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Astron. Astrophys. 526
February(I) 2011

Mass profiles and c-MDM relation in X-ray luminous galaxy clusters (Corrigendum).
Ettori S.; Gastaldello F.; Leccardi A.; Molendi S.; Rossetti M.; Buote D.; Meneghetti M.
The outburst of an embedded low-mass YSO in L1641.
Caratti o Garatti A.; Garcia Lopez R.; Scholz A.; Giannini T.; Eisloeffel J.; Nisini B.; Massi F.; Antoniucci S.; Ray T.P.
SiO outflows in high-mass star forming regions: A potential chemical clock?
Lopez-Sepulcre A.; Walmsley C.M.; Cesaroni R.; Codella C.; Schuller F.; Bronfman L.; Carey S.J.; Menten K.M.; Molinari S.; Noriega-Crespo A.
The spin and orbit of the newly discovered pulsar IGR J17480-2446.
Papitto A.; D'Ai A.; Motta S.; Riggio A.; Burderi L.; Di Salvo T.; Belloni T.; Iaria R.
The radius and mass of the close solar twin 18 Scorpii derived from asteroseismology and interferometry.
Bazot M.; Ireland M.J.; Huber D.; Bedding T.R.; Broomhall A.-M.; Campante T.L.; Carfantan H.; Chaplin W.J.; Elsworth Y.; Melendez J.; Petit P.; Theado S.; Van Grootel V.; Arentoft T.; Asplund M.; Castro M.; Christensen-Dalsgaard J.; do Nascimento J.D.Jr; Dintrans B.; Dumusque X.; Kjeldsen H.; McAlister H.A.; Metcalfe T.S.; Monteiro M.J.P.F.G.; Santos N.C.; Sousa S.; Sturmann J.; Sturmann L.; ten Brummelaar T.A.; Turner N.; Vauclair S.
Mid-infrared interferometry towards the massive young stellar object CRL2136: inside the dust rim.
de Wit W.J.; Hoare M.G.; Oudmaijer R.D.; Nuernberger D.E.A.; Wheelwright H.E.; Lumsden S.L.
X-shooter observations of the accreting brown dwarf J053825.4-024241.
Rigliaco E.; Natta A.; Randich S.; Testi L.; Covino E.; Herczeg G.; Alcala J.M.
2011A&A...526L..10H -- (Tables: J/A+A/526/L10)
WASP-33: the first δ Scuti exoplanet host star.
Herrero E.; Morales J.C.; Ribas I.; Naves R.
Water in IRC+10216: a genuine formation process by shock-induced chemistry in the inner wind.
Cherchneff I.

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