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The maintenance of the AstroWeb database of astronomical resources has been discontinued on 10 July 2010; its contents is still available but represents the status of Astroweb at that date.

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A website for popularization of Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics (Scientia Astrophysical Organization)
Astronomy is separated into 3 traditional fields: astrometry and celestial mechanics are considered classical astronomical branches; astrophysics is the modern branch. The purpose of this website is popularization of the first too fields. It is connected with the website - Categories: education

A website for popularization of Astrophysics and Astronomy (Scientia Astrophysical Organization)
Most of modern astronomical research involves a substantial amount of physics and can be considered astrophysics. The purpose of this website is popularization of this science. It is connected with the website - Categories: education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 434 --- ANOA - Astronomia On-Line (Portugal)
All about Popular Astronomy in Portugal [em Portugues]. - Categories: education

The astronomical information service ASTRONET provides information on astronomical phenomena and closely follows the news on astronomy, space research, space flight, meteorology and earth sciences. ASTRONET is frequently updated. - Categories: misc education

ASTRONOMY magazine is produced by the publishers of the world's best selling English magazine of the same name. Like its sister publication, Astronomy magazine, offers visitors a wide variety of information for both hobbyist and armchair astronomers alike. - Categories: full_text education

Alfvén Laboratory (Stockholm)
The research and educational activities of the Alfvén Laboratory, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), focus on laboratory, space, and fusion plasma physics as well as on applied electrophysics and electromagnetic theory including antenna theory. [also in Swedish] - Categories: dept education

All about solar eclipses
Detailed information about why and when solar eclipses occur. Solar Eclipses 1951-2100. Software for eclipses prediction, can be ordered here. - Categories: education solar

Amateur Astronomers Association (AAA)
The Amateur Astronomers Association is the regional society for astronomy in the New York cosmopolitan area. It operates a wide range of public and inhouse educational programs in astronomy. These include lectures, seminars, classes, and starviewing. Sessions are held at the Association's offices are at other venues, like parks, in and around New York. The Association is the City's advocate for astronomy before social and cultural matters, development hearings, community discussions, and science & nature projects of other organizations.Membership in the AAA, $20 per annum, includes monthly newsletter EYEPIECE. It enables receipt of a member's discount subscriptions to Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines. Snailmail address: 1010 Park Avenue, New York NY 10028. Voice: 212-LE5-2922. - Categories: society education

Amateur Astronomers, Inc. Cranford, New Jersey (AAI)
Oldest amateur astronomy club in NJ. Sperry Observatory, Cranford NJ: 24-inch reflector, 10-inch refractor. Lectures, seminars, talks, demos, tutorials. CCD and H-alpha imaging. Eclipse chasing. - Categories: society education

Amateur Astronomy Web Guide
Astronomy Web Guide provides links to amateur and professional Internet resources for amateur astronomers or anyone looking for Astronomy information (students, teachers, parents...). Each web site listed includes a brief description. - Categories: education history

Amazing Space (Hubble Space Telescope Online)
Amazing Space is a set of web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use, but made available for all to enjoy. - Categories: education

American Meteor Society (AMS)
The American Meteor Society is a non-profit organization devoted to the observation of meteoric phenomena, the analysis and publication of results, and promoting professional-amateur cooperation in meteor science. - Categories: society education

Ames Area Amateur Astronomers (AAAA)
The Ames Area Amateur Astronomers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and scientific organization. - Categories: society education

Armagh Planetarium
An astronomical resource for educators and Planetarium workers which contains images obtained through our telescopes and a variety of other material. - Categories: education pictures society

Association Nouvelle pour la Diffusion et la Recherche à l'Observatoire de Marseille Et le Développement des Expositions (ANDROMEDE)
Association ANDROMEDE, Observatoire de Marseille [in French]. - Categories: society education

Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers (ALPO)
An educational organization that instucts observers in proper technique, collects amateur observations and promulgates them to the professional community. - Categories: society astroweb education misc other_astronomy planetary

Informationen über Sonne, Mond, Finsternisse für beliebige Orte in Graphiken und Tabellen. Hilfetexte in deutsch. [in German]. - Categories: misc education

Astro-Uson WebTV Education
Live programs in Astronomy and Basic Astronomy courses [in Spanish]. - Categories: education

AstroMía (AETSSU)
Educational Astronomy: Earth, Solar System and Universe. [in Spanish] - Categories: education pictures

AstroSci - Astronomy and Science Education (Astronomy Education Resource)
A list of educational resources for teachers and students. - Categories: education

AstroViewer - quick orientation in the night sky
AstroViewer is a Java applet, that helps you to find your way in the night sky quickly and easily.
AstroViewer allows you to: - Categories: software education

An outdoor education facility located in Idyllwild, CA with a wide variety of classes as well as two telescope areas. Always looking for able bodied instructors interested in teaching children Astronomy and Physics. - Categories: education

Astrocentral (A beginner's guide to astronomy)
A beginner's guide to astronomy with additional features on building a model solar system, the space race and using the night sky to travel back in time. - Categories: education (Amateur astronomy in Italy)
Portal for amateur astronomy in Italy [in Italian]. - Categories: society education

Astrofreaks - Astronomie Homepage der Nienburger Astrofreaks
Astronomie for teachers, students and pupils [in German].
Astronomie für Schüler, Einsteiger, Lehrer und Unterricht. Anregungen zu eigenen Beobachtungen mit eigenen Mitteln. Kaufberatung für Teleskope und Buchtipps. - Categories: education

Astronet - Russian Astronomical Network
Astronet is a Russian Astronomical Network. The "Astronet" project aims at the broad russian-speaking audience, interested in science-educational astronomical information in Russia and abroad - schoolchildren, students, post-graduates, scientists and teachers as well as all people having interest in astronomical achievements.
The main goal is to develop a conception of informational resource as an informational system targeted to easy access of all people to scientific, popular-science and educational information as well as stimulation of knowledge sharing between qualified participants of scientific and educational processes, based on modern Internet technologies. - Categories: education infosys other_library

Astronomia Autodidacta (Colombia)
Astronomy resourses for beginners and amateurs in Spanish - Categories: misc education history society

Astronomical Adventures
Guided geologic tours to northern Arizona by day and stargazing through large telescopes at night. - Categories: education earth

Astronomical League
The goal of The Astronomical League is to encourage an interest in astronomy (and especially amateur astronomy) throughout America. This is done through educational and observational programs for the amateur astronomer.
The Astronomical League is composed of over two hundred local amateur astronomical societies from all across the United States. These organizations, along with our Members-at-Large, Patrons, and Supporting members form one of the largest amateur astronomical organizations in the world. - Categories: society education

Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium of the M. Hell
Public observatory, Sun, Meteor and Occultations observations; largest planetarium in Slovak republic. - Categories: education

Astronomical Society Ivan Stefek, Kutina, Croatia
Astronomical society dedicated to school astronomy, in Croatia. - Categories: education society

Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)
The A.S.P. is one of the leading organizations in the world in astronomy education. The Society includes professional astronomers, amateur astronomers, educators, and interested laypeople. The site features information about its newsletter for teachers, its popular-level magazine, its workshops and meetings, its non-profit catalog of educational materials, its educational resource lists and publications, and Project ASTRO which joins astronomers and teachers as partners in the classroom. - Categories: society education

Astronomical Society of the Pacific - astronomy education - Categories: education

Das Team von besteht aus engagierten Amateurastronomen, die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt haben, eine sinnvolle Ergänzung des bislang vorhandenen Informationsangebotes im deutschsprachigen Internet zu schaffen. Wir möchten - Einsteigern durch unparteiische Beratung helfen - die kommerzielle Seite der Astronomie, d.h. den Teleskop- und Zubehörmarkt im Internet durchsichtig machen - eine gute Startseite für ausgedehnte Surftouren schaffen - für Einsteiger die englischen Astro-News des Internets übersetzen und erläutern - Amateurastronomen untereinander in Kontakt bringen, - Amateuren eine Möglichkeit bieten, eigene Beiträge zum Informationsangebot zu liefern. [in German] - Categories: misc education

Astronomie bei Multimedia Physik (Schulastronomie und Astrophysik)
Astronomy and Astrophysics - education - software - weekly astro-news. [in German]. - Categories: education physics
School Astronomy in Germany - especially for the German Haupt-, Real- and Gesamtschule; AstroNews; School Stuff; Links and more [Site in German]. - Categories: education

Astronomy - Learn What's UP This Month
Want to know where, when, and how to find a planet? When's the next meteor shower? Where is the comet?
These pages are updated monthly or as needed.
Written for the beginner to intermediate. - Categories: education

Astronomy 45 at Harvard (Course Notes)
Astronomy 45, "Introduction to Astrophysics" is taught at Harvard to science majors (not necessarily astronomy) who have taken 1 year of college physics. These course notes are used as the principal text. - Categories: education

Astronomy Class (Dr. J. R. Harkay)
Teaching astronomy resources and associated links at Keene State College. - Categories: education

Astronomy In Your Hands
Hands-on astronomy activities for classroom and home. Activities and lesson plans that enable teachers to deliver hands-on astronomy lessons without needing a science background. Featuring a downloadable star wheel or planisphere available for all latitudes. - Categories: education

Astronomy Notes
These documents were created by Nick Strobel for the introductory astronomy courses he teaches. They are copyrighted by Nick Strobel. This web site is offered to the net as a resource in astronomy education. - Categories: education

Astronomy Now
Britain's leading astronomy magazine. - Categories: education full_text

Astronomy Photograph Gallery
This page has links to astronomical photographs taken by the author, as well as fellow associates working at JPL's Table Mountain Observatory. All pictures have individual pages with full explanations of the photographic processes, as well as the particular circumstances surrounding the events shown. - Categories: pictures education

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each day we feature a new picture of our spectacular universe. Browse through our extensive annotated archive. Intended for all educational levels. - Categories: pictures education

Astronomy Today (astrononomy, cosmology and space exploration)
Astronomy Today has articles on astronomy, cosmology and space exploration, with a regularly updated sky guide plus the latest space news. - Categories: misc education

Astronomy and Islam
A galaxy of astronomical links many with an Islamic flavour. - Categories: misc education history software

Astronomy for Kids - Categories: education

Astronomy for kids
Learn about the Universe, and join the Junior Astronomers Club. - Categories: education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 61 --- Astronomy freeware
A description of useful astronomy freeware and software field tested in the classroom with download links - Categories: education software

Astronomy links
Extensive list of thousands of categorized astronomy links especially useful for educators and students. - Categories: other_astronomy education

Astronomy of Many Cultures from Around the World
This is a new annotated listing of over 90 books, articles, and Web sites that deal with the astronomy of diverse cultures around the world. The readings cover the astronomical work and ideas of South and Central America, Hawaii and Polynesia, Africa, India, and Islamic countries. Also included are the astronomical ideas of the Native Americans of North America, issues relating to people of color in the United States, plus a small set of readings about Asian and ancient European cultures.
Most of the resources cited are nontechnical and can be used in introductory courses and public programs. A small number of technical volumes are included at the end for specialists. - Categories: education bibliography history

