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AGB newsletter - Categories: abstracts full_text

INACTIVE LINK ? - 332 --- APS - What's New?
Physics newsflashes by Bob Park, American Physical Society. If you wish to subscribe to What's New by e-mail, send a message to and in the body of the message say `sub whatsnew'. - Categories: physics full_text

ASP Conference Series
Lists the current volumes available in the Conference Series of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. - Categories: full_text meetings

ASTRONOMY magazine is produced by the publishers of the world's best selling English magazine of the same name. Like its sister publication, Astronomy magazine, offers visitors a wide variety of information for both hobbyist and armchair astronomers alike. - Categories: full_text education

Acta Astronomica
Acta Astronomica is an International Quarterly Journal published by Copernicus Foundation for Polish Astronomy. Acta Astronomica is keeping a small archive where authors publishing papers in the journal can make their data available for the astronomical community. - Categories: full_text

INACTIVE LINK ? - 229 --- Active Galaxies Newsletter (Jodrell Bank Obs. - Manchester Univ.)
Monthly newsletter of abstracts on all aspects of active galaxies. - Categories: full_text abstracts

Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics - Categories: full_text

Astronomer's TELegram (ATEL)
Telegram service for the reporting and commenting on new astronomical observations. - Categories: full_text infosys

INACTIVE LINK ? - 190 --- Astronomical Books Online
This site contents a list of links to on-line books in various formats, concerning astronomy, archeoastronomy, space explorations and skylore. - Categories: other_library full_text

Astronomical Journal (AJ)
The Astronomical Journal (ISSN 0004-6256) is published monthly, for the American Astronomical Society (AAS) by the University of Chicago Press which provides also The Astronomical Journal Electronic Edition. - Categories: full_text

Astronomische Nachrichten / Astronomical Notices (News in Astronomy and Astrophysics)
AN is the oldest astronomical journal of the world that is still being published. In its renewed appearance it is intended to serve as a supplement in all fields of astrophysical research including instrumentation, numerical methods, solar and stellar astrophysics, extragalactic and cosmological research. It can be used also for refereed workshop proceedings. - Categories: full_text library

Astronomy & Geophysics (Royal Astronomical Society)
Astronomy & Geophysics is a journal for the publication of serious scientific papers on a range of subjects within the remit of the Royal Astronomical Society: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, planetary science, solar-terrestrial physics, global and regional geophysics and the history of these topics. Astronomy & Geophysics also focuses on topical items, reports of meetings, science in the news and acts as a forum for discussion of all matters of interest to professional astronomers and geophysicists. Astronomy & Geophysics is the House Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society and as such records the business of the Society and informs Fellows of Council matters. - Categories: full_text earth

Astronomy Now
Britain's leading astronomy magazine. - Categories: education full_text

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A European Journal is a Merging of A&A Main Journal (Springer Verlag, 1969-2000) and A&A Supplement Series (EDP Sciences, 1980-2000). Papers on all aspects of astronomy and astrophysics: theoretical, observational and instrumental, independently of the techniques used to obtain the results: numerical analysis, optical, radio, particles, space instruments, etc.
Astronomy and Astrophysics is edited by an international staff of scientists. - Categories: full_text

Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts (AAA)
The bibliography 'Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts' (AAA) aims to present a comprehensive documentation of the literature concerning all aspects of astronomy, astrophysics, and their neighbouring fields. It is devoted to the recording, summarizing, and indexing of the relevant publications throughout the world.
AAA are published since 1969. The older literature (from 1899 to 1968) is recorded in the forerunner of AAA, the bibliography 'Astronomischer Jahresbericht'.
AAA are a printed publication of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg, produced in cooperation with the Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe FIZ (since 1988) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers IEE (since 1995). AAA are prepared under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union.
An on-line version of AAA in the 'reference format', i.e. without the summaries of the papers, is available in the data base ARIBIB of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut. - Categories: full_text abstracts bibliography

Astronomy and Astrophysics Library (AAL)
The "Astronomy and Astrophysics Library" (AAL) is devoted to monographs on subjects encompassing all aspects of modern astronomy and astrophysics. The spectrum covers everything from experimental and observational techniques to the most elaborate theoretical models, be it for extraterrestrial physics or related to the origin of the universe. - Categories: full_text other_library

Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series (A&AS)
A&AS is a European peer-reviewed journal publishing data papers, either observational or theoretical, as well as extensive data material forming the basis of papers with astrophysical results published in the Main Journal. - Categories: full_text abstracts

Astronomy! A Brief Edition
The site supplements the textbook "Astronomy! A Brief Edition," and gives links relevant to each chapter in the book as well as updates on new developments and discoveries in astronomy. - Categories: education full_text

