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INACTIVE LINK ? - 258 --- AAS index of Papers Submitted to Selected Astronomical Publications (formerly the Yellow Pages)
Titles of papers recently submitted to eight astronomical journals (automatically included in each issue of the ApJ (Part 1) unless the authors opt not to have that material published for their papers). - Categories: bibliography preprint

ARI Bibliographical Database for Astronomical References (ARIBIB)
The ARIBIB (developed at Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Heidelberg) is an on-line database for the astronomical bibliography in the reference format.
ARIBIB is freely available in the Internet to subscribers of the printed bibliography 'Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts' (AAA). - Categories: bibliography

An Astronomer's Guide to On-line Bibliographic Databases and Information Services
This is Starlink User Note 174.1 (29 November 1993).
See also " A Guide to Astronomical Catalogues, Databases and Archives available through Starlink" , Starlink User Note 162.1 (18. March 1993), also by A.C. Davenhall, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Leicester. - Categories: bibliography other_astronomy

Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts (AAA)
The bibliography 'Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts' (AAA) aims to present a comprehensive documentation of the literature concerning all aspects of astronomy, astrophysics, and their neighbouring fields. It is devoted to the recording, summarizing, and indexing of the relevant publications throughout the world.
AAA are published since 1969. The older literature (from 1899 to 1968) is recorded in the forerunner of AAA, the bibliography 'Astronomischer Jahresbericht'.
AAA are a printed publication of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg, produced in cooperation with the Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe FIZ (since 1988) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers IEE (since 1995). AAA are prepared under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union.
An on-line version of AAA in the 'reference format', i.e. without the summaries of the papers, is available in the data base ARIBIB of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut. - Categories: full_text abstracts bibliography

Astronomy of Many Cultures from Around the World
This is a new annotated listing of over 90 books, articles, and Web sites that deal with the astronomy of diverse cultures around the world. The readings cover the astronomical work and ideas of South and Central America, Hawaii and Polynesia, Africa, India, and Islamic countries. Also included are the astronomical ideas of the Native Americans of North America, issues relating to people of color in the United States, plus a small set of readings about Asian and ancient European cultures.
Most of the resources cited are nontechnical and can be used in introductory courses and public programs. A small number of technical volumes are included at the end for specialists. - Categories: education bibliography history

Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
The Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a NASA-funded project whose main resource is an Abstract Service, which includes four sets of abstracts: (1) astronomy and astrophysics, containing over 500,000 abstracts; (2) instrumentation; (3) physics and geophysics; and (4) Los Alamos preprint server. Each dataset can be searched by author, object name (astronomy only), title, or abstract text words. In addition, the abstract service includes links to scanned images of over 40,000 journal articles for articles appearing in most of the major astronomical journals. - Categories: infosys abstracts bibliography

Astrophysics Data System ASIAS Article Service (ADS Article)
This service provides access to scanned images of journal articles since 1975. So far, we have created images of ApJ Letter journal articles and linked them into the Abstract Service. We will add ApJ articles next, followed by other journals for which we can obtain publisher permission. - Categories: bibliography full_text

Binaries among Cepheid variables - data base
An on-line data base on Galactic Cepheids belonging to binary or multiple systems. Orbital elements (when available) and detailed bibliography are also accessible. Links to SIMBAD and ADS. - Categories: center bibliography

INACTIVE LINK ? - 258 --- CfA index of ApJ Letters accepted but not yet published
Note that issues of the Letters are published electronically about one month earlier than the issue date: Electronic ApJ. - Categories: bibliography

Coded Aperture Imaging in High-Energy Astronomy
Information about coded aperture imaging as applied in X- and gamma-ray astronomy: - introduction to the principle - specific details about instruments of the past, present and proposed future - bibliography. - Categories: misc bibliography high_energy

European Pulsar Network Data Archive (EPN data archive)
The European Pulsar Network is maintaining an archive of published data: the database consists largely of pulse profiles but may in the future contain pulse time-of-arrival measurements. - Categories: center bibliography

Hypermedia Issues And Applications
State of the Art Review on Hypermedia Issues And Applications, by V. Balasubramanian, Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey ( Chapter 1: Hypertext - An Introduction, Chapter 2: Implementation Issues, Chapter 3: Database Issues, Chapter 4: User Interface Issues, Chapter 5: Information Retrieval Issues, Chapter 6: Integration Issues, Chapter 7: Applications, Chapter 8: A Systematic Approach To User Interface Design For A Hypertext Framework. Postscript version available (tar'ed and compressed) - Categories: comp_sci bibliography full_text protocols