Astronomy! A Brief Edition
The site supplements the textbook "Astronomy! A Brief Edition," and gives links relevant to each chapter in the book as well as updates on new developments and discoveries in astronomy. - Categories: education full_text (Astronomy site for educators) collects links to resources, lesson plans, interactive projects, and links of interest to astronomy educators in K-12 schools. - Categories: education
Slovak educational portal for astronomy amateurs, teachers and students. News, articles, info about lectures, chart, galleries, calendar, etc. [in Slovak language]. - Categories: education

Atlas of the Universe
Contains 3D maps of the universe zooming out from the nearest stars to the scale of the Milky Way galaxy and onwards to the surrounding superclusters and out to the entire visible universe. - Categories: education

Auckland Observatory and Stardome Planetarium
Situated in New Zealand's largest city. A public Observatory established in 1967. Now with a new (1997) 11 metre Zeiss planetarium.
Research interests include photometry of binary and variable stars. - Categories: education society

Austin Astronomical Society (AAS)
Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) is a non-profit organization for anyone interested in any aspect of astronomy or the space sciences. A major portion of AAS activities are public education outreach efforts. - Categories: society education

BLAKE, Melvin (St Mary's University) - Categories: personal education

Bad Astronomy
Discusses common misconceptions about astronomy in the media and other sources. Includes narrative, sometimes humorous descriptions of misconceptions in astronomy with an explanation of what the correct idea is. - Categories: education

Bassano Bresciano Astronomical Observatory
Osservatorio Astronomico Bassano. [in Italian]. - Categories: education

Big Sky Astronomical Society (Alberta, Canada)
The astronomical society for kids, their parents, and teachers. Lots of fun and educational web pages to explore, online projects, Adopt-A-Star, and more! (Vulcan, Alberta, Canada) - Categories: society education

Big Sky Astronomy Club - Flathead Valley, Montana (BSAC)
The Big Sky Astronomy Club is a group of dedicated amateur astronomers located in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana. We are committed to sharing our varied interests in, our collective knowledge of and unbridled passion for astronomy with the residents of our fair valley and, to the extent possible, the rest of our "Pale Blue Dot". - Categories: society education

Binary Stars
Free software for Macintosh computers, complete with manuals, for use in an educational setting or for self-learning. Teaches binary star concepts. - Categories: software education

BinoSky - best bets for viewing the night sky through binoculars (BinoSky)
A guide to the best bets for viewing the night sky through binoculars. Images and maps on consistent scales, with consistent exposures. - Categories: misc education pictures

Black Sun Eclipse website (Eric Flescher)
This website contains information about eclipses, accounts and photographs, eclipses links, online presentation (10 myths of Eclipses), and other information and news about asteroids, comets, etc. - Categories: education pictures

Boston Amateur Telescope Makers (ATMoB)
ATMoB is one of North America's oldest and largest astronomy clubs. Monthly meetings are held the 2nd Thursday except in August at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts and feature many distinguished speakers presenting on a wide range of topics. A clubhouse and observatory are maintained in Westford, MA. - Categories: society education

Brooks/Cole Astronomy Resource Center
Description of Wadsworth Astronomy Resource Center Links which are useful to teachers and students of astronomy.Also, an Online Studyguide for the Wadsworth text: Foudations of Astronomy, Fourth edition, by Michael Seeds. - Categories: misc astroweb education

Brown University Public Observatory (USA) - Categories: education

CASS Astronomy Tutorial - Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Introductory astronomy course developed for UCSD's Courses for Liberal Arts Majors. - Categories: education

Canadian Satellite Tracking and Orbit Research (CASTOR Satellite Tracking Project)
The Canadian Satellite Tracking and Orbit Research (CASTOR)project, based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, uses optical telescopes to track earth orbiting satellites and inform the general public about our satellite population that we take for granted every day. - Categories: telescope education optical space

Cardiff Astronomical Society
Cardiff Astronomical Society, UK, News and Homepage Information on astronomy, telescopes and exhibitions Links to other society pages and astronomy sites in the UK. - Categories: society education other_astronomy

Carnegie Institution of Washington
The Carnegie Institution of Washington is a private, nonprofit organization engaged in basic research and advanced education in astronomy, the earth sciences, and biology. It comprises five research campuses, including the Observatories, the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, and the Geophysical Laboratory. Its website includes descriptions of research under way at Carnegie, an Ask-The-Experts page, and information about the Institution's education outreach programs. - Categories: education agency

Carter Observatory (New Zealand)
Carter Observatory is the National Observatory of New Zealand. - Categories: dept education meetings optical telescope

Catania Astrophysical Observatory (INAF-OACt)
Daily solar images (chromosphere and photosphere). [also in Italian] - Categories: telescope dept education optical solar

Centre de Prevision de l'activite solaire et geomagnetique (RWC MEUDON)
Forecast of solar activity: solar cm flux, solar flares.
Forecast of geomagnetic activity: geomagnetic indices, geomagnetic storms.
Forecast of the solar cycle.
Data base for cosmic rays from Kerguelen and Terre Adelie station. [in French] - Categories: center education solar

Centre for Observational Astronomy in the Algarve (COAA)
Centro de Observação Astronómica no Algarve. Astronomy holiday centre in Algarve region of Portugal. - Categories: education

Chabot Space & Science Center (CSSC)
The Chabot Space & Science Center (CSSC) is an innovative teaching and learning center focusing on astronomy and the space sciences and the interrelationships of all sciences.
Its observatory, planetarium, exhibits, and natural park setting are a place where a diverse population of students, teachers, and the public can imagine, understand, and learn to shape their future through science. - Categories: education

Chandra X-Ray Observatory - Public Information & Education
This site provides current information on the "hot" field of X-ray astronomy and the Chandra mission, NASA's Great Observatory. Chandra is designed for detecting X-rays from cosmic sources such as black holes, and exploding stars and galaxies. - Categories: education high_energy

Ciel et Espace (magazine)
Entertainment astronomy. [in French] - Categories: full_text education

Cincinnati Observatory Center
The Cincinnati Observatory Center is the first and oldest observatory in the United States. It has been founded in 1842. It hosts a 12-inch Merz und Mahler refractor and a 16-inch Alvan Clark refractor, each with a beautifully restored tube, mount, and mechanical clock drive. - Categories: society education

Circumplanetary Dust Dynamics: from Birth to Death (Astronomical InSt. Petersburg)
The modeled E ring of Saturn is presented. The page is related to Cassini project, and introduces the research of the faint circumplanetary dust complexes to everybody. - Categories: education misc planetary

Coelum, Mensile di Astronomia Scienza e Telescopi
European astronomical monthly magazine [in Italian]. - Categories: full_text education pictures

Comets and Meteor Showers
This site gives the complete text to the 1988 book Meteor Showers: A Descriptive Catalog, as well as recent meteor shower observations. The site also posts a wealth of comet information from news of recent discoveries, finder charts, and ephemerides, to extensive historical information on individual comets.
There is a European mirror site. - Categories: misc education full_text planetary

Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE, Argentina)
Information on the Centro Regional de Datos Satelitales (CREDAS) and on Argentina's National Space Plan - Categories: agency earth education pictures space

Committee for Connection Teachers-Astronomers (CLEA)
The Comité de Liaison Enseignants et Astronomes promotes teaching Astronomy at all levels from nursery school to University, based on observation, experience and active methods. It participates widely to the training of teachers. [in French] - Categories: education

Commonwealth Club (California)
The Commonwealth Club sponsors hundreds of speakers each year, many on scientific and technical topics. For a free copy of our bulletin, contact Katherine Merriman at (415) 597-6732 or at - Categories: misc education

Constellations and Their Stars
Contains a page for each of the 88 constellations. On each page are links to the Messier objects and named stars which can be found in that constellation. There is also an ongoing project to add descriptions of each constellation, including images, history, mythology and descriptive notes. - Categories: education

Cool Cosmos
Learn about infrared light, infrared astronomy and multiwavelength astronomy. [also in Spanish] - Categories: education

Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center
The Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center, brought to you by the people at ACE, is designed to increase your interest in cosmic and heliospheric science. (The heliosphere is the huge area in space affected by the Sun.)
The Learning Center is aimed at the general public (or about a high school level of science understanding). - Categories: education solar

A free web space server especially for amateur astronomers and societies, hosted at National Astronomical Observatory, China. - Categories: education

Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer
Astronomers at Cornell University answer questions submitted by the public. Contains an extensive archive of previous questions, astronomy-related links and more. - Categories: education

CyberSky is an educational astronomy program that transforms a personal computer into a personal planetarium. CyberSky provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and to explore the wonders of the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future. - Categories: education software

Dalton School Science Department (Open Classroom-Astro)
Astronomy at the Dalton School is a college level, full year astronomy elective course. - Categories: education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 434 --- Dark Matter Tutorial
This is a tutorial about Dark Matter and cosmology, written by a researcher in the field, with optional Java experiments. - Categories: education

David Dunlap Observatory, University of Toronto (DDO)
The David Dunlap Observatory is located in Richmond Hill, Canada. As part of the University of Toronto's Department of Astronomy it operates optical telescopes for research, the largest being a 1.88m telescope. DDO is also a centre for student training and public education. - Categories: telescope education optical

Decatur Area Astronomy Club (DAAC, USA)
A club and educational website. Decatur Area Astronomy Club is located in Decatur Illinois. Founded in 2002 as a chance meeting of its founding members, DAAC has grown to about 20 members at present and works with the Macon county Conservation District and Millikin University to promote the science of astronomy to its members and the public at large. - Categories: society education

Deep Sky Database
The Deep Sky Database is an online resource for building customized observing lists. The database is the Saguaro Astronomy Club's database which consists of over 10,000 deep sky objects and includes valuable observing notes. - Categories: education

Department of Astronomy, University of Belgrade (DAUB)
Department of Astronomy is a part of Faculty of Mathematics at University of Belgrade. Department employs about ten teachers involved in various topics of astrophysical and astronomical research (minor planets, radiative transfer, supernova remnants, stellar structure and evolution). There are two main study groups, Astrophysics and Dynamical Astronomy. [also in Serbian] - Categories: dept education people

Digital Archive of Historical Astronomy Pictures (DAHAP)
A collection of images from the history of astronomy, for use in research and teaching. - Categories: pictures education history

Earls' AstroPage
Astronomy site for beginners. - Categories: education

Earth and Sky
This is a weekly on-line publication for the public to learn more about Earth science and astronomy. It consists of transcripts of radio programs aired daily on the Earth & Sky Radio Series, which is hosted by Deborah Byrd and Joel Block. The series broadcasts on more than 500 stations in the United States and on a variety of other stations across the globe. - Categories: education

Eclipse magazine
French amateur's magazine [in French]. - Categories: education full_text

