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Interesting use cases and stories about the CDS activities and services.

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  • VPHAS DR4 H-alpha

    Explore this ESO survey with Aladin.

  • New HiPS for planet Earth

    Explore the Earth elevation with this new planetary HiPS.

  • HiPS tutorial

    Tutorial presented during the OV France semi-hackathon 2024, on HiPS creation, usage in various applications and libraries (Aladin Desktop, Aladin Lite, mocpy, ipyaladin), and cutout generation.

  • Space Telescope Live

    Explore what NASA’s Hubble and Webb space telescopes are observing.

  • A new look for the CDS Website

    The CDS website has a new look and some new contents. Here's a detailed description.

  • SimWatch

    Get notifications on latest references for your preferred objects.

    simwatch simbad cds-login
  • Astrobetter posts on CDS and Python

    Links to Katharina Lutz 2020 astrobetter posts.