams U-B vs B-V, R-J vs J-K and so on)
  5. check where the x-ray selected sources are on this diagram
  6. find all available spectra for x-ray selected sources to be able to test how successful was the approach 1)-5)

-- MarkAllen - 18 Dec 2009

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