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This is a mailing list for those interested in becoming an astronaut. The list is restricted to discussions of issues related to becoming an astronaut. - Categories: mailing_list

CCD-world (Charge-Coupled Device)
A mailing list for the discussion of issues relating to the use of CCD and SWIR systems in professional astronomy. The list address is - Categories: mailing_list infrared optical

Canadian Space Geodesy Forum (CANSPACE)
The Canadian Space Geodesy Forum (CANSPACE) is a computer-communications-based information dissemination and discussion group that was established several years ago as an aid to improving communication among scientists and engineers working with the techniques of space geodesy. Among topics discussed are the Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS), Glonass, Transit, very long baseline interferometry, satellite laser ranging, satellite altimetry, etc. Daily postings of information bulletins include GPS satellite constellation status reports (Department of Defense Notice Advisories to Navstar Users) and reports of solar and geomagnetic field activity. Information concerning satellite launches and orbital elements is posted regularly. Although initially intended to link Canadian geodesists and geophysicists together, CANSPACE now has a wide international subscriber list and is open to all. Questions are particularly encouraged. - Categories: mailing_list

Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FOGE)
The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is incorporated in the state of Maryland as a 501(c)3 non profit organization. The organization seeks to inspire and educate kids in space related science and engineering. The FOGE established a pilot program in conjunction with Rock Creek International School in Washington, DC, and Prince William County school district in Virginia. Our first training program for parent volunteers was supported by the NASA Globe program and was held in July 2002. - Categories: education full_text mailing_list space

History of Astronomy Discussion Group - Categories: mailing_list

InfoVista (LickVista)
Discussion of the use and development of the Vista astronomical data reduction package which originated at Lick Observatory. - Categories: mailing_list

MeteorObs (Global Forum for Meteor Observing and Meteor Science)
A Web site and email forum with nearly 600 professional and amateur subscribers world-wide, dedicated to all aspects of meteor observing and meteor astronomy. - Categories: mailing_list earth space

NetAstroCatalog - a mailing list for "deep sky" observers of all levels (IAAC)
The Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog (IAAC or 'netastrocatalog' for short) is a forum for amateur astronomers at all levels to share their observations of Deep-Sky objects. - Categories: mailing_list misc space

SolarMail is an e-mail forwarding system provided as a service to all members of the Solar Physics research community. It allows users to be reached via e-mail anywhere through their username (usually first initial plus last name) on the server. - Categories: mailing_list solar

Space News Archive (SPACENEWS)
Announcements of space-related news items. Moderated. - Categories: mailing_list

Space Policy Archive (SPACEPOL)
Space Policy digest ( newsgroup) Discussions about political, economic, and policy aspects of spaceflight. - Categories: mailing_list

Space Science Archive (SPACESCI)
Space Science digest ( newsgroup) Planetary science, space-based astronomy, and other space science. Moderated. - Categories: mailing_list

Space Shuttle Archive (SPACE-SH)
Space Shuttle digest ( newsgroup) The space shuttle and the STS program. - Categories: mailing_list

Space Tech Archive (SPACE)
Space Tech digest ( newsgroup) Technology and general issues related to space flight. (Moderated) **note** This digest is completely different from the space-tech-digest run by Marc Ringuette. - Categories: mailing_list

Variable Star Network (VSNET)
Variable Star Network: International professional and amateur collaborative research on general variable stars, transient astronomical phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and cataclysmic variables (CVs). vsnet-alert mailing list provides world most effective variable star-related alerts. Database and light curves based on VSNET, VSOLJ, and AFOEV observations are available on the webpage. - Categories: astroweb mailing_list

Virtual Observatory Forum
Discussion forum for the "Virtual Observatory". - Categories: infosys mailing_list

dishfits (single-dish FITS discussions)
This Email exploder is for discussions of the use of FITS for single-dish radio astronomy. The traffic is archived at - Categories: mailing_list

fitsbits (exploder gated to news:sci.astro.fits)
The unmoderated USENET newsgroup sci.astro.fits provides a forum for the discussion of all topics concerning the FITS [Flexible Image Transport System] data format, the standard data interchange and archival format of the worldwide astronomy community. The newsgroup is interfaced to the Email exploder so that traffic originating on either the newsgroup on the exploder is automatically transmitted to the other. - Categories: mailing_list

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