Astrophysical Journal (ApJ)
The Astrophysical Journal (ISSN 0004-637X) is published three times a month (in two parts) for the American Astronomical Society by The University of Chicago Press, 5801 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637. Volumes consist of two issues each. An author and subject index covering three volumes appears in Part 1 every second month. An annual index is published after the last volume of the year and is sent to each subscriber. The articles in this journal are indexed in the Science Citation Index, Philadelphia, PA. - Categories: full_text

Astrophysical Journal (ApJ) - Categories: full_text

Astrophysical Journal Supplement (ApJS)
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series (ISSN 0067-0049) is published monthly for the American Astronomical Society by The University of Chicago Press, 5801 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637. Six volumes of two issues each are published each year. An author and subject index appears in the second issue of each volume. - Categories: full_text

Astrophysics Data System ASIAS Article Service (ADS Article)
This service provides access to scanned images of journal articles since 1975. So far, we have created images of ApJ Letter journal articles and linked them into the Abstract Service. We will add ApJ articles next, followed by other journals for which we can obtain publisher permission. - Categories: bibliography full_text

Astrophysics and Space Science (A&SS)
An International Journal of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science (published by Kluwer). - Categories: full_text

Australian Journal of Physics - electronic archive (AJP)
The Australian Journal of Physics published new and significant research in all fields of physics, ranging from elementary particles to astrophysics. It ceased publication after April 2001 and is no longer receiving papers. - Categories: full_text

Baltic Astronomy
An international journal published by the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy (Vilnius, Lithuania) for astronomical institutions of the Baltic states.
BALTIC ASTRONOMY is published quarterly (4 issues per year). The journal publishes papers, catalogs, reviews and conference proceedings on all branches of astronomy. - Categories: full_text

Be Star Newsletter
The Be Star Newsletter is a non-refereed electronic and paper journal that is published approximately twice per year. The Be Star Newsletter is open to all contributions (observations, theory, or other news) concerning early-type stars and especially hot, near main-sequence stars. The goal of the Newsletter is to foster communication between researchers interested in this field of stellar astronomy. - Categories: full_text

CDS Information Bulletin - Categories: full_text

CFHT Bulletins - Categories: full_text

Cambridge University Press - Categories: full_text

Ciel et Espace (magazine)
Entertainment astronomy. [in French] - Categories: full_text education

Classical and Quantum Gravity
A journal of the Institute of Physics (IoP) for physicists, mathematicians and cosmologists working in the fields of gravitation and the theory of spacetime. - Categories: full_text

Coelum, Mensile di Astronomia Scienza e Telescopi
European astronomical monthly magazine [in Italian]. - Categories: full_text education pictures

Comets and Meteor Showers
This site gives the complete text to the 1988 book Meteor Showers: A Descriptive Catalog, as well as recent meteor shower observations. The site also posts a wealth of comet information from news of recent discoveries, finder charts, and ephemerides, to extensive historical information on individual comets.
There is a European mirror site. - Categories: misc education full_text planetary

Computers in Physics
The Journal Section of Computers in Physics publishes papers on computer techniques and applications in the physical sciences. - Categories: full_text

Design Engineering Technology Digest
The monthly magazine features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems. Authored by the engineers or scientists who did the work, the briefs span a wide array of fields, including electronics, physical sciences, materials, computer software, mechanics, machinery/automation, manufacturing/fabrication, mathematics/information sciences, and life sciences.
Most briefs offer a Technical Support Package, which explains the technology in greater detail and provides contact points for questions or licensing discussions.
NASA Tech Briefs also contains feature articles on successful NASA spinoffs, profiles of NASA tech transfer resources, news briefs, and application stories. Regular columns describe new patents, industry products, software, and literature. - Categories: full_text comp_sci

ESO Publications
Includes access to ESO Messenger, ESO Scientific and Technical Reports, Star Formation Newsletter, ESO Reports, ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings. - Categories: full_text

ESO-MIDAS Courier (Newsletter for ESO-MIDAS User)
The ESO-MIDAS Courier is published twice per year by the MIDAS group of the European Southern Observatory. - Categories: full_text software

Eclipse magazine
French amateur's magazine [in French]. - Categories: education full_text

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (EAA)
The Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Institute of Physics Publishing) is now available online. This indispensable reference includes 2,750 articles written by world renowned astronomers and astrophysicists. This web-based product features links to the primary literature, sophisticated search facilities, news stories, monthly updates and much more. - Categories: full_text

