EuroVO-DCA Common Board-PCT Meeting

4&5 October 2007, Trieste

This common Board - PCT meeting is organised at the end of Cycle 1, in order to avoid multiple travels and to manage the production of the revised Project Plan (D3; October 2007), a major milestone, in a pragmatic way.

Travel, Accommodation and Visitor Information

  • Host: INAF
  • Location: INAF- Osservatorio astronomico di Trieste : Via Bazzoni 2 (OAT2 on the city map in the attachments). Cars can be parked inside the garden.
  • Wire and wireless connection will be available in the "Sala Pompeiana", where the meeting will be held.
  • Accommodation : Here is a list of Trieste Hotels. In some INAF has a special fare (see yellow mark in the list). The hotels which could be practical are SAN GIUSTO, 10 min by foot far from OAT, or CONTINENTALE, in the town centre.
  • In the map, the red line indicates the route from the railway station to OAT by car. The blue and green lines indicate the routes of buses from the railway station to the OAT. Bus stops near Hotel Continentale and OAT are drawn in pink. The Black thin line indicates the path by foot from Hotel Continentale to OAT2 (10-15 min)
  • Here is the web address of Trieste Airport: The official taxi fare from the Trieste Airport (Ronchi dei Legionari) to Trieste is about EUR55-60. There is also a Bus line from the Airport to the Trieste railway station (3 euro). Timetable is available here. If you plan to land at the Venice Airport remember that you need about 1.5 -2 hours by car to arrive at OAT2 in Trieste.
  • Mrs Alice Sossi (who have provided all this useful information) is available if someone needs help to book the hotel : - +39 040 3199181.


Please indicate below your attendance to the meeting and to the dinner on Thursday Oct 4.

  • Board members:

Name Partner Meeting Oct 4 Meeting Oct 5 Dinner Oct 4
Francoise Genova CNRS Y Y Y
Martin Kessler ESA N N N
Paolo Padovani ESO Y Y Y
Fabio Pasian INAF Y Y Y
Enrique Solano INTA Y Y Y
Wolfgang Voges MPG N N N
Edwin Valentijn NOVA Y Y Y
Mike Watson LU N N N
Mark Allen PS Y Y Y

  • PCT members:

Name PartnerSorted ascending Meeting Oct 4 Meeting Oct 5 Dinner Oct 4
Christophe Arviset ESA Y Y Y
Andreas Wicenec ESO Y Y Y
Giuliano Taffoni INAF Y Y Y
Raul Gutierrez INTA Y Y Y
JonathanTedds LU Y Y Y
Gerard Lemson MPG Y Y Y
Andrew Belikov NOVA Y Y N
Mathias Depretz PM Y Y Y


  • Assessment of Cycle 1 activity
  • Preparation of the revised Project Plan for Cycle 2 (deliverable D3); also for WP3-6.
  • Preparation of the First periodic report to EU (deliverable D15, under WP1 responsibility)
  • Discussion of the Data Centre census information collection and collation


Thursday, 4 October 2007

Time Title Speaker Viewgraphs
08h45-08h50 Introduction F.Genova (PC)  
08h50-10h30 Presentation of WP progress during cycle 1 and revised project plan    
  WP 1 M.Depretz Board-PCT_WP1
  WP 2 F.Genova Board-PCT_WP2
  WP 2-2 M.Allen Board-PCT_WP2-2
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break    
11h00-12h00 Presentation of WP progress during cycle 1 and revised project plan (continued)    
  WP 3 C.Arviset Board-PCT_WP3
  WP 3-2 J.Tedds Board-PCT_WP3-2
12h00-14h00 Lunch Break    
14h00-16h00 Presentation of WP progress during cycle 1 and revised project plan (continued)    
  WP 4 G.Lemson Board-PCT_WP4
  WP 5 G.Taffonni Board-PCT_WP5
  WP 6 E.Solano Board-PCT_WP6
16h00-16h30 Coffee Break    
16h30-17h15 Wrap up on the updated project Plan All  
17h15-18h00 Coordination between EuroVO-DCA and AIDA All  
Evening Dinner    

Friday, 5 October 2007

Time Title Speaker
09h00-10h30 Discussion about the census of Data Centres All
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break  
11h00-11h15 Self-evaluation Matrix and Risk Register update All
11h15-11h45 Amendment to the Consortium Agreement All
11h45-12hOO AOB and wrap-up  

The Board-PCT meeting agenda (word version) is available here.

Meeting Folder

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the Board-PCT meeting are available:

-- MathiasDepretz - 20 Nov 2007

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