Educational Observatory Institute (EO)
The Educational Observatory (incorporating one or more ATFs), when completed, will provide K-12 students with an opportunity to do real science (observational astronomy) from their classrooms via the internet. - Categories: education

Educational Space Simulations Project (ESSP)
The Educational Space Simulations Project is a web site where teachers and students can retrieve information about coordinating and conducting their own space simulation. Activity guides, launch and landing scripts, software, and much more is available for free download. - Categories: education space

Einstein Online
An outreach website dedicated to Einstein's theories of relativity, from special relativity to black holes, gravitational waves and cosmology. A simple introduction to Einstein's theories and their applications ("Elementary Einstein") is supplemented by "Spotlights on relativity", modular texts dedicated to particular aspects or applications of relativity, and a relativistic dictionary with over 350 entries. The site is maintained by the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics /Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) in Golm. The texts are written by scientists from AEI as well as from other institutions. - Categories: physics education

Endless Boundaries
Detailed and easy-to-understand information on the Sun, the nine planets, and several of the planets' moons. - Categories: education

Eugene Astronomical Society (Oregon)
The Eugene Astronomical Society in Eugene, Oregon provides access to information about Astronomy, telescopes, meeting information, and members. Also available are links to Web formatted versions of it's newsletter, 'Io' - Categories: society education

Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (EAAS)
The Euro-Asian Astronomical Society was created in April 1990.
The Society performs its activities mainly in New Independent States on the territory of the Former Soviet Union and surrounding countries. The main goals of the society are to maintain the development of astronomy and to reinforce scientific contacts between astronomers of the former Soviet Union and their colleagues all over the world. - Categories: society education

European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE)
The purpose of the EAAE is to improve and promote scientific astronomical education all over Europe in schools of all levels and other institutions involved in the teaching of astronomy. [also in French and German] - Categories: society education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 23 --- Event Inventor (Astronomy and math activities using cross staff & quadrant)
Have FUN learning about the basics of SCIENCE, MATH and TECHNOLOGY while doing INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES. - Categories: education

Everyday Physics (FAQ & Answers)
Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions in Everyday Physics and Astronomy. With links to: How Things Work, The Last Word (New Scientist), Dear Lou (Physics Central), Physlink, The Physics Of..., & The Ask A Scientist - Astronomy Questions. - Categories: education

ExoScience NEWS (exoScience Space News)
exoScience provides daily astronomy news in addition to more comprehensive features on major astronomy events. - Categories: full_text education newsgroup

Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
A collection of more than eighty linked files, forming a non-mathematical introduction to magnetism, plasmas, particles of space and their motion, and the study of the Earth's magnetic environment in space. Also covers the Sun and solar activity, magnetospheres of other planets, and amny other topics. the exposition follows a historical framework, and includes numerous historical side-excursions. Also includes a long review (more technical) "A Brief History of Magnetospheric Physics During the Space Age, an article "Birth of a Radiation Belt", a guide for teachers, a historical timeline, a question-and-answer collection and a template for a folded paper model of the magnetosphere. - Categories: education physics

The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception with over 500 interactive "hands on" exhibits. Each year more than 600,000 visitors come to the Exploratorium, over 95,000 students and teachers come on field trips, and more than 2000 teachers attend professional development programs which focus on inquiry-based teaching and learning in the K-12 classroom - Categories: education

Eyes on the Skies - Robotic Solar Viewing Telescope
Internet-accessible robotic solar telescope. - Categories: education solar

Falling into a Black Hole
In which we fall into a black hole on a real free fall orbit. All distortions of images are real, both general relativistic from the gravitational bending of light, and special relativistic from the near light speed orbit. After you are done dying at the central singularity of the black hole, feel free to explore more about the Schwarzschild geometry, about wormholes, and about the collapse of a black hole. - Categories: education high_energy physics

Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FOGE)
The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is incorporated in the state of Maryland as a 501(c)3 non profit organization. The organization seeks to inspire and educate kids in space related science and engineering. The FOGE established a pilot program in conjunction with Rock Creek International School in Washington, DC, and Prince William County school district in Virginia. Our first training program for parent volunteers was supported by the NASA Globe program and was held in July 2002. - Categories: education full_text mailing_list space

Finnish amateur astronomy homepage - Categories: misc education

Fox Park Public Observatory (FPPO)
The Fox Park Public Observatory is located in Potterville, Michigan. - Categories: society education

Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory (OFXB, Switzerland)
The François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory, located above the village of St-Luc in the Swiss Alps, stands at an altitude of 2200 metres. It is intended not only for the experienced amateur wishing to produce work of a quasi-professional quality, but also for the use of schools and for simple visitors. curious.
Equipped with numerous instruments (60 cm reflecting telescope with CCD camera, 20 cm refracting telescope, coelostat, 16 cm coronagraph) it may be used day or night. [in French] - Categories: society education

Free online ephemeris and software library
Online Solar System ephemeris. Free software library to read, write, and interpolate the NASA/JPL ephemeris files, written in C for Linux. Released under the Lesser Gnu Public License v2.1. The site also has educational information on the Solar System. - Categories: software education history

French "Hands On" Science (La Main à la Pâte)
Teaching Sciences at nursery and primary school. [in French] - Categories: education

From Stargazers to Starships (Stargazers)
A collection of about sixty linked files, forming a self-contained course at the high school level on (1) elementary astronomy (pre-telescope), (2) Newtonian mechanics (3) Spaceflight and spacecraft. The material is presented in a historical framework with many side excursions and incidental connections, with many outside links. Also contains a 9-section "Math refresher", a section for the guidance of teachers, a template of a sundial with explanations, glossary and timeline.
It is an attempt to create a high-school curriculum which makes as much use of space and spaceflight as possible. - Categories: education history

Galileo Project
A web resource on the life and works of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). - Categories: education history

GeoAstro Applet Collection
Interactive Java applets display the position of sun and moon on the horizon for any date, time and location. The times of rise and setting, twilight, the declination, hour angle, the equation of time and more data are computed. - Categories: astroweb education software

Gov Aker Observatory at Discovery Park
Gov Aker Observatory-Offers a variety of educational programs, interactive astronomy exhibits, a working 20-inch optical reflecting telescope. - Categories: education

Grand Strand Skygazers Astronomy Club (Skygazers)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based astronomy club offers meetings, star parties, telescope and binocular education, educational outreach, and photo galleries. - Categories: society education

Green Flashes (SDSU)
Information about green flashes, mirages, and other refraction phenomena. Contains an extensive bibliography that covers the history of these topics, as well as links to numerous color photographs and simulations. - Categories: misc education pictures

Griffith Observatory
The Griffith Observatory is a non-profit educational institution whose purpose is to provide information on astronomy and related sciences to the public. It is not a research institution, although from time to time it carries out modest research projects. - Categories: society education

Groupe Astronomie de Spa (GAS)
Groupe Astronomie de Spa (Belgium) - Categories: education astroweb people space telescope

Grove Creek Observatory, Australia (GCO)
Grove Creek Observatory in NSW Australia, specializes in CCD imaging and research. Accomodation is available for visiting amateur astronomers. - Categories: society education

Hallo northern sky (planetarium software program)
The program Hallo northern sky is a simple windows application which plots an electronic version of the night sky. It displays all stars to magnitude 8.0 (or 9.5) and about 10000 deep sky objects. It also shows the planets, Moon, Sun, the Jovian moons, phases of the Moon and inner planets, solar and lunar eclipses, rings and moons of Saturn and some minor planets and comets.The intention of the program is to familiarise you with the night sky and prepare yourself with a map for a night with your telescope. To help you with this, all deepsky objects are displayed in the correct size and orientation if available. - Categories: software education

Hamburger Sternwarte (Hamburg observatory) - Categories: dept education

Hamilton Amateur Astronomers (HAA)
The Hamilton Amateur Astronomers is a group dedicated to the enjoyment of astronomy and public education. - Categories: society education

Hands On Universe (HOU)
Hands-On Universe is an educational program that enables students to investigate the Universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology. Hands-On Universe (HOU) has developed and piloted an educational program that enables high school students to request their own observations from professional observatories. HOU students download CCD images to their classroom computers and use HOU's powerful image processing software to visualize and analyze their data. HOU also provides comprehensive curriculum that integrates many of the topics and skills outlined in the national goals for science and math education into open- ended astronomical investigations. Over the next several years HOU will develop activities and tools for middle school students and informal education centers as well as implementing HOU in regional high school networks across the world, including Department of Defense Dependent Schools. - Categories: education

Herschel Experiment - Discovering Infrared (SIRTF Education and Outreach)
This easy, low-cost experiment will allow students to discover infrared for themselves. It is ideal for a the classroom and for science fairs. This is a version of the original experiment in which William Herschel discovered that there are forms of light beyond what we can see with our eyes. [also in Spanish] - Categories: education physics

HighBridge Hills Northern Lights (Educational Center Astronomy's Camp)
This astronomers paradise is an all inclusive resort in northern Wisconsin for Kids, families and adults. A week full of hands on astronomy education and observing every night. - Categories: education

HobbySpace (Space related hobbies and activities)
HobbySpace provides information and links to web resources about space related hobbies and activities accessible to non-professionals. The site holds nearly 30 sections that cover such areas as astronomy, amateur SETI, satellite observing, software, space radio, amateur and student satellites, space art and music, and more. - Categories: education

Hr Trace connection
Allow you to study galactic open clusters with some Excel + Visual Basic for Application programmed spreadsheets. - Categories: education software

Hubble European Space Agency Information Center - Categories: education pictures

Hubble Heritage Project Index
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a research tool dedicated to scientific studies of nature. By emphasizing compelling HST images distilled from scientific data, we hope to pique curiosity about our astrophysical understanding of the universe we all inhabit. - Categories: pictures education

Hubble Space Telescope - European HST Public Outreach (HST, at ST-ECF)
ESA based public outreach service focusing on European HST science. - Categories: education pictures

Hubble Space Telescope images and press releases (News Center)
images, movies and animations from some of the observations by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (HST). They are made available by the Office of Public Outreach of the Space Telescope Science Institute. See also: TIFFs & GIFs ( Levay), ExInEd (Macs-only) - Categories: education optical space

IMSA Astrophysics Home Page (A high school course in Astrophysics)
This is a one-semester course that embeds technology and the use of the internet into the daily experience of the students. Course materials, assessment tools and philosophy, and curriculum documents are all provided through this site. - Categories: education misc

INGRAM, Doug (Texas Christian University)
This page contains links to Introductory Astronomy teaching resources for college-level classes, including readings, homeworks, exams, lab exercises and study guides. - Categories: personal education

Image Processing Resources for Astronomy Teachers
Links to and summaries of astronomical image processing resources for high school or introductory college astronomy courses. - Categories: education comp_sci