Europhysics News (European Physical Society) - Categories: full_text

ExoScience NEWS (exoScience Space News)
exoScience provides daily astronomy news in addition to more comprehensive features on major astronomy events. - Categories: full_text education newsgroup

Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FOGE)
The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is incorporated in the state of Maryland as a 501(c)3 non profit organization. The organization seeks to inspire and educate kids in space related science and engineering. The FOGE established a pilot program in conjunction with Rock Creek International School in Washington, DC, and Prince William County school district in Virginia. Our first training program for parent volunteers was supported by the NASA Globe program and was held in July 2002. - Categories: education full_text mailing_list space

Five College Astronomy Dept. - Full texts of Ph.D. Theses (Full text Ph. D. Theses)
The Five College Astronomy Dept. has begun placing the full text of Ph.D. theses from the department on a departmental WWW server. They will become available shortly after the final acceptance of the thesis. Besides the HTML version, Postscript files will be available on a chapter by chapter basis. - Categories: full_text

GCNEWS - A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
GCNews is subscribed to by more than 300 astronomers and contains abstracts of recently submitted papers as well as a few original articles which revolve around the Galactic Center (GC).
GCNEWS features articles on the GC which are of general interest, information about upcoming conferences and other news related to the GC. The Newsletter appears quarterly in printable form and as Web-pages - a Newsflash is distributed by email whenever new abstracts are received. - Categories: full_text abstracts preprint

Hot Star Newsletter
The Hot Star Newsletter is a monthly electronic publication on hot luminous stars (Wolf-Rayet stars, LBV, Of and O stars) and related phenomena in galaxies. On-line resources include abstracts with hyperlinks to full text of preprints, a Wolf-Rayet catalogue and a Wolf-Rayet bibliography. - Categories: full_text abstracts

Hypermedia Issues And Applications
State of the Art Review on Hypermedia Issues And Applications, by V. Balasubramanian, Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey ( Chapter 1: Hypertext - An Introduction, Chapter 2: Implementation Issues, Chapter 3: Database Issues, Chapter 4: User Interface Issues, Chapter 5: Information Retrieval Issues, Chapter 6: Integration Issues, Chapter 7: Applications, Chapter 8: A Systematic Approach To User Interface Design For A Hypertext Framework. Postscript version available (tar'ed and compressed) - Categories: comp_sci bibliography full_text protocols

IAU publications (International Astronomical Union) - Categories: full_text bibliography

IRAM Newsletter
The IRAM Newsletter, edited every odd month, carries information on the status and results of the IRAM telescopes: the 30m telescope at Pico Veleta (Spain) and the Interferometer on Plateau de Bure (France) IRAM ( is an international institute for research in millimeter astronomy, cofunded by the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France), the MPG (Max Planck Gesellschaft, Germany), and the IGN (Instituto Geografico Nacional, Spain). - Categories: full_text radio

Icarus (International Journal of Solar System Studies)
ICARUS is the official publication of Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society and is dedicated to reporting the results of new research-- observational, experimental, or theoretical-- concerning the astronomy, geology, meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology, and other scientific aspects of our solar system or extrasolar systems. It is published monthly by Academic Press, Inc.
Icarus is now available through IDEAL, Academic Press' online scientific journal library. This server also contains information for authors planning to submit papers to Icarus and subscription information. - Categories: full_text planetary

Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS)
The Information Bulletin on Variable Stars is a bulletin of the Commissions 27 and 42 of the International Astronomical Union, published by Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary. - Categories: full_text optical other_astronomy

Journal of Astronomical Data
The Journal of Astronomical Data accepts raw and reduced data from observations as well as from theoretical research, reduction software, complete descriptions of new instruments, PhD theses with extensive data tables, catalogues, graphs, computer code, and also lengthy articles, or regular articles accompanied by the data on which it is based.
Contributions describe in short the astrophysical background and motive for the scientific work done, a complete description of the data-collecting process, an assessment of the accuracy of the data, next to the data themselves.
All data are published on CD-ROM. - Categories: full_text center

Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences (JASS, Korea)
Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences (ISSN 1225-052X) published by the Korea Space Science Society, Seoul, Korea. [in Korean] - Categories: full_text

Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP)
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP) is an authoritative, peer-reviewed international journal created by the International School for Advanced Studies and Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP). JCAP's philosophy mirrors that of its successful sister journal, Journal of High Energy Physics. JCAP encompasses theoretical, observational and experimental areas as well as computation and simulation. The Journal covers the latest developments in the theory of all fundamental interactions and their cosmological implications (e.g. M-theory and cosmology, brane cosmology). JCAP's coverage also includes topics such as formation, dynamics and clustering of galaxies, pre-galactic star formation, X-ray astronomy, radio astronomy, gravitational lensing, active galactic nuclei, intergalactic and interstellar matter. - Categories: full_text

