Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 19-Jul-2024)

Result of query: info cati GBM93]$

Details on Acronym:   FIR
   FIR (Far IR) ***** Avoid the usage of FIR, prefer [GBM93] Originof the Acronym: L = Found in the literature
Details on Acronym:   [GBM93]
   [GBM93] (Gordon+Berkermann+Mezger+, 1993)= (FIR) Write:<<[GBM93] FIR Na>> N: 4 Object:(IR)  (SIMBAD class: Infrared = Infra-Red Source) Note:[GBM93] FIR 1 = NAME Sgr B2 (M). [GBM93] FIR 2 = NAME Sgr B2 (N). [GBM93] FIR 3 = NAME Sgr B2 (S) in source:NAME Sgr B2 Ref:=1993A&A...280..208G byGORDON M.A. , BERKERMANN U., MEZGER P.G., ZYLKA R., HASLAM C.G.T., KREYSA E., SIEVERS A., LEMKE R. Astron. Astrophys., 280, 208-220 (1993) Anatomy of the Sagittarius complex. III. Morphology and characteristics of the Sgr B2 giant molecular complex. o<[GBM93] FIR Na> (Nos 1-3, 2a), N=4 Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database