Imagine the Universe
This site is dedicated to a discussion about our Universe... what we know about it, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains. Just as importantly, we also discuss how scientists know what they know, what mysteries remain, and how they might one day find the answers to these questions. This site is intended primarily for ages 14 and up. If you are interested in a lower level, more basic discussion about astronomy and space exploration, try our StarChild site. It may have just what you are looking for! - Categories: education high_energy

Info science - Astronomy
Founded in 1998 by 2 journalists. Daily news on sciences and techniques. [in French] - Categories: education

Infrared Astronomy Tutorial - IPAC's Educational Outreach
All about infrared astronomy: Discover of infrared, What is infrared, history, the infrared universe, gallery, activities, discoveries, missions, catalogs from NASA's infrared astronomy center (IPAC). [also in Spanish] - Categories: education pictures

Infrared Space Observatory Science Gallery (ISOSG)
This gallery is devoted to scientific results from ISO. Each main class of ISO Astronomy target (Solar System Object, Normal galaxies etc.) has it's own sub-gallery complete with links to full size versions of the thumbnail and background material on the observed object. - Categories: pictures education space

International Association for Astronomical Studies (IAAS)
The International Association for Astronomical Studies (IAAS) is a group of junior high & high school students from the Denver, Colorado Metro area. These students share a common interest in astronomy and want to share that interest with others. - Categories: education

International Astronomical Youth Camp (IAYC)
The IAYC is organized every year in a different European country. The 70 participants are between 16 and 24 years old and come from over 20 different countries. They work for 3 weeks in 8 working groups on their own astronomy research projects. - Categories: society education

International Max-Planck Research School on Astrophysics at the University of Munich (IMPRS) - Categories: education

International Space University (ISU)
The International Space University is an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international institution preparing individuals to respond to the current needs and the increasing and evolving demands of the space sector, through multidisciplinary education and research programs. - Categories: agency education

Introduction to Astronomy
An introduction to astronomy and astrophysics. [in French and partly in Malay] - Categories: education history

INACTIVE LINK ? - 353 --- Introduction to Astronomy at Phillips Academy Summer Session (Astronomy course offering for high school students.)
Summer Session is pleased to announce a new major course offering that will have students reaching for the stars. - Categories: education

Io - Jupiter's Volcanic Moon
An in-depth study of the volcanic features and processes on Jupiter's volcanic moon Io. - Categories: planetary education pictures

Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes: Public Information (PR at ING)
These web pages provide public information on the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING), La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. - Categories: education other_astronomy

Izzy's Skylog - Categories: education

Jodcast (Astronomy Podcast from Jodrell Bank Observatory, The University of Manchester)
A podcast covering all aspects of astronomy from The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory. It includes the latest news, what you can see in the current night sky, interviews with astronomers and other things we liked the sound of. It is created by a bunch of astronomers for anyone who is interested in things out of this world. - Categories: education

Jodrell Bank Observatory (University of Manchester)
Jodrell Bank Observatory is part of the University of Manchester's Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Laboratories are home to the Lovell Telescope and the MERLIN & VLBI National Facility which is operated by the University on behalf of PPARC. - Categories: dept education optical radio schedule telescope

Joint Scientific and Educational Center (JSEC)
Goals of the Center: Joint Astrophysical Research by universities and Academy of Sciences at BTA (6m telescope) and RATAN-600- the largest Russian astrophysical instruments. / Promotion of high quality education in Astrophysics and Radioastronomy / Development of database for astronomy research and improvement of educational standards in universities specializing in astronomy. / Application of new methods and technologies to the largest telescopes of Academy of Sciences and development of instrumental base for modern astrophysical research and high quality education. - Categories: education center dept radio

Journal of the British Astronomical Association (Journal of the UK's premier amateur astronomy organisation) - Categories: education bibliography full_text

INACTIVE LINK ? - 61 --- Kepler's Laws with Animation (Kepler, Brahe, Kepler's Laws)
Kepler's Laws are presented with animation. Included is a brief history of Kepler and Brahe. - Categories: history education planetary

Kids - Categories: education

Knowing the universe and its secrets
The evolution of stars, from their birth to their death, as supernovae and black holes. Also some pages about the evolution of galaxies. - Categories: education

Kuffner Observatory Society (VKS)
Astronomical Events and Astronomical News. Schedule and Information about the Activities, Guided Tours, Public Observations, and Meetings of the Kuffner Observatory Society (Verein Kuffner Sternwarte). Description of the 19th century Observatory in Vienna, Austria and its instruments. Historical and modern photographs of the facilities including the world's largest Heliometer. The VKS is an organisation of people interested in the night sky and historical instruments and observatories with a strong fraction of professional and amateur astronomers. It represants the Austria section of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). [in German] - Categories: society education

L'astronomie (amateur site) - Categories: education

La Main A la Pâte (MAPmonde)
For primary school teachers but also for trainers, scientists and parents interested in the renewal of sciences teaching. It is made to support anyone who wishes to practice sciences in class, by gathering pedagogical resources and favouring exchanges between actors of sciences and technology teaching in the world. For the moment, this site is made as an experiment in 7 different countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada (Quebec), Colombia, Egypt, France and Morocco, but it soon should open to new countries and languages. [also in French, Portuguese and Spanish] - Categories: education

Lake Afton Public Observatory (Wichita State University) - Categories: telescope education optical

Las Cruces Astronomical Society (ASLC)
Web Site of the Astronomical Society of Las Cruces New Mexico, formed in 1951 by Dr Clyde Tombaugh and Walter Haas (also founder of A.L.P.O.). Site provides a calendar of Society and Public Events, a means of downloading the ASLC Monthly Bulletin, Information on courses and workshops provided by the ASLC. A scrapbook of pictures from society events as well as links to our member astronomy related websites and other websites that tell about our community as well as other astronomy related sites. - Categories: society education

Lebanon Astronomy club (astroleb)
AstroLeb association gathers many amateur astronomers and engineers from Lebanon. Its aim is to help advanced amateur astronomers to collaborate with professional astronomers working in Lebanon and abroad and help people work in a scientific atmosphere. - Categories: society education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 169 --- Leeward Community College Observatories
Leeward Community College Observatories in Hawaii are available for public use, for K-12 astronomy education programs, and for undergraduate research projects. - Categories: education other_astronomy

Lick Observatory - University of California (UCOLICK)
Descriptions and users' manuals for Lick Observatory telescopes and facility instruments on Mount Hamilton; local weather; astronomical calendars; telescope time applications; staff and contacts at Lick Observatory.

Pages on Lick Observatory of general interest to the public; Lick Observatory history; visitor information; Mount Hamilton web camera. - Categories: telescope dept education infrared optical pictures

Linux for Astronomy CDROM project (LfA)
Collections of Astronomical software for the Linux (x86) operating system. Includes AIPS, GIPSY, MIRIAD, MIDAS,IRAF, NEMO, STSDAS, PROS, TABLES, SAOimage, FTOOLS, PGPLOT, Karma, StarLab, R, Xephem, and many more. All packages are prebuilt and install with a mouse click. - Categories: software comp_sci education

Loch Ness Productions: Planetarium resources
Includes a list of planetarium and planetarium- related Web sites, together with Loch Ness Productions resources for planetaria: shows, original artwork slides, space music CDs and tapes, the LNP Planetarium Compendium (directory of the world's planetaria), and more. - Categories: misc education

Los Angeles Astronomical Society (LAAS)
The oldest astronomical society in southern California, founded in 1926. Over 350 members, and an active schedule of public and private observing and telescope making. Resources include a semi-portable 30-inch telescope, our own 2.5 acre dark sky observing site, and optical & machine shop facilities for telescope making. - Categories: society education

Lunar Phases Web Tool
An interactive Java tool for teaching the relationship between the phase of the Moon, the time of day, and the direction in which the Moon is observed. - Categories: education

MAP Introduction to Cosmology Page
This page aims to introduce a general audience to the basic concepts of cosmology. It also describes the Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP) and its scientific goals. - Categories: education

MIT Short Course: Recent Exciting Advances in Astronomy and Astrophysics (MIT Professional Education Course)
With the advent of powerful new instruments such as the Hubble Space Telescope and the widespread application of state-of-the-art supercomputers in tackling tough theoretical problems, the past decade has seen an explosion in our knowledge of the nature of our universe and the role of humankind in it. This course is intended for anyone who wishes to learn about the most recent and important advances in the burgeoning fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology.
The course will cover a very broad range of topics from the origin and evolution of the earth to the birth and structure of the universe as a whole. All subject matter will be presented on a level accessible to anyone familiar with algebra and Freshman-level physics.
Do not be concerned about the request for professional credentials in the standard application form. This course is intended for interested laypersons, not for professionals in astronomy and astrophysics. - Categories: education

MIT Short Course: Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology (MIT Professional Education Course)
Recent advances in gravitation theory and cosmology, combined with breakthroughs in observational astronomy, are transforming our understanding of space and time and our perspectives on the origin and future fate of the universe. This course is designed both for individuals who would like to learn the fundamentals of Einstein's theories of relativity and for those who are interested in the most recent advances in our understanding of the nature of black holes and other relativistic phenomena in our universe and the formation and evolution of the universe itself.
The course will cover a large number of topics, ranging from the experimental and theoretical underpinnings of the special and general theories of relativity to the birth, history, and future evolution of the universe. All subject matter will be presented on a level accessible to anyone familiar with algebra and Freshman-level physics.
Do not be concerned about the request for professional credentials in the standard application form. This course is intended for interested laypersons with a Freshman level of understanding of algebra, not for professionals in relativity or cosmology. - Categories: education

MIT Short Course: Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology [8.06s]
Recent advances in gravitation theory and cosmology, combined with breakthroughs in observational astronomy, are transforming our understanding of space and time and our perspectives on the origin and future fate of the universe. This course is designed both for individuals who would like to learn the fundamentals of Einstein's theories of relativity and for those who are interested in the most recent advances in our understanding of the nature of black holes, other relativistic phenomena in our universe, and the formation and evolution of the universe itself.
The course covers a large number of topics, ranging from the experimental and theoretical underpinnings of the special and general theories of relativity to the birth, history, and future evolution of the universe. All subject matter will be presented on a level accessible to anyone familiar with algebra and Freshman-level physics.
This course is intended for interested laypersons with a Freshman level of understanding of algebra, not for professionals in relativity or cosmology. - Categories: education physics

MMI astronomy materials
MMI Corporation provides educational materials and equipment for Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences. Products include A-V materials, models globes, murals, slides, books, portable and permanent planetariums, observatory domes. - Categories: education

Manchester Astronomical Society (MAS)
Founded in 1903 the MAS is one of the oldest astronomical societies in the UK. The Godlee observatory houses a Grubb 8" refractor and a 12" reflector, sited on the roof of UMIST. - Categories: society education

