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The maintenance of the AstroWeb database of astronomical resources has been discontinued on 10 July 2010; its contents is still available but represents the status of Astroweb at that date.

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Anglo-Australian Telescope - Schedules (AAT) - Categories: schedule

Asiago - Cima Ekar 182cm Telescope - Schedules - Categories: schedule

Australia Telescope Compact Array, Parkes, MOPRA - Schedules (ATNF)
Observing Schedules for all ATNF Telescopes. - Categories: schedule

Calar Alto Observatory - Schedules for all telescopes
Current schedules for telescopes at the Calar Alto Observatory of the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie. - Categories: schedule

Canada France Hawaii Telescope - Schedules (at Hawaii) (CFHT) - Categories: schedule

Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory - Schedules (CTIO) - Categories: schedule

European Southern Observatory Observing Schedules - Categories: schedule

Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory - Schedules (FCRAO) - Categories: schedule

Hubble Space Telescope Observing Schedule - Categories: schedule

INACTIVE LINK ? - 335 --- Infra-Red Telescope Facility - Schedules (IRTF) - Categories: schedule

Jodrell Bank Observatory (University of Manchester)
Jodrell Bank Observatory is part of the University of Manchester's Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Laboratories are home to the Lovell Telescope and the MERLIN & VLBI National Facility which is operated by the University on behalf of PPARC. - Categories: dept education optical radio schedule telescope

Keck Observatory - Telescope Schedules - Categories: schedule

Kitt Peak National Observatory - Schedules (KPNO) - Categories: schedule

La Palma - Isaac Newton Group - Schedules (ING) - Categories: schedule

La Palma - Nordic Optical Telescope - Schedules (NOT) - Categories: schedule

La Silla - 3.60m & CAT team Schedules - Categories: schedule

La Silla - ESO Schedules - Categories: schedule

Loiano Telescopes (Bologna, Italy)
Tools and informations for observers at the 152 cm Loiano Telescope of Bologna Astronomical Observatory. Tools include a web form for submitting proposals. Informations on road map, weather and accomodations are available. - Categories: schedule

Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories - Schedules (MSSSO) - Categories: schedule

NRAO 12m Telescope Schedules - Categories: schedule

National Solar Observatory Telescope Schedules (NSO)
* Richard B. Dunn Solar Telescope * John W. Evans Solar Facility * Link to NSO-KP telescope Schedule. - Categories: schedule

Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian Academy of Science - Schedules (SAO RAS) - Categories: telescope optical radio schedule

Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope Schedule (SST) - Categories: schedule

UCO/Lick: Mt. Hamilton Telescope Schedules - Categories: schedule

University of Hawaii IfA: 2.2m Telescope - Schedule
This is a PDF file of the current schedule of the University of Hawaii 2.2m Telescope. - Categories: schedule

Very Large Array - Schedules (VLA/NRAO) - Categories: schedule

Wise Observatory Monthly Astronomical Calendar and Schedule
Generate Monthly Gregorian Calendar with optional Moon Phase, Julian day, Local Sidereal Time, Sun Rise, Sun Set, Moon Rise, Moon Set, Moon R.A. and Dec.
Generate Wise Observatory schedule with observer name and instrument. - Categories: misc schedule

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