The Electronic Astrophysical Journal Letters Project

Heather J. Dalterio
The American Astronomical Society, 2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20009, U.S.A.
Peter B. Boyce
The American Astronomical Society
Chris Biemesderfer
Ferberts, Associates
Archibald Warnock III
AWIII Enterprises
Evan Owens
The University of Chicago Press
Jim Fullton


The American Astronomical Society has developed a comprehensive system for the electronic dissemination of refereed astronomical research results. Our current focus is the production of an electronic version of the The Astrophysical Journal Letters. With the help of a recent National Science Foundation grant, we have developed a system that includes: LaTeX-based manuscript preparation, electronic submission, peer review, production, development of a database of SGML-tagged manuscripts, collection of page charges and other fees, and electronic manuscript storage and delivery. Delivery options include World Wide Web access through HTML browsers such as Mosaic and Netscape, an e-mail gateway, and a stand-alone client accessible through astronomical software packages such as IRAF.

Our goal is to increase the access and usefulness of the journal by providing enhanced features such as faster publication, advanced search capabilities, forward and backward referencing, links to underlying data and links to adjunct materials in a variety of mediums. We have based our journal on open standards and freely available network tools wherever possible.