Journal of Optics A : Pure and Applied Optics
The journal covers all aspects of modern and classical optics: experimental and theoretical studies, applications and instrumentation. The journal is the result of the merger in 1999 of Journal of Optics (formerly Nouvelle Revue d'Optique) and Pure and Applied Optics. - Categories: full_text

Journal of the British Astronomical Association (Journal of the UK's premier amateur astronomy organisation) - Categories: education bibliography full_text

Journal of the Optical Society of America A - Categories: full_text

Journal of the Optical Society of America B
The Journal of the Optical Society of America B (JOSA B) emphasizes quantum optics, lasers, and nonlinear optics. JOSA B is a general research journal and complements JOSA A. It features current research on lasers, fiber optics, nonlinear optics, optical coherent transients, multiphoton processes, effects of laser radiation, spectroscopy, and advances in nonlinear optical materials, science, and technology, among other topics. - Categories: full_text

LISA conferences (LISA)
Links to past and future LISA (Library and Information Services in Astronomy) conferences and electronic proceedings. - Categories: library full_text meetings

La Recherche
La Recherche is a major international journal of scientific and technical information in French. - Categories: full_text

Le Stelle
Le Stelle is an Italian magazine of astronomical culture directed by Margherita Hack e Corrado Lamberti. [in Italian] - Categories: full_text

Magellanic Clouds Newsletter (European mirror)
The Magellanic Clouds Newsletter is an electronic publication for information exchange on Magellanic Clouds research. It is distributed bimonthly and provides abstracts of submitted papers on the Magellanic Clouds, dissertation abstracts, meeting information and job announcements. - Categories: newsgroup abstracts full_text jobs meetings

Magellanic Clouds Newsletter (MCnews)
An bi-monthly electronic publication on Magellanic Clouds related research. The online content of the www page includes downloadable recent and back issues, news, and hyperlinks to other Magellanic Clouds related sites. - Categories: abstracts full_text newsgroup

Mercury Magazine
Magazine of the members of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. - Categories: full_text

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)
The Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society is published for the Society by Blackwell Science Limited. The Journal publishes the results of original research in the positional and dynamical astronomy, astrophysics, radio astronomy, cosmology, space research and the design of astronomical instruments. - Categories: full_text

NASA ADC Electronic News - Categories: full_text

NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)
Single interface to databases maintained at: Ames Research Center, Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Division (NAS); Dryden Flight Research Center; ICASE, Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering; Langley Research Center; RECON database - abstracts only (NASA STI); SCAN -Selected Current Aerospace Notices - abstracts only (NASA STI); STELAR Project - abstracts only (Goddard Space Flight Center) - Categories: abstracts full_text

NOAO Newsletters
The NOAO Newsletter is published quarterly. Issues starting with June 1992 are available on-line but only those Newsletters dated June 1996 and later are full-up HTML files. Each issue is seachable, plus a variety of search options are available from this page. - Categories: full_text

International weekly journal of science - Categories: full_text

Net Advance Physics (NetAdvPhys)
Online encyclopaedia of physics/astrophysics; includes most review papers in the Los Alamos preprint base catalogued by subject. Will someday hopefully be a complete subject-index to online physics and astrophysics literature. - Categories: bibliography abstracts full_text library preprint

New Astronomy (Elsevier)
New Astronomy is fully electronic, available on the World Wide Web. A traditional paper edition is also published. The electronic version is linked to major scientific data centers, such as CDS, ADS, and NED.
New Astronomy aims to publish only the best articles in this field, without page charges, and with a very short publication time. Each field is represented by a specialist Editor who is directly responsible for the review process. - Categories: full_text

New Astronomy Reviews (Former title: Vistas in Astronomy)
New Astronomy Reviews publishes review articles in all fields of astronomy and astrophysics: theoretical, observational and instrumental. This international review journal is written for a broad audience of professional astronomers and astrophysicists.
The journal covers solar physics, planetary systems, stellar, galactic and extra-galactic astronomy and astrophysics, as well as cosmology. New Astronomy Reviews reviews research in all wavelength bands, ranging from radio to gamma-ray, as well as computational and laboratory astrophysics. - Categories: full_text

New Scientist
Planet Science - Categories: full_text

Observatory Magazine
Founded at the world-famous Royal Observatory at Greenwich in 1877 by William Christie, then Chief Assistant and later to become Astronomer Royal, The Observatory Magazine has a special place in the affections of astronomers, both professional and amateur. It not only carries scientific notes and papers, but reports the meetings of the prestigious Royal Astronomical Society and has an active correspondence section; it is also renowned for its authoritative book reviews covering virtually every significant work published in astronomy. - Categories: full_text

