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TIPTOPbase is a public, interactive database service implemented to access the atomic data computed in the international collaborations referred to as the Opacity Project (OP) and the IRON Project (IP). It is the upgrade of the TOPbase facility that was originally installed at CDS in 1993. The following databases and interactive servers are currently offered: Complete package (data, codes and instructions) to compute mean opacities and accelerations is now available. It contains improved opacities and a suite of versatile, easy-to-use codes. Download from Opacity Project home page.
For further enquiries or user support, contact:
Claudio Mendoza
Physics Center, IVIC, Caracas, Venezuela.
Claude Zeippen
Observatoire de Paris, Meudon, France.
Anil Pradhan
Astronomy Department, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA.

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Last Update: 29-Nov-2004

An access to the old version of the Opacity Project database (topbase) as described in the paper by Cunto et al. (1993A&A...275L...5C) is still possible from here.