Deep Near-Infrared Survey of the southern sky

Status of DENIS Theses


Theses already defended:

  • S. Picaud, Besancon (23 Dec 2003), "Study of the central regions of the Milky Way in the near-infrared", supervisor: A. Robin
  • N. Delmotte, Strasbourg, (7 Nov 2003), "Multiwavelength Cross-Identifications of Stars. Application to Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds and to Young Stars of our Galaxy", supervisors: D. Egret and F. Comerón
  • N. Phan-Bao, Paris, (16 Dec 2002), "Very low-mass stars in the solar neighborhood", supervisors: F. Crifo and J. Guibert
  • M.R. Cioni, Leiden, 20 September 2001, AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds, supervisor: H.J. Habing and C. Loup
  • S. Derriere, Strasbourg, 15 June 2001, galactic structure, supervisor: D. Egret and A. Robin
  • R. Vavrek, Paris 7 (2001), (advanced statistical methods applied to DENIS data in dark clouds and SFR); supervisors: L.J. Balazs and N. Epchtein
  • L. Cambrésy, Paris 7, (15 Nov. 1999), (interstellar extinction and star forming rates in our Galaxy), supervisor: N. Epchtein
  • M. Schultheis, Vienna (1998), (AGB stars in the bulge), supervisor: J. Hron
  • X. Delfosse, October 1997, Grenoble, (brown dwarfs), supervisor: T. Forveille
  • S. Ruphy, December 1996, Paris 6, (galactic structure), supervisor: N.Epchtein
  • E. Copet, April 1996, Paris 6, (instrumentation and star formation), supervisor: D. Rouan