Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 26-Sep-2023)

Result of query: info cati CAC2009] S0636$


Details on Acronym:   [CAC2009]
   [CAC2009] (Coziol+Andernach+Caretta+, 2009) Write:<<[CAC2009] ANNNNA a>>
<<[CAC2009] SNNNNA a>>
<<[CAC2009] JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS.s>> N: 1426+1 Object:Poss. BCG + G  (SIMBAD class: Galaxy) Note:N=1426 candidate brightest cluster members (BCM) located in 1169 different Abell clusters.
Format JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS.s: for N=1 rejected candidate without cross-identification. Ref:=2009AJ....137.4795C byCOZIOL R. , ANDERNACH H., CARETTA C.A., ALAMO-MARTINEZ K.A., TAGO E. Astron. J., 137, 4795-4809 (2009) The dynamical state of brightest cluster galaxies and the formation of clusters. o(Erratum) erratum vol. 142, art. 142 (2011) oTable 1: <[CAC2009] ANNNNA a> N=1426. Table 2: <[CAC2009] JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS.s> N=1. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as J/AJ/137/4795 Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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