Martz Observatory & Martz Astronomical Assn., Inc.
The Web Site for the Martz Observatory & Astronomical Association. The Martz Observatory has served western New York state since 1965. The Martz Astronomical Association, Inc. (501c3) conducts public education programming at the observatory and other locations that give over 15,000 people access to the stars every year. - Categories: society education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 355 --- Mediterranean Association of Environmental and Space Sciences (AMSEE)
The "Association Mediterranenne des Sciences de l'Environnement et de l'Espace" or Mediterranean Association of Environmental and Space Sciences is a non profit organisation established late 1990. Since then the Association has installed two telescopes, one designed for the observation of planets and double stars under the Mosser Dome and another for deep sky observing under the Messier Dome. CCDs observing for amateur size telescope has been the major interest of the members since the beginning. - Categories: society education pictures

Mid-Atlantic Star Party (MASP) - Categories: misc education

Mira Public Observatory, Grimbergen, Belgium (Volkssterrenwacht Mira, Grimbergen, Belgium)
The Mira Public Observatory is located north of Brussels, Belgium.
Its main goal is to introduce people to the wonders and beauty of the night sky. The homepage also includes a virtual tour of the observatory. - Categories: education

Mont-Soleil Astronomical Observatory (Switzerland)
Since Summer 2002, the Astronomical Observatory of Mont-Soleil is open to the visitors, at 1300 meters high in the Heart of Jura bernois, near Saint-Imier in Switzerland. [in French] - Categories: education

Montana Space Grant Consortium (MSGC)
Part of the NASA's National Space Grant and Fellowship Program, MSGC enhances aerospace research and education in Montana through a variety of programs. Research initiation grants, education enhancement grants, undergraduate research awards and scholarship-fellowship program are administered by the Central Consortium Office at Montana State University in Bozeman. This office acts as a statewide clearinghouse for information on NASA and other aerospace-related programs relevent to the state, and takes an active role in alterting Consortium affiliates about opportunities in research and education with NASA and other space agencies. - Categories: society education

Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy (MIRA)
The Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy is a non-profit astronomical observatory, founded in 1972 and dedicated to research and education in astronomy. Includes an Atlas of Low-Resolution Near-Infrared Spectra of Normal Stars. - Categories: dept education infrared optical telescope

Mountain Skies Astronomical Society (MSAS)
A non-profit educational science center, with a lender library of resources. Several membership catagories including special classroom memberships. - Categories: society education

Multiwavelength Astronomy - Revealing the Universe in All of its Light
An overview of multiwavelength astronomy which includes numerous images. Discusses why we need to study the Universe at all wavelengths, why we need to send telescopes into space, what unique information do we receive by studying different types of radiation from space. This site also includes many links to multiwavelength galleries and detailed tutorials on each wavelength region. [also in Spanish] - Categories: education pictures

Multiwavelength Atlas of Galaxies
A Multiwavelength Atlas of Galaxies is presented as an educational tool for high school students. Optical, X-ray, Far-Infrared and Radio images are shown for a variety of nearby galaxies. Text describing the physical mechanisms of the different types of radiation, and their astronomical sources is supplied. - Categories: education pictures

Multiwavelength Messier Museum (SIRTF Education and Outreach)
This site is a collection of images taken at different wavelengths by a variety of ground-based and space-borne observatories. In the detailed tutorial which accompanies each object, you will be introduced to the wealth of data available at wavelengths beyond the familiar visible light we are accustomed to seeing. You will discover some important characteristics of astronomical phenomena, and learn about which types of radiation are best suited to studying certain objects. By comparing images of objects obtained at different wavelengths, you will be able to interpret interesting features, and discover why certain objects emit, or do not emit, radiation at various wavelengths. - Categories: education pictures

Multiwavelength Milky Way
Images of the Milky Way galaxy in the light of several spectral lines and continuum bands, spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from radio to high-energy gamma-ray, are presented. The display is interactive, allowing zooming and panning of the images, each of which covers the entire sky within ten degrees of the Galactic plane. Explanatory text and links to the data sources and references are included. The Multiwavelength Milky Way site is an educational service of the Astrophysics Data Facility at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. - Categories: education high_energy optical pictures radio survey

Music and Astronomy Resource Guide
We list and briefly describe over a hundred pieces of classical and popular music inspired by reasonable astronomical ideas, and we discuss ways that instructors (and those working in informal settings) can use music to enhance an astronomy class or program. Written and Web-based resources for exploring astronomical influences in music are also provided. - Categories: education

NASA Spacelink
NASA Spacelink offers a wide range of materials (computer text files, software, and graphics) related to the space program. Its target audience is teachers, faculty and students, and the system is intended to help them reach the national education goals as outlined by the President and the NASA Strategic Plan for Education. Documents on the system include science, math, engineering and technology education lesson plans, historical information related to the space program, current status reports on NASA projects, news releases, information on NASA educational programs, NASA educational publications, and other materials chosen for their educational value and relevance to the space program. The system may be accessed by computer through direct-dial modem or the Internet. Materials on the system are organized and kept current by professional educators with experience in computer software applications and communications. - Categories: education

NASA's Origins program
NASA's Origins Program will search for clues to help us find our cosmic roots including answer to questions such as: - Categories: agency education

NASA's Quest Project - Categories: education

NASA/MSU Center for Educational Resources (CERES)
An extensive library of interactive K-12 materials for teaching astronomy including classroom-ready lesson plans, NASA data search engines and distance learning courses for in-service K-12 teachers. - Categories: education pictures

NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library (NCSA ADIL)
The purpose of the NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library is to collect fully processed astronomical images in FITS format format and make them available to the research community and the general public via the World Wide Web. The collection contains images from research observatories all over the world and taken at all wavebands. - Categories: library center education high_energy infrared optical pictures radio ultraviolet

NEMO Stellar Dynamics Toolbox (NEMO)
NEMO is a Stellar Dynamics Toolbox with many programs to create, integrate, analyze and visualize N-body (and related) systems. In addition there are various tools to operate images, tables and orbits, including FITS files to import/export data to/from other data reduction packages. - Categories: software education

NOAO Educational Outreach
Links to educational programs and materials provided by the U.S.A. National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Tucson, AZ. - Categories: education

National Schools' Observatory
The National Schools' Observatory is a major web-based resource that allows UK schools to use world-class astronomical telescopes sited all around the world.

Using the resources and software developed by the Observatory, students can prepare and carry out their own astronomical research and share in the excitement of discovery. - Categories: education optical pictures telescope

National Solar Observatory (NSO, USA)
The mission of the National Solar Observatory is to advance knowledge of the Sun, both as an astronomical object and as the dominant external influence on Earth, by providing forefront observational opportunities to the research community. - Categories: telescope education infrared optical solar

National Undergraduate Research Observatory (NURO)
The National Undergraduate Research Observatory (NURO) at Lowell Observatory and Northern Arizona University is a 0.8m telescope located on Anderson Mesa south of Flagstaff, Arizona. NURO is a consortium of Universities and small colleges to provide a research grade telescope for undergraduate research and education. - Categories: telescope education optical pictures

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Cosmology is the study of the origin, current state, and future of our Universe. This field has been revolutionized by many discoveries made during the past century. This cosmology tutorial is an attempt to summarize these discoveries. It will be "under construction" for the foreseeable future as new discoveries are made. These pages are kept up-to-date as a resource for the cosmology courses at UCLA. - Categories: education

Neos, Phas, asteroids (Neos Animations)
Neos, Phas animations. - Categories: education

Nine Planets (a tour of the solar system)
A descriptive page about each major object in the solar system. - Categories: education pictures planetary

Nojum magazine (Iranian magazine of Astronomy)
Nojum is astronomy in Persian. This is a resource for Amateurs in Iran and middle East. [in English and Persian]. - Categories: education

North American Skies (Sky Happenings for the layman)
North American Skies is the online web version of a monthly astronomy newsletter started in the late 1980s for television weather reporters in Denver. It provides information on easy-to-observe objects and events visible throughout North America (and most of the world). Each month's issue contains a star chart, calendar, inforamtion on the planets, plus an article of topical or temporal interest. Material on North American Skies is available for reprint if proper credit, including URL, is given. - Categories: education misc

Northern Lights (Norway)
Nordlys : site on aurora borealis (polar lights). - Categories: misc education

Norwich Astronomical Society (NAS)
The Norwich Astronomical Society is based at the Seething Astronomical Observatory, Norwich, Norfolk, UK. The observatory houses a 30-inch Newtonian reflector which is the second largest amateur-built telescope in the UK. - Categories: society education

Notebook of a Comet Hunter (Tim Harincar)
Logs and notes of an amateur astronomer's search for undiscovered comets. - Categories: misc education planetary

Observación Solar (Solar Observation)
Website dedicated to solar observation with daily drawings, data and images in white light and h-alpha. Articles, graphs, manual of observation, etc. [Spanish and English]. - Categories: education solar

Observation of the Sun with a spectroheliograph
Description of an amateur realization: a spectroheliograph with linear CCD, by Phil Rousselle. Archives: full disk images of the Sun (H-alpha an ionized calcium lines), synoptic maps of sunspots and filaments, etc. [French and english pages]. - Categories: education pictures solar

Observatorio ARVAL (Venezuela)
ARVAL's site is dedicated to propagating astronomical information.
All of it is bilingual (Spanish - English), except for the 'Astronomía Caraqueña' section, which contains local astronomical information centered around Caracas, Venezuela. - Categories: education

Observatorio Astronomico da Serra da Piedade (OAP, Mainas Gerais, Brazil)
The Serra da Piedade observatory belongs to the Federal University of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. It is opened to the general public every first Saturday of each month for observations. Tutorials and workshops are also part of the program, presented by astronomers and undergraduate students of the university.
The observatory is equipped with one Zeiss 0.6 meter reflector and one Zeiss 15cm Coudè refractor. The observatory is located 50km east of Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil. - Categories: education telescope

Observing and Imaging the Sun
A website dedicated to observing and imaging the sun. Sections include solar images, equipment and resources. - Categories: education solar

Oklahoma City Astronomy Club (OKcAC)
The Oklahoma City Astronomy Club exists to provide an enjoyable opportunity to explore the science of astronomy. - Categories: society education

Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA)
Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA) is a framework for Celestial Mechanics investigations. With the xorsa application it is possible to create, simulate and analyze gravitationally interacting systems like the Solar System. All the operations are performed using a comfortable, coherent and well designed graphical user interface. - Categories: software education

Orbit! 3D On-Line Planetarium (Orbit!)
Orbit the earth in a realistic VRML environment with moon, sun, planets, galaxy, constellations, thousands of stars, satellite imagery, space flight, and solar eclipses. - Categories: education

Orbital Mechanics Educational Network (OMEN)
The Orbital Mechanics are a network group specialising in space and astronomy education for all age profiles. Operating from the UK the group runs a travelling Space Roadshow and other projects suitable for pre-teens and teenagers. Additionally, there is a "popular" programme of lectures suitable for the public of all ages. - Categories: education planetary

Orrery: The Solar System in Action (Orrery)
This site grew as a support resource for Spacetech's Orrery application for RISC OS workstations. It is now replete with educational resources for all platforms, and is kept up to date. The site contains the kind of information that teachers often want to have at their finger tips, because it was written by a teacher who looked for information, and failed to find it. - Categories: education software

