WP6 Theory

The coordination activity about Theory within WP6 was aimed at continuing the development of the standards building for accessing and retrieving the theoretical data (SimDB , SimDAP , S3) and at creating protypes using these standards.

The following points are in phase of developing or analyzing:

• discussion about IVOA document note "S3: Proposal for a simple protocol to handle theoretical data (microsimulations)" (http://www.ivoa.net/Documents/latest/S3TheoreticalData.html ), Baltimore '08;

• implementations of S3 protocol on BaSTI (A Bag of Stellar Track and Isochrones) web portal (http://wwwas.oats.inaf.it/IA2/BaSTI/) and on SVO web portal (http://svo.laeff.inta.es/theory/s3if/ ), Baltimore '08 ;

• a VOTable standard format for stellar evolutionary model (M, log(L), log(Te), log(t));

• discussion inside the SimDAP group for including microsimulation inside that standard (S3Pservices inside the CUSTOM part of SimDAP ), soon will be ready a document note;

• analyzing the feasibility of overlapping graphics of theoretical and observational data using STILTS tool (Mark Taylor, Bristol, UK) and SimDAP protocol (preview);

• a first implementation of SimDB on micro-physics simulations has been done thanks to Laurent Bourges. The test case concerned the development of a PDR database based on SimDB aiming at providing a set of pre-calculated simulations to help the community to prepare and interpret HERSCHEL and ALMA observations in the field of molecular interstellar medium. This test showed that SimDB can fullfill some of the most important use cases. Some lacks of VO standards have been identified during this work, mainly concerning the need for precise vocabulary to describe micro-physics quantities. The prototype can be found at: http://pdr.obspm.fr/PDRDB/PdrQuery.do

• discussion and prototypal implementation of spectra in theoretical services based on SimDB ;

VisIVOServer and VisIVOWeb implemented using distant databases for visualization, download or/and cutout of theoretical data;

• 'Semantics' for simulation.

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