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Astronomy directory [in Spanish]. - Categories: other_astronomy newsgroup
The latest news from space, articles about the Solar System, stars and galaxies, exoplanets, astronautics... Site belge francophone [in French]. - Categories: newsgroup misc

Astronomie: Reis door het heelal (news, planets, universe)
Maandelijks astro-nieuws, inclusief een educatieve reis door het heelal. Maandelijkse afdrukbare sterrenkaart en bespreking sterrenbeeld. [in Dutch] - Categories: newsgroup

Astronomy & Physics Internet Society (APIS)
APiS (Astronomy & Physics Internet Society) is a new type of society/club that, we hope Richard Feynman would have been happy with. This is an open society with the goal of bringing together scientists (amateur/professional/enthusiast) and students interested in astronomy & physics. - Categories: society newsgroup

Astronomy Chat Room Listings - Categories: newsgroup

Astronomy French Portal (Astronomie et Sciences de l'Espace)
Astronomy French portal : News, Articles, Gallery, Downloads, Forums. [in French]. - Categories: newsgroup

Spanish news about astronomy, astronautics and space sciences [in Spanish]. - Categories: newsgroup
A resource for science information, studies, research and discoveries. - Categories: misc newsgroup

INACTIVE LINK ? - 55 --- CFD codes list - Categories: software newsgroup

ExoScience NEWS (exoScience Space News)
exoScience provides daily astronomy news in addition to more comprehensive features on major astronomy events. - Categories: full_text education newsgroup

INACTIVE LINK ? - 482 --- JWST ListServs (ex-NGST ListServs)
This URL takes you to a WWW page where you can subscribe to a number of listservs devoted to the Next Generation Space Telescope project. You may subscribe to any of them. Posting is restricted. Right now, these are used as ways to inform the community about progress in the project. The web site contains links for feedback to the project team members. - Categories: newsgroup infrared space telescope

Portal for amateur astronomy software [in French]. - Categories: newsgroup

Magellanic Clouds Newsletter (European mirror)
The Magellanic Clouds Newsletter is an electronic publication for information exchange on Magellanic Clouds research. It is distributed bimonthly and provides abstracts of submitted papers on the Magellanic Clouds, dissertation abstracts, meeting information and job announcements. - Categories: newsgroup abstracts full_text jobs meetings

Magellanic Clouds Newsletter (MCnews)
An bi-monthly electronic publication on Magellanic Clouds related research. The online content of the www page includes downloadable recent and back issues, news, and hyperlinks to other Magellanic Clouds related sites. - Categories: abstracts full_text newsgroup

Meta Research (Alternative theories)
Scientifically viable challenges to mainstream paradigms: problems with the Big Bang, replacement cosmologies -- especially the Meta Model, Le Sage-type gravity models, the speed of gravity, the physical interpretations of relativity, replacement solar system origin models -- especially the fission model, the exploded planet hypothesis, the satellite model for comets-asteroids-meteoroids, Mars anomalies, tutorials, editorials, message board, quarterly bulletin, research notes, expeditions. - Categories: society misc newsgroup

NAS/NRC Space Studies Board
The SSB is an advisory board within the National Research Council, which is in turn the operational arm of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. The SSB operates a number of standing committees and task groups that perform studies in space science and policy for the federal government. - Categories: agency newsgroup space

Optical Long Baseline Interferometry News (OLBIN)
A forum for scientists, engineers, and students who share an interest in long baseline stellar interferometry. Here you will find links to projects devoted to stellar interferometry, new items, and resources for further research. - Categories: newsgroup full_text

SCYON : Star Cluster Young and Old Newsletter (SCYON)
A newsletter devoted to all aspects of star cluster astronomy, including abstracts, meetings, databases, jobs, etc. - Categories: abstracts jobs newsgroup

SciAstro -- General Astronomy Chat
SciAstro is a network of amateur astronomers who wish to share their love of astronomy with others. This is done through an Undernet IRC Chat Channel devoted to discussion of astronomy. - Categories: newsgroup

SkyWatch (Astronomical Alarm Clock)
SkyWatch sends its subscribers a daily email message with information on important astronomical events that can be observed from their location. These events include meteor showers, satellite passes and eclipses. Subscribers also receive a weekly report with Sun and Moon rise/set times. - Categories: newsgroup

WEGA - Interessantes aus Astronomie und Raumfahrt (Astronomical Online Journal - in German)
The server hosts the homepage of the online journal WEGA - Interessantes aus Astronomie und Raumfahrt. The main content are news and articles of astronomical themes for the general public. [in German]. - Categories: full_text newsgroup
The last files from this newsgroup are availables - Categories: newsgroup

alt.sci.astro.aips (System)
news:alt.sci.astro.aips - Categories: newsgroup

alt.sci.astro.figaro (concerned with the Figaro image processing and data analysis package)
news:alt.sci.astro.figaro - Categories: newsgroup

news:sci.astro - Categories: newsgroup

sci.astro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
sci.astro is a newsgroup devoted to the discussion of the science of astronomy. As such its content ranges from the Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe. However, certain questions tend to appear fairly regularly. This document attempts to summarize answers to these questions. - Categories: newsgroup education

Amateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc.
news:sci.astro.amateur - Categories: newsgroup

sci.astro.fits (an unmoderated newsgroup)
which provides a forum for the discussion of all topics concerning the FITS [Flexible Image Transport System] data format. It is interfaced to the Email exploder (send requests to so that traffic originating on either the newsgroup on the exploder is automatically transmitted to the other. This newsgroup replaced newsgroup alt.sci.astro.fits in March 1992.
news:sci.astro.fits - Categories: newsgroup

sci.astro.hubble (a moderated newsgroup concerned with the Hubble Space Telescope)
This newsgroup is intended to complement the substantial efforts of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, where support of the many users of the facility originates. The group will serve as a platform for problems, requests, suggestions and needs of the scientific community as they use the Telescope to further their research. Accordingly input from the Institute to the discussions will be vital, and several members of that facility have indicated their interest and willingness to participate fully.
There is an Archive for the newsgroup. This archive is intended for materials pertinent to the discussions in the newsgroup sci.astro.hubble, part of the USENET news structure. Valid items for placement here are large datasets, public domain software (in compressed tarfile form), imagery (GIF preferred) and Postscript renderings of relevant papers on the topic of data processing in connection with Space Telescope. - README .
The archive contains a form which executes WAIS searches on the archive.
news:sci.astro.hubble - Categories: newsgroup

news:sci.astro.planetarium - Categories: newsgroup

sci.astro.research (a moderated newsgroup related to astrophysics research)
This is a moderated newsgroup created specifically for research related topics in astronomy & astrophysics. The submission address is, and the information address is An anonymous ftp archive in [] at . The SAR archive now has a Web page .
news:sci.astro.research - Categories: newsgroup (an unmoderated Usenet newsgroup)
for discussing the modeling, storage, and retrieval of scientific data. The purpose of the newsgroup is to facilitate discussing use of scientific data formats such as HDF, netCDF, FITS, and various others. Topics of discussion could include problems encountered using specific formats, questions about where to get the code for data format programs, discussions of specific uses of data format programs, etc. Readers of the group are typically scientists (and software developers) who use data formats/models such as HDF, netCDF, and other such programs. - Categories: newsgroup

news:sci.image.processing - Categories: newsgroup

news:sci.physics - Categories: newsgroup - Categories: newsgroup - Categories: newsgroup - Categories: newsgroup - Categories: newsgroup

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