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3D Hydro group (Purdue & Indiana Universities)
Self-gravity in fluid and particle systems is the primary mechanism for the creation of structure in the Universe on astronomical scales. - Categories: people other_astronomy

AAS/CSWA Women in Astronomy Database (WiA)
This list of Women in Astronomy has been produced by the American Astronomical Society's Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy. It includes the names, professional affiliations and scientific interest information of females in the disciplines of astronomy and astrophysics. We welcome submissions from women affiliated with the science of astronomy and related fields. - Categories: people

Astronomy Librarians and Libraries Addresses
Alphabetical list of astronomy librarians and a few astrolibrary-related addresses. - Categories: library people

Department of Astronomy, University of Belgrade (DAUB)
Department of Astronomy is a part of Faculty of Mathematics at University of Belgrade. Department employs about ten teachers involved in various topics of astrophysical and astronomical research (minor planets, radiative transfer, supernova remnants, stellar structure and evolution). There are two main study groups, Astrophysics and Dynamical Astronomy. [also in Serbian] - Categories: dept education people

ERARD, Stephane (LESIA) - Categories: personal people

Groupe Astronomie de Spa (GAS)
Groupe Astronomie de Spa (Belgium) - Categories: education astroweb people space telescope

Sociedad Astronómica de Valparaíso y Viña del Mar (SAVAL)
Funded in 1956, this is the oldest amateur group in Chile. [in Spanish]

Fundada el 6 de Octubre de 1956, la agrupación de aficionados más antigua de Chile. - Categories: society people

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