IAU publications (International Astronomical Union) - Categories: full_text bibliography

Journal of the British Astronomical Association (Journal of the UK's premier amateur astronomy organisation) - Categories: education bibliography full_text

Lausanne - General Catalogue of Photometric Data (GCPD)
The General Catalogue of Photometric Data (GCPD) built at the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Lausanne contains photometric data for about 200000 stars from some 75 different systems, taken from about 3300 papers. The WWW server allows to query the database ad retrieve any data from any photometric system. Searching the references by authors' names and keywords from the titles offers a possibility to retrieve the data from each of the 3300 papers directly. - Categories: center bibliography infrared optical ultraviolet

McMaster Cepheid Photometry and Radial Velocity Archive
This site contains ASCII data tables of photometry and radial velocities for Galactic and Extragalactic Cepheids (both Classical and Type II). Data is presented as published and full citations to the original work are given. Currently, data are sorted according to star name. - Categories: center bibliography optical

WAIS index to abstracts from NASA's Selected Current Space Aeronautics (SCAN) abstract service
wais:// - Categories: abstracts radio optical space agency bibliography

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED)
Research tool providing access to a broad range of published extragalactic data. NED is continuously being updated and augmented. It is the systematic merger of major catalogs of extragalactic objects covering all wavelengths, and of object lists appearing in the refereed literature.
NED contains about 800,000 objects, along with names, redshifts, positions, bibliographic references, photometric measurements, and notes. The Web interface of NED started recently serving images of objects at various wavelengths. - Categories: center abstracts bibliography high_energy infrared optical radio ultraviolet

NRAO Library
RAPsheet, PageCharge Policies, Preprints, Published Papers... - Categories: library bibliography preprint

Net Advance Physics (NetAdvPhys)
Online encyclopaedia of physics/astrophysics; includes most review papers in the Los Alamos preprint base catalogued by subject. Will someday hopefully be a complete subject-index to online physics and astrophysics literature. - Categories: bibliography abstracts full_text library preprint

Princeton University - Astrophysics Library - Categories: library abstracts bibliography preprint

Proceedings of Past IAU Colloquia - Categories: bibliography

SISSA preprint server - Categories: preprint bibliography

STScI STEPsheet Preprint Database
STScI-STEPsheet is a bibliographic listing of astronomy and astrophysics preprints received at the Space Telescope Science Institute Library since 1982, including all HST papers in the refereed literature. The preprints include papers submitted to scientific and technical journals and to appear in meeting proceedings; they cover observational, experimental, theoretical, review, instrumentation, image processing, and computing topics in a wide range of astronomical subdisciplines. Preprints include work by ST ScI authors as well as preprints received from authors and institutions world-wide. Citations are added as papers are published. The database is updated daily. - Categories: preprint bibliography

Selected astronomy and astrophysics book and software reviews (UofT)
These files are updated quarterly. They contain citations for reviews in the main astronomy journals and magazines, of books closely related to astronomy and astrophysics. - Categories: bibliography other_library

Set of Identifications, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data (SIMBAD at CDS)
The SIMBAD astronomical database, created and maintained by CDS, Strasbourg, brings together basic data, cross-identifications, observational measurements, and bibliography, for celestial objects outside the solar system: stars, galaxies, and nonstellar objects within our galaxy, or in external galaxies. SIMBAD contains information for about 3 million objects, for which 8 million identifiers, 3 million observational measurements and 3 million bibliographical references are available.
If you don't have a userid, and your institute is not registered yet, you will need to register. - Categories: infosys bibliography

Space Telescope Science Institute Library Service
STEPsheet, IAU circulars - Categories: library bibliography

Union List of Astronomical Serials (ULAS)
The Union List of Astronomical Serials, 2nd edition, is composed of bibliographic information for (primarily) non-commercial publications of observatories and institutions concerned with research in astronomy. To each of the approximately 2300 titles included are appended the holding records of 42 contributing libraries, representing the most comprehensive astronomical collections in North America, with selected holdings from China, Europe, India, and South America as well. ULAS is an on-going project of the Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division of the Special Libraries Association. Judy Bausch of the Yerkes Observatory is the coordinator/compiler. For additional information, contact Judy at or Sarah Stevens-Rayburn at
wais:// - Categories: bibliography e-Print archive
Contains preprints for: High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Lattice, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Theory, General Relativity & Quantum Cosmology, Nuclear Theory, High Energy Physics - Experiment. - Categories: preprint bibliography infosys

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