Outer Space Online
This web site was created for Thinkquest 99, which is an international student website competition. The website provides primarily information about our solar system. - Categories: education

PDS Imaging Node (PDSIMG)
The Imaging Node of the Planetary Data System is the curator of NASA's primary digital image collections from past, present, and future planetary missions. The node provides to the NASA planetary science community the digital image archives, necessary ancillary datasets, software tools, and technical expertise necessary to fully utilize the vast collection of digital planetary imagery. - Categories: center education infosys infrared optical pictures planetary software space ultraviolet

PGJ - Astronomy, a passion to be shared
Calendar of events, news from the sky, solar system objects. [in French] - Categories: education

Palace of the Discovery (Palais de la Découverte) (Paris)
Science Museum on Astronomy and other fields. Planetarium. [in French] - Categories: education

Penn State Inservice Workshops in Astronomy (PSIWA)
The Penn State Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics offers inservice workshops for science teachers at the middle- and high-school levels. These are held during the summer and provide graduate credit. - Categories: education

Peoria Astronomical Society
Peoria astronomical Society is an Amateur Astronomy Society Dedicated: To promote the science of astronomy By fostering astronomical education; by providing incentives for astronomical observation and research; by assisting communication among amateur astronomers. - Categories: society education

Perkins Observatory
Public Observatory located in Deleware, Ohio, USA. Offers public programs almost every weekend. Owned and operated by the Ohio Wesleyan University. - Categories: telescope education
Includes discussion forums, 'Ask the Experts' system, and many educational and reference resources. - Categories: education

Physics 24/7 (Physics Help)
Access physics articles, sets of solved problems, interactive quizzes, homework help. - Categories: education

PhysicsWeb (The web site for physicists)
PhysicsWeb provides weekly news, patent news, webwatch, book reviews, jobs, events calendar, Physics World magazine and an extensive collection of physics related resources. - Categories: physics education misc

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)
The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute is a not-for-profit public foundation dedicated to providing research and educational access to radio and optical astronomy for a broad cross-section of users.
Pre-college through post-graduate students will have the opportunity to work and learn with full time and visiting astronomers. Additional access is provided on a remote basis through this Internet site to grades K-12. - Categories: education

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)
The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing research, study, and educational access to optical and radio astronomy for a broad cross section of users. Pre-college through post-graduate students will have the opportunity to work and learn with full time and visiting astronomers and astrophysicists while performing real research using a variety of advanced astronomical techniques. Additional access will be provided on a remote basis through the Internet to grades K-12 and the public.
Located in the Appalachian Mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway just west of Asheville, North Carolina, PARI will provide both the sky views appropriate to the science of astronomy, as well as a pleasant place to work and learn. - Categories: society education

Planet Sciences Association - Astronomy sector (ex-ANSTJ, France)
Public access to a 60 cm telescope. [in French] - Categories: education optical telescope

Views of the Solar System presents a vivid multimedia adventure unfolding the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more. Discover the latest scientific information, or study the history of space exploration, rocketry, early astronauts, space missions, spacecraft through a vast archive of photographs, scientific facts, text, graphics and videos. - Categories: education earth history other_astronomy pictures planetary solar space

Planetariums in French Language Association (APLF)
The Association des Planétariums de Langue Française aims at reinforcing the links between planetariums and professional astronomers. Includes a list of Planetariums. [in French] - Categories: education

Planetary Surfaces (PlaNet)
An online lab used in the lab section of the Astronomy 101 course at the University of British Columbia - Categories: education planetary

Polish Astronomy Portal (ASTRONOMIA.PL)
Polish educational portal for students and astronomy amateurs. News, articles, info about lectures, chat, catalog, galleries, calendar, etc. [Site in Polish language.] - Categories: education

Portable Planetariums Home
Our Portable Planetarium Models are more than a common Portable Planetarium, because they can show in 360 degrees images of other sciences as paleontology, geology, history, with our Projection Cylinders. It is a portable display system, affordable, versatile, educational environment. They are ideal for significant educational activities, that can be presented in any covered space larger than 6 m wide and 3 m high -20x10 ft. [also in Chinese, Russian and Spanish] - Categories: education

Porto Univ. - Astrophysics Centre (CAUP)
The Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto also holds a planetarium. [also in Portuguese] - Categories: dept education

Portuguese Portal of Astronomy
Portal do Astrónomo. [in Portuguese] - Categories: education

Practical Guide to Astronomy - Categories: education

Prairie Astronomy Club of Lincoln, Nebraska (PAC)
The Prairie Astronomy Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to education of the public about the science of astronomy, as well a furthering the science through the activities of the club members. - Categories: society education

Princeton University Astrophysics Graduate Program - Categories: dept education

Project ASTRO at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
This is a program to train professional or amateur astronomers to partner with 4th - 9th grade teachers, and work with one class or after-school group on an ongoing basis.
Two large notebooks of effective, hands-on activities have been developed (in English and Spanish). The program now operates in 13 regional sites around the U.S. - Categories: education

Puckett Observatory - Categories: education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 112 --- Radio Astronomy at University of Indianapolis (Educational radiotelescope)
The radio telescope at Radio Astronomy at the University of Indianapolis is a 5 meter educational radio telescope. It has operated for two years on C band at abour 4 GHZ. The data from the radio telescope goes on the WWW as the data is recorded. The web page contains information about radio astronomy, a page that graphs the users selected data files and many data files. Software to do data processing on the data files is available for download. There are sample graphs of observations. The site contains complete technical data about the radio telescope and instructions on building a simple radio telescope. - Categories: education dept radio

Radio astronomie d'amateur
Personal page about amateur radio-astronomy, mainly concerning the sun.Contains schematics tips on how to begin, photographs, records of solar activity. [in french and english]. - Categories: education

Radio-Sky Publishing
Radio-Sky Publishing endeavors to provide amateur radio-astronomers with the resources they need to begin investigations of the radio universe, in the form of books, software, and web based information. - Categories: education radio

INACTIVE LINK ? - 98 --- Reaching for the Red Planet (Curriculum)
A multi-purpose curriculum focusing on planning a Mars colony. The students will use drawings, creative writing, research skills, team work, math, and the scientific method to explore their own environment, and design an artificial one for Mars. Several assignments, a teacher's tour guide to the planets, and a guide to current and planned Mars missions are included, and experiments for the students to perform in class are explained in detail. Links to many other educational resources are also included. - Categories: education

Remscheid Astronomical Association & public Observatory (AVRS)
All about the Astronomischer Verein Remscheid e.V. - Sternwarte Remscheid. [in German] - Categories: society education

Research Resources for the Ambitious Undergraduate or Beginning Graduate Researcher in Astrophysics (Resources for Starting Research)
A succinct introduction to tools, techniques, strategies, and Web resources for beginning researchers. Contains: advice on choosing topics and advisors; good research habits; tools for literature research; software tools and programming languages; advice on writing up and presenting research; and advice for advancement in the research job market. - Categories: education

Rice Space Institute (RSI)
The mission of the Rice Space Institute is to"Make the Universe Smaller" by interdisciplinary research and education at all levels, charting the course for the next generation of peaceful uses of space. - Categories: dept education space

Ritter Experiment - Discovering Ultraviolet
This easy, low-cost experiment will allow students to discover ultraviolet for themselves. It is ideal for a the classroom and for science fairs. This is a version of the original experiment in which Johann Ritter discovered that there was a form of light beyond the visible violet end of the spectrum. - Categories: physics education history

River Valley Stargazer Online (A web based Astronomy magazine)
The River Valley Stargazer Online is devoted to the education of Astronomy and weather. - Categories: society education

Robinson Lunar Observatory
Information, pictures, observations of amateur observatory plus pages relating to the International Occultation & Timing Association (IOTA). - Categories: education other_astronomy

Role playing games for teaching undergraduate astronomy (roleplay)
This page describes the use of role-playing games to teach undergraduate astronomy and physics, and contains several ready-to-use examples, as well as papers describing the technique. - Categories: education

SETI Australia Centre (UWS)
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Australia Center supports SETI-related high school and university science education, SETI research and public outreach programs from the University of Western Sydney Macarthur. Its research project, Southern SERENDIP, is an eight million channel spectrum analyzer piggy-backing onto conventional radio astronomy observations for the next five years at the Parkes 64 metre radio telescope in NSW,Australia. - Categories: survey education radio

SETI Institute (SETI)
The SETI Institute (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) serves as an institutional home for scientific and educational projects relevant to the nature, distribution, and prevalence of life in the universe. The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe. The SETI Institute is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public outreach. Founded in 1984, the Institute today employs over 100 scientists, educators and support staff. Research at the Institute is anchored by two centers, each directed by a renowned scientist who holds an endowed chair. - Categories: society education radio survey

SIRENE Observatory & Association (SIRENE)
Public amateur observatory delivering facilities for star parties and private observations (groups or individuals); various telescopes available, among them a 24" reflector and a coronograph. A 48" reflector is due for 2004. Sited in the South of France, at 1200 meters heigh (400 feet), with dark skies guaranteed. [in French] - Categories: education

Salford Astronomy Society (SAS)
An amateur astronomy group which holds weekly lectures/meetings and is developing this resource with two primary aims of improving communications between amateur and professional astronomers and nurturing an interest in astronomy amongst the local community. - Categories: society education

Salopian Web (Astronomy Pages)
The Salopian Web is an astronomy resource catering for the complete beginner through to the expert. The astronomy section is updated on the first of each month and includes extensive features on constellations, brightest and nearest stars, advice on software and a handy astro dictionary. There are also detailed monthly sky maps for both hemispheres, a sky diary, guide to the current month's astronomical events, lunar phases, sunset/sunrise and moonset/moonrise times, and numerous links, including some for kids. There are also eclipse details, satellite data, ephemerides (Keplers) and a site search engine, shuttle missions and much more. - Categories: education other_astronomy

San Antonio Astronomical Association (SAAA)
Since its founding in 1974, the San Antonio Astronomical Association of San Antonio, Texas, has become one of the largest non-profit amateur astronomical organizations in the United States. Our 250+ members come from every walk of life, from elementary school students, to retirees, to teachers, to professional astronomers. For nearly a quarter century the SAAA has provided free educational programs for its members and the public. - Categories: society education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 338 --- San Francisco Amateur Astronomers (SFAA)
Founded in September 1952, the SFAA holds general meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at the Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco's Academy of Sciences building in Golden Gate Park. - Categories: society education

Science Fiction Stories Using Good Astronomy (Sci Fict List)
This annotated listing by Andrew Fraknoi, organized by astronomical subject, presents about 200 science fiction stories or novels that use good astronomy or physics. These can be useful tools for introductory courses or for personal enjoyment. - Categories: education

Science Master - Space and Astronomy Pages
ScienceMaster's Space and Astronomy Home Page is a portal for space science and education resources. - Categories: education

Science Oxygen - mining of science knowledge (Science Oxygen)
Information on astronomy, math, physics, chemistry, and biology for students to study science. - Categories: education

The Science Directorate at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center sponsors this web site. - Categories: education

Increase your science IQ with a cool science fact sent to your email each workday. From cloning to nanotechnology and from global warming to fundamental physical principles: interesting, relevant and comprehensive science facts for curious minds 5 to 105 years old. - Categories: education

Shaukat on Moon Sighting (Earliest Crescent Moon Sighting)
Earliest visibility of moon across the globe, calculated by the latest criterion developed by Shaukat - Categories: planetary education

Sidewalk Astronomers
A non-profit organization dedicated to public service in Astronomy. In order to help make it possible for the people who live on this planet to see and understand the Universe in which we live, we set up our telescopes in the shopping malls or on the sidewalks of the cities so that people may see the planets and moons of our own solar system. - Categories: education

Simple Radio Astronomy (Amateur Radio astronomy without a dish!)
If you're looking to get into radio astronomy and you've looked at other backyard radio astronomy sites on the Net, coming to the conclusion that all you need a "spare 3m satellite dish and $20,000 of surplus electronics", then this site is for you!

