DENIS first release documentation

This page describes the content of the DENIS first data release. Note that these data are now obsolete. You should use the new released data instead.

What kind of data are released?
Where can I find information on the content of the catalogue?
What is the meaning of the different flags?

Released data

The first release of DENIS data at CDS is a database of point sources providing astrometric and photometric data, as well as a set of flags, for the sources extracted from the images.

This is not yet a part of the final DENIS catalogue.

The basic unit for data released at CDS is the DENIS strip. This means that point sources are stored into separated tables, each table corresponding to a single strip. Those strips have been selected for having good astrometric and photometric quality.
Be aware that:

Content of point sources catalogues

This section gives additionnal information on the content of the catalogue output, described in the ReadMe file.