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AASTeX Package for Manuscript Preparation
AASTeX is a LaTeX-based package that can be used to mark up manuscripts for American Astronomical Society (AAS) journals. - Categories: document_tools

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
This is W3 Consortium's home page for HTML. Here you will find pointers to our specifications for HTML, guidelines on how to use HTML to the best effect, and pointers to related work at W3C. - Categories: protocols document_tools

PSPLOT is a Fortran-callable PostScript plotting library which can create 2-D publication-quality graphics. It supports the standard 35 PostScript fonts and color, and is distributed free of charge for non- commercial use. - Categories: document_tools software

INACTIVE LINK ? - 566 --- Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Instructions for Electronic Manuscript Submission - Categories: document_tools

WIP is a simple to use command line user interface used to produce high quality graphical output. It is linked with the PGPLOT subroutine package providing easy interaction with those subroutines. - Categories: software document_tools

The GNU plotutils package contains software for both programmers and technical users. Its centerpiece is libplot, a powerful C/C++ function library for exporting 2-D vector graphics in many file formats, both vector and raster. It can also do vector graphics animations. - Categories: document_tools

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