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The maintenance of the AstroWeb database of astronomical resources has been discontinued on 10 July 2010; its contents is still available but represents the status of Astroweb at that date.

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Andromeda (andromeda)
Encyclopaedia of astronomy with images and related links. [in French]. - Categories: other_library

Astronet - Russian Astronomical Network
Astronet is a Russian Astronomical Network. The "Astronet" project aims at the broad russian-speaking audience, interested in science-educational astronomical information in Russia and abroad - schoolchildren, students, post-graduates, scientists and teachers as well as all people having interest in astronomical achievements.
The main goal is to develop a conception of informational resource as an informational system targeted to easy access of all people to scientific, popular-science and educational information as well as stimulation of knowledge sharing between qualified participants of scientific and educational processes, based on modern Internet technologies. - Categories: education infosys other_library

INACTIVE LINK ? - 190 --- Astronomical Books Online
This site contents a list of links to on-line books in various formats, concerning astronomy, archeoastronomy, space explorations and skylore. - Categories: other_library full_text

Astronomy Acknowledgement Index
This service provides references to all personal acknowledgements from all papers published in the leading journals in astronomy in the years 1995 and 1996. Search by name and lists of the most acknowledged scientists are available. Compiled by Dima Verner, University of Kentucky. Not updated. - Categories: other_library

Astronomy Thesaurus
A multilingual web interface to "The Astronomy Thesaurus", compiled by R.M. Shobbrook & R.R. Shobbrook. - Categories: other_library

Astronomy and Astrophysics Library (AAL)
The "Astronomy and Astrophysics Library" (AAL) is devoted to monographs on subjects encompassing all aspects of modern astronomy and astrophysics. The spectrum covers everything from experimental and observational techniques to the most elaborate theoretical models, be it for extraterrestrial physics or related to the origin of the universe. - Categories: full_text other_library

Astrophysical Journal Letters Citation Analysis (ApJ Lett.)
The electronic edition of The Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL) allows an easy statistical analysis of citations in the ApJL articles. This page (compiled by Dima Verner) provides citation statistics of the electronic ApJL starting for the year 1996. The page is not updated. - Categories: other_library

CARL (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries)
Search form. - Categories: other_library

Elsevier Science publishers
General Information from Elsevier Science: The Elsevier Science Internet Journal and Book Catalogue, Information on TULIP - The University Licensing Program, About Elsevier Science. Electronic Journals: Computer Networks and ISDN Systems: WWW '94 Conference Proceedings. Current Awareness and Archival Services: ECONbase, Nuclear Physics Electronic. Other Services: Elsevier Science Gopher Server, Elsevier Science FTP Server. - Categories: other_library

Information for Authors: Astronomy Journals
Collection of "information for authors" sites for scholarly and popular astronomy journals. - Categories: other_library misc

Library of Congress - Categories: other_library

Padova Astronomical Observatory Library - Categories: library other_library

Physics - Astronomy - Mathematics Division of the Special Libraries Association (PAM) - Categories: other_library

Selected astronomy and astrophysics book and software reviews (UofT)
These files are updated quarterly. They contain citations for reviews in the main astronomy journals and magazines, of books closely related to astronomy and astrophysics. - Categories: bibliography other_library

UK Schmidt Telescope - Wide Field Astronomy Unit (UKST)
The initial task of the UKST was to construct a photographic survey of the entire southern sky. The telescope still takes some 700 plates a year - about half for current surveys and the remainder taken at the request of research astronomers around the world. To date the UKST has taken over 17,000 plates, the plates are stored in the Plate Library at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (ROE) and represent a huge source of data for the astronomical community. Some 300 active research programmes make use of UKST plate material. Many plates are copied in the ROE Photolabs and sold as Sky Atlases or Teaching Packages. In addition to its photographic role the UKST also has a multi-object fibre spectroscopy system known as FLAIR. - Categories: telescope center education other_library survey

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