This site is all about astronomers working together to develop and perform radio astronomy. - Categories: society education

Skies Over the Western Pacific (University of Guam's Planetarium Home Page)
Skies Over the Western Pacific is the home page for the University of Guam's Planetarium. Star Gazers in Guam have the distinct advantage of being the only planetarium in a part of the world that has few parts to it, as well as a close proximity to the equator. Visit Skies Over the Western Pacific for a completely different perspective on the evening skies... - Categories: education

Sky & Telescope
Sky Online, a service of Sky & Telescope magazine, is designed for astronomy enthusiasts at all levels of interest. It features excerpts from Sky & Telescope and CCD Astronomy magazines, tips for backyard skygazers, reviews of telescopes and accessories, a weekly astronomical news bulletin, calendar of upcoming star parties and amateur conventions, downloadable BASIC programs, links to other sites, and more. - Categories: full_text education

Sky View Cafe (SVC)
Sky View Cafe is a Java applet you can use to get localized star charts, ecliptic charts, rise and set times of the Sun, Moon, and planets, Moon phases, and many other bits of astronomical data in a very interactive way. - Categories: software education planetary

The site, updated each Friday, tells what to expect in the sky for the coming week. It also features a "star of the week." - Categories: education

Skylink (
A site of French amateur astronomers. - Categories: other_astronomy education

Societe Royale Belge d'Astronomie, de Meteorologie et de Physique du Globe (SRBA)
The "Société Royale Belge d'Astronomie, de Météorologie et de Physique du Globe" was founded in Brussels in 1894. It is a non-profit organization for french speaking people interested in astronomy, meteorology, geophysics and space sciences. The Society publishes the bimonthly journal "Ciel et Terre", organizes conferences, seminars, course of lectures and visits to professional astronomical sites. One of its most famous president was the cosmologist Georges Lemaître. - Categories: society education space

Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is a major force causing the widespread adoption of significant improvements in the practice of software engineering. The institute is committed to the evolution of software engineering from an ad-hoc, labor-intensive activity to a managed, technology-supported engineering discipline. - Categories: comp_sci education software

Soissonnais Astronomical Association (Amateur AAS-France)
Association Astronomique du Soissonnais. [in French] - Categories: society education

Solar Flare Theory (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
The site provides an introduction to solar flares, solar flare research, and the Sun-Earth connection. A crossword puzzle, links to related sites, and answers to readers' questions are included. - Categories: education solar

Solar System Simulator (solaris)
Simple astronomical simulator and predictor of planet orbits that displays dynamic view of the Solar System as seen from the north ecliptic pole. This Solar System display software was implemented by F. Panicali in October and November of 2003. The algorithms to calculate planet orbits was implemented at the University of Rome by Marco Mammetti and Fausto Panicali. The algorithms to calculate the positions of the Moon are given in: Meeus, Jean. Astronomical Algorithms. - Categories: software education

Solar System in Pictures
Pictures of all the planets in the solar system. Picture quizzes about all the planets. - Categories: education pictures planetary space

Solar System, Lecture notes and class materials (Indiana University Northwest)
Lecture notes, homeworks, exams, and plenty of relevant links for introductory Astronomy course for non-science majors at Indiana University Northwest: The Solar System. Class taught in September 1996. - Categories: education

Solar Voyager
Solar Voyager is an educational site featuring information about our solar system, along with interesting space artwork. - Categories: education pictures planetary solar

Solex: Ephemerides by numerical integration (SOLEX)
High precision easy-to-use astronomy suite based on numerical integration. Runs on Windows 32 bit systems. Computes ephemerides and orbital elements of major and minor bodies, and can accurately predict close approaches, eclipses and occultations. Custom bodies can be easily added, and orbits can be calculated from observational data. Also an interactive planetarium, showing realistic sky views, static or dynamic, from and towards anywhere in the solar system and under various coordinate options. Databases include more than 50K asteroids and 1M stars. - Categories: software education

Sologne Open Sky (Nançay, France)
The Espace Ciel Ouvert en Sologne, which proposes various activites in the field of astronomy, including amateur observations and a planetarium, is located near the Nançay professional Radioastronomy station (France), which can also be visited. [in French] - Categories: education

Southern Cross Astronomical Society (SCAS)
The Southern Cross Astronomical Observatory, founded in 1922 in Miami, Florida, is one of the oldest amateur astronomical societies in the Western hemisphere. The renowned astronomer, Dr. Harlow Shapley, visited the first observatory at the Royal Palm Hotel & Park near the Miami River. He marveled at our view of the constellation Crux, "The Southern Cross," and suggested this name for the newly formed Observatory. - Categories: society education

INACTIVE LINK ? - 387 --- Southwest Missouri State University - Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials science (SMSU)
Southwest Missouri State University has an extensive Astronomy program, including studies using their Baker Observatory which is conveniently located outside of the city's lights. Studies started here can lead to a Ph.D. in Astronomy. - Categories: dept education

Space Infrared Telescope Facility: Education and Public Outreach (SIRTF - EPO) - Categories: education

Space Projects and Information (
The aim of the Space Project web site is to be a guide to aerospace. It caters for the general public, students, scientists and space kids. - Categories: education space

Space Time Travel (Visualization of the theory of relativity)
Online papers, images, movies and paper models: Visualization of the theory of relativity. By Ute Kraus and Corvin Zahn (Theoretische Astrophysik Tübingen). - Categories: physics education

SpaceWander Virtual Space Trip
Fly to Mars, Visit Jupiter and the Hubble deep space pictures...
SpaceWander is a multimedia tour of space. It's free and it's fun for all ages. Includes links for advanced users, telescopes, field guides, and information about real space travel. - Categories: education

Spitzer Space Telescope (ex-SIRTF)
The Spitzer Space Telescope, formerly known as Space InfraRed Telescope Facility (SIRTF) is the fourth and final element in NASA's family of "Great Observatories". It consists of a 0.85-meter telescope and three cryogenically-cooled science instruments capable of performing imaging and spectroscopy in the 3 - 180 micron wavelength range. Incorporating the latest in large-format infrared detector arrays, Spitzer offers orders-of-magnitude improvements in capability over existing programs. While Spitzer's mission lifetime requirement remains 2.5 years, recent programmatic and engineering developments have brought a 5-year cryogenic mission within reach. Spitzer represents an important scientific and technical bridge to NASA's new Origins program. - Categories: telescope center education infrared space

Stanford SOLAR Center
Providing Solar On-Line Activity Resources for the joy of solar science exploration.
This site presents a collection of fun educational activities based on Solar Oscillations Investigation (SOI) and Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) data. - Categories: education solar

A learning center for young astronomers (at NASA HEASARC). - Categories: education

A 3D software planetarium. 3D renderings of 2 million stars, galaxies, nebulae, the milky way and more. Includes several educative tutorials. - Categories: education software

Stardial:an autonomous astronomical camera on the World Wide Web (Stardial)
Stardial delivers images of the night sky nearly in real-time to the world wide web. It is used primarily for educational purposes. Its archive consists of images taken at 15 minute (sidereal) intervals since July 1996. The survey covers from 0 to -8 degrees declination to 12th magnitude. Highlights and possible classroom assignments are described. - Categories: education survey telescope

Starlab Planetarium
Free educational materials from NASA, JPL, and other resources. Starlab Planetarium. - Categories: education

Stars (Portraits of Stars and their Constellations)
"Stars" introduces a new star each week, describing it at a beginning level. The site gives constellation pictures showing the star and also features a general introduction to stars and their evolution. - Categories: other_astronomy education

Stereo Photographs of Telescopes and Observatories (Stereo Telescope Photos)
Aligned Color Stereo Photographs of several telescopes and observatories, including Apache Point, Owens Valley Radio Observatory, Mt Hopkins, Kitt Peak, Yerkes, and the huge array of detectors at the Pierre Auger Observatory. Placed for public use by the Cosmus Group. - Categories: pictures education telescope

Sternwarte Sursee
The Sursee Observatory (Switzerland) [in german]. - Categories: education

More than 300 links, fully annotated and arranged on subject. [Dutch language]. - Categories: other_astronomy education

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space was founded in 1980 at MIT and Princeton and consists of an international group of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds who are working to promote space as a whole. SEDS is a chapter based organization with chapters throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Latin America, and the Middle East. The permanent National Headquarters for SEDS-USA resides at MIT. Each chapter is fairly independent and coordinates activities and projects in its own area.
There is also a Gopher server which contains a Rennes archive mirror plus software. - Categories: society education

Sun, Moon & Earth Applet
This interactive Java applet displays the positions of sun and moon for any date, time and location on the horizon, and on a world map with day and night regions. The times of rise and setting, the declination, the Greenwich Hour Angle of sun and moon, the equation of time and more data are computed. - Categories: education misc other_astronomy software

Swinburne Astronomy Online
Starting in 1999, Swinburne Astronomy Online, an online Graduate Certificate in Astronomy will contain both general-interest and more specialist units. The course content will be rich in multimedia animations and simulations and incorporate newsgroup communications nd discussion of up-to-date astronomy and space news. - Categories: education

Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing
The Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing is hosted by the School of Biophysical Sciences and Electrical Engineering at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. - Categories: dept education

TS-24 Telescope Simulator (TS-24)
TS-24 is a realistic software simulation of a 24" research telescope, photometer and CCD camera for exploring a simulated night sky, including variables stars and asteroids. - Categories: education software

Tel-Aviv University Astronomy Club (TAU AstroClub)
Organize astronomy activities and lectures for the general public. Video lectures, sky maps, celestial events are available in the web site. [also in Hebrew] - Categories: society education

Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas (TAS)
With over 300 members, the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas is a group of individuals sharing and promoting their common interest in astronomy. T.A.S. is a member of the Astronomical League and is home to the nationally known " Constellation of the Month" series. - Categories: society education

