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The maintenance of the AstroWeb database of astronomical resources has been discontinued on 10 July 2010; its contents is still available but represents the status of Astroweb at that date.

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Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers (ALPO)
An educational organization that instucts observers in proper technique, collects amateur observations and promulgates them to the professional community. - Categories: society astroweb education misc other_astronomy planetary

AstroWeb at CDS: yellow-page Services - Categories: astroweb

AstroWeb index
WAIS index to the Astronomical Internet Resources database, a product of AstroWeb consortium. - Categories: infosys astroweb

INACTIVE LINK ? - 338 --- Astronomical Internet Resources (at STScI) - Categories: other_astronomy astroweb

Astronomy resources on the Internet (NRAO) - Categories: astroweb other_astronomy

Brooks/Cole Astronomy Resource Center
Description of Wadsworth Astronomy Resource Center Links which are useful to teachers and students of astronomy.Also, an Online Studyguide for the Wadsworth text: Foudations of Astronomy, Fourth edition, by Michael Seeds. - Categories: misc astroweb education

GeoAstro Applet Collection
Interactive Java applets display the position of sun and moon on the horizon for any date, time and location. The times of rise and setting, twilight, the declination, hour angle, the equation of time and more data are computed. - Categories: astroweb education software

Groupe Astronomie de Spa (GAS)
Groupe Astronomie de Spa (Belgium) - Categories: education astroweb people space telescope

Hilal (Crescent Moon), Islam, Astronomy, and Cyberspace
This website provides Monthly Crescent Moon Sighting information for many locations around the world. This provides the basis for a lunar calendar.
http://www.Hilal-Sighting.Com/ - Categories: astroweb other_astronomy

SciTech Astronomical Research (Telescope Manufacturer)
Design and manufacture high performance automated telescope systems, software, and related instrumentation for research and education. Emphasis on delivering turn-key operations to the customer. - Categories: astroweb misc software

Variable Star Network (VSNET)
Variable Star Network: International professional and amateur collaborative research on general variable stars, transient astronomical phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and cataclysmic variables (CVs). vsnet-alert mailing list provides world most effective variable star-related alerts. Database and light curves based on VSNET, VSOLJ, and AFOEV observations are available on the webpage. - Categories: astroweb mailing_list

WebStars (Astrophysics in Cyberspace)
WebStars, now at NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center. - Categories: education astroweb infosys other_astronomy

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