Optical Long Baseline Interferometry News (OLBIN)
A forum for scientists, engineers, and students who share an interest in long baseline stellar interferometry. Here you will find links to projects devoted to stellar interferometry, new items, and resources for further research. - Categories: newsgroup full_text

Optics Express
International electronic journal of optics, launched in July 1997. Reports new developments in optical science and technology on a biweekly basis. Published by Optical Society of America (OSA). - Categories: full_text

Physical Review Letters
Published by the American Physical Society. (APS). - Categories: full_text

Physics Today
Physics Today, the "trade journal" for physicists, is sent to all members of the societies that make up the AIP (American Institute of Physics). - Categories: full_text

Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
The Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA) is a refereed international journal for new and significant research in all areas of astronomy and astrophysics, including instrumentation and software development. - Categories: full_text

Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan - Electronic Version - (PASJ)
PASJ publishes research papers on all aspects of astronomy, astrophysics, and fields closely related to them. From its foundation in 1949 till 1985, PASJ was published quarterly. From 1986, PASJ has been published bimonthly. - Categories: full_text

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Electronic Edition (PASP)
Published by the University of Chicago Press for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. - Categories: full_text

INACTIVE LINK ? - 567 --- Publications of the Astronomical Society ofthe Pacific (PASP)
PASP is the technical journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific produced monthly by The University of Chicago Press. - Categories: full_text abstracts

The SPACEWARN Bulletin is intended to serve as an international communication mechanism for the rapid distribution of information on satellites and space probes. - Categories: full_text space

ST-ECF Newsletter
The ST-ECF Newsletter is a regular publication of the Space Telescope - European Coordinating Facility. - Categories: full_text

STScI Newsletter - Categories: full_text

Science (magazine)
Science, the global weekly of research, is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. - Categories: full_text

Scientific American - Categories: full_text

Sky & Telescope
Sky Online, a service of Sky & Telescope magazine, is designed for astronomy enthusiasts at all levels of interest. It features excerpts from Sky & Telescope and CCD Astronomy magazines, tips for backyard skygazers, reviews of telescopes and accessories, a weekly astronomical news bulletin, calendar of upcoming star parties and amateur conventions, downloadable BASIC programs, links to other sites, and more. - Categories: full_text education

Solar Physics
Solar Physics was founded in 1967 and is the principal journal for the publication of the results of fundamental research on the Sun. The journal treats all aspects of solar physics, ranging from the internal structure of the Sun and its evolution to the outer corona and solar wind in interplanetary space. Papers on solar-terrestrial physics and on stellar research are also published when their results have a direct bearing on our understanding of the Sun.,0,4-0-70-35690599-0,0.html - Categories: full_text solar

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report has an overview of current solar activity as well as this activity's effect on Earth's geomagnetic field. The report is primarily aimed at radio listeners. Solar cycle and solar wind information is part of the report. - Categories: misc full_text radio solar

Standard Star Newsletter
The Standard Star Newsletter is the publication of the Standard Stars Working Group sponsored by Commissions 25, 29, 30, and 45 of the International Astronomical Union. Its purpose is to keep astronomers in touch with all aspects of stellar standards: those in photometry, spectroscopy, polarization, element abundances, stellar parameters, and radial velocities. - Categories: full_text

INACTIVE LINK ? - 80 --- Star Formation Newsletter
The Star Formation Newsletter (SFN) is an electronic publication dedicated to early stellar evolution and molecular clouds. It is edited by Bo Reipurth. - Categories: full_text

The Astronomer online (TA)
TA produces a magazine for the advanced amateur and its aim is to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made.
The magazine has been published monthly since 1964 and subscribers are found all over the world. It also provides a very comprehensive electronic circulars service to keep our members up to date. - Categories: society full_text

The Scientist
Newspaper for the Life Sciences Professional. - Categories: full_text

Twin Press Astronomy Publishers
Twin Press publishes information for students of astronomy and for the professional astronomer at as low a cost as possible. - Categories: full_text software

WEGA - Interessantes aus Astronomie und Raumfahrt (Astronomical Online Journal - in German)
The server hosts the homepage of the online journal WEGA - Interessantes aus Astronomie und Raumfahrt. The main content are news and articles of astronomical themes for the general public. [in German]. - Categories: full_text newsgroup

Working Group for the History of Astronomy: Electronic newsletters (EMA/ENHA)
The newsletters contain announcements of conferences, exhibitions, new books, and other related material. They are available in the German original as well as in English translation. - Categories: full_text history

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