The Astrophysics Spectator (TAS)
The Astrophysics Spectator is an online publication that presents to a general audience our current understanding of astrophysics and the current research efforts to broaden that understanding. The web site includes Java simulations of various astrophysical phenomena. The web site is updated weekly. - Categories: education

The Galactic Gazetteer
The Galactic Gazetteer contains a database of around 13,000 stars that are viewable using our unique Stellavision 3d Java applet. - Categories: education pictures

The Moons of the Solar System
Includes an Encyclopaedia, animations... [also in Polish] - Categories: education

The North Devon Astronomical Society (NDAS, UK) - Categories: society education

The Wilderness Center Astronomy Club (WCAC)
Astronomy club in Canton, Ohio area. New observatory with refurbished 16" Ealing Cassegrain telescope. Planetarium and Educational programs. - Categories: society education telescope

ThinkQuest (educational websites)
ThinkQuest is an international competition where student teams engage in collaborative, project-based learning to create educational websites. The winning entries form the ThinkQuest online library. - Categories: education

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association (TAAA)
The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association is a group of people that want to share their interest in the sky. General meetings are held monthly, and frequent observing sessions are scheduled at dark sites. Members vary in expertise from beginner to professional. - Categories: society education

Tufts University Astronomy Program
The Astronomy Program at Tufts University includes resources for both education and research in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and physics. Links include information on our undergraduate program in Astrophysics as well as Solar Physics research into coronal magetic fields and their relation to noise storms on the sun. - Categories: dept education

Tunguska Home Page at the University of Bologna (Italy) (Bologna)
The University of Bologna's official Tunguska Home page. It contains a collection of abstracts presented at the International Workshop Tunguska96 (Bologna, July 15-17, 1996), information about the group of the University of Bologna, data on "Tunguska-related" asteroids, links to Tunguska home pages in the world and related links. - Categories: misc earth education

Tutorials for Astronomy and Astrophysics - Categories: education

Tycho Brahe Observatory (TBO)
Tycho Brahe observatory is an amateur facility located outside Malmö, southern Sweden. It is a cooperation between two astronomical societies in the region; Malmö Astronomi- & RymdfartsSällskap (MARS) and Astronomiska Sällskapet Tycho Brahe (ASTB). The observatory is open to the public and offers shows for many different types of groups, in particular for schools.
Remote observations in real time with the robotic telescope/CCD system are also proposed. - Categories: education society

UK Schmidt Telescope - Wide Field Astronomy Unit (UKST)
The initial task of the UKST was to construct a photographic survey of the entire southern sky. The telescope still takes some 700 plates a year - about half for current surveys and the remainder taken at the request of research astronomers around the world. To date the UKST has taken over 17,000 plates, the plates are stored in the Plate Library at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (ROE) and represent a huge source of data for the astronomical community. Some 300 active research programmes make use of UKST plate material. Many plates are copied in the ROE Photolabs and sold as Sky Atlases or Teaching Packages. In addition to its photographic role the UKST also has a multi-object fibre spectroscopy system known as FLAIR. - Categories: telescope center education other_library survey

UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS)
UKSEDS is the UK's national student space society. Take a look at our web pages for more information on our activities and how to join. The web site also contains information resources related to space in the UK and around the world. - Categories: misc education society space

Univers Immedia
Introduction to the study of the Sun: Le Soleil, la Terre, une étoile, une planète, pour la vie Images, links, glossary. For laymen and beginning amateurs. - Categories: education solar

University of Arizona Alumni Association Astronomy Camp
Astronomy Camp is a unique involvement in science and engineering offered through the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory and the Arizona Alumni Association. Available to teenagers and adults, these camps emphasize `hands-on' experiences. No prior background in astronomy is necessary. In addition, Astronomy Camp hopes to begin a Family Camp designed for elementary students and a parent/guardian. The first of these camps is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend 1995 on Mt. Lemmon. - Categories: education

University of California, Irvine, Observatory (UCI Observatory)
The University of California, Irvine, Observatory is located on campus. It consists of a computer-controlled telescope with a 24-inch primary mirror and numerous other portable telescopes. The instruments on the primary telescope include CCD cameras and a spectrograph. The Observatory is used primarily for undergraduate astronomy classes. In addition, Visitor Nights open to the general public are held quarterly, and special tours for community groups can be arranged. - Categories: telescope education

University of California, Riverside - High Energy Astrophysics (UCR)
Information on current research in High Energy Astrophysics being conducted at the University of California, Riverside. - Categories: dept education high_energy

University of Florida Astronomy Dept. - Categories: dept education

University of Louisville - Moore Observatory
Moore Observatory is located in the Horner Wildlife Sanctuary near Louisville, KY. A computer-controlled 0.5 meter telescope, fiber optically coupled spectrograph, and wide field spectral imaging camera are used there to investigate physical processes in comets and low surface brightness emission nebulae. This resource describes the observatory and its environs, and provides a link to astrophysics research at the University of Louisville. - Categories: dept education physics telescope

University of Washington - Department of Astronomy
The Department participates in these major projects: Apache Point Observatory, Sloan Digital Sky Survey and NASA High Performance Computing and Communications. The HPCC Project offers the results of simulations including gas dynamics or just dark matter. Their software exchange contains N-body codes, tools for particle based codes, the Theoretical Image Processing System, TIPSY. - Categories: dept education software

Vaulx-en-Velin Planetarium
[in French] - Categories: education

Venus Transits (Transits of Venus in the past and the future)
About the transit of Venus on June 8, 2004 and the importance of venus transits in the history of astronomy to determine the solar parallax. - Categories: history education

Views Of The Solar System
Views Of The Solar System has been created as an educational tour of the solar system. It contains images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids found within the solar system. The image processing for many of the images was done by Calvin J. Hamilton. - Categories: education pictures solar

Views Of The Solar System
Views of the Solar System presents a multimedia adventure unfolding the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more. - Categories: education earth history other_astronomy pictures planetary solar space

Virtual trips to black holes and neutron stars
This page contains MPEG movies and GIFs highlighting the visual distortion effects an observer would see in the high gravity environment of a neutron star or black hole (Schwarzschild metric). It is based on a refereed paper by Robert J. Nemiroff that appeared in the American Journal of Physics and is intended for educational use. The hypertext reviews several relevant aspects of gravitational lensing. - Categories: education pictures

Warren Rupp Observatory (WRO: Home of Hidden Hollow Conventions)
Astronomical Research, Digital Imaging, Comet Search, planetary observation, Deep sky photography, Education.
31" F7 Telescope with computer drive in 35ft dome.
Free access to qualified students, university, professionals, amateurs and general public.
Open House once a month. All other visits by appointment only. - Categories: society education

Web Nebulae
The emphasis here is on aesthetics, not science. While there is a little information to help you appreciate the images this is not a tutorial on the astronomy of nebulae. The intent is primarily to showcase a part of Nature's beauty that is accessible to us only via the telescope. - Categories: pictures education

WebStars (Astrophysics in Cyberspace)
WebStars, now at NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center. - Categories: education astroweb infosys other_astronomy

Webb Society
The Webb Society has members in over 20 countries. It encourages the observation of deep-sky objects and double stars and has published a series of observing handbooks and observing guides by and for members.
The Quarterly Journal is called the Deep Sky Observer and has appeared regularly since 1968. Details of membership, can be found at the www site. - Categories: society education

Welcome to the Planets
This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program. - Categories: planetary education pictures

Wesleyan University - Astronomy Department (Van Vleck Observatory)
The Department of Astronomy at Wesleyan University offers both BA and MA degrees in astronomy. We include here information on coursework, current faculty research, recent faculty and student preprints and on-going observing programs at Van Vleck Observatory including an extensive Catalog of Photometry of T Tauri Stars. - Categories: dept education

Westchester Amateur Astronomers (WAA)
The astronomy club for Westchester County, NY (U.S.A.). Serving the needs of the astronomical community in Westchester County since 1983. - Categories: society education

Western Kentucky University - Physics and Astronomy Department
Home page for the astronomy group at Western Kentucky University and the Hardin Planetarium, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The department is a collaborator in CASS: NASA University Research Center for Automated Space Science, along with Tennessee State University and South Carolina State University. Further links are provided for the Kentucky NASA EPSCoR program and the Kentucky Space Grant Consortium. - Categories: dept education physics

What color are the stars?
Chromaticity and rgb pixel color are derived from spectra for various stellar types/classes. Providing physically motivated colors for astronomy presentations. - Categories: misc education

Wheaton College Astronomy Department (WCAD, USA) - Categories: education

Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP)
NASA has selected WMAP as one of the next MIDEX missions. It will map the microwave background fluctuations over the whole sky and provide insights into the formation of galaxies and the basic parameters of cosmology. - Categories: telescope education radio space

Windows to the Universe
Windows to the Universe is a user-friendly learning system on the Earth and Space sciences for the use of the general public. The objective of this project, funded by NASA, is to develop an innovative and engaging Web-site that spans the Earth and Space sciences. Our goal is to build a site that includes a rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets, that explore the Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration, and the human experience.
There is a NASA mirror site. - Categories: education

Wykeham Primary School - Astronomy
Solar system work at Wykeham Primary School, Hornchurch, Essex UK. Our class display is supplemented by two downloadable video simulations of the August 1999 total solar eclipse. - Categories: education

Yerkes Observatory (University of Chicago)
Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay Wisconsin hosts the 40" refractor, a 41" reflector, a 24" Boller & Chivens reflector, a 10" educational telescope, and support facilities. The 41" telescope is used for research including adaptive optics studies. - Categories: dept education library optical telescope

Yohkoh Public Outreach Project (YPOP)
The Yohkoh Movie Theater (YPOP) is designed to bring you images and movies depicting our nearest star, the Sun, as seen by an X-ray telescope on board the Yohkoh satellite. The YPOP site includes a range of activities for youngsters, parents, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about the Sun. - Categories: education solar

astro!nfo (Information Service)
astro!nfo is an Information Service made by amateur astronomers from Switzerland [in English and German]. - Categories: education

Light pollution education. - Categories: education

sci-spy (Exploring the world of science)
Sci-Spy is a science initiative aimed at primary school children in 5th and 6th class. It comprises 29 short TV programmes (each 6 minutes in length) and an interactive website with factsheets, interactive games, quizzes and experiment sheets on a huge range of science topics. Most importantly, Sci-Spy shows that science is all around us in our everyday lives!

The content for Sci-Spy has been created in consultation with Irish teachers. Sci-Spy will support teachers and students in the adoption and delivery of the new primary science curriculum recently introduced in Ireland. - Categories: education

sci.astro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
sci.astro is a newsgroup devoted to the discussion of the science of astronomy. As such its content ranges from the Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe. However, certain questions tend to appear fairly regularly. This document attempts to summarize answers to these questions. - Categories: newsgroup education

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