Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 24-Jun-2022)

Result of query: info cati GKF2018] LDN1251B UnCl$



Details on Acronym:   [GKF2018]
   [GKF2018] (Getman+Kuhn+Feigelson+, 2018) Write:<<[GKF2018] Be 59 A>>
<<[GKF2018] Be 59 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] SFO 2 A>>
<<[GKF2018] SFO 2 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] NGC NNNN A>>
<<[GKF2018] NGC 1333 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] IC NNNN A>>
<<[GKF2018] IC NNNN UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] LkHa101 A>>
<<[GKF2018] LkHa101 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] NGC 2068-2071 A>>
<<[GKF2018] NGC 2068-2071 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] ONC Flank W A>>
<<[GKF2018] OMC 2-3 A>>
<<[GKF2018] OMC 2-3 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] Mon R2 A>>
<<[GKF2018] Mon R2 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] GGD 12-15 A>>
<<[GKF2018] GGD 12-15 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] Serpens Main A>>
<<[GKF2018] Serpens Main UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] Serpens South A>>
<<[GKF2018] Serpens South UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] IRAS 20050+2720 A>>
<<[GKF2018] IRAS 20050+2720 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] Sh 2-106 A>>
<<[GKF2018] Sh 2-106 UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] LDN 1251B A>>
<<[GKF2018] LDN1251B UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] Cep OB3b A>>
<<[GKF2018] Cep OB3b UnCl>>
<<[GKF2018] Cep A A>>
<<[GKF2018] Cep C UnCl>> N: 52+19 Object:Cluster of * + Unclustered stellar structure  (SIMBAD class: Unknown = Object of Unknown Nature) Note:N=52 clusters of stars and N=19 unclustered stellar structures in 22 SFiNCS star-forming regions.
Use of SPCM data. Ref:=2018MNRAS.477..298G byGETMAN K.V. , KUHN M.A., FEIGELSON E.D., BROOS P.S., BATE M.R., GARMIRE G.P. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 477, 298-324 (2018) Young star clusters in nearby molecular clouds. oTables 2+5: <[GKF2018] Be 59 A> (Nos A-B), <[GKF2018] Be 59 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] SFO 2 A> N=1, <[GKF2018] SFO 2 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] NGC NNNN A> N=2+1, <[GKF2018] NGC 1333 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] IC NNNN A> N=2+2, <[GKF2018] IC NNNN UnCl> N=2, <[GKF2018] LkHa101 A> N=1, <[GKF2018] LkHa101 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] NGC 2068-2071 A> (Nos A-D), <[GKF2018] NGC 2068-2071 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] ONC Flank W A> N=2, <[GKF2018] OMC 2-3 A> (Nos A-D), <[GKF2018] OMC 2-3 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] Mon R2 A> (Nos A-C), <[GKF2018] Mon R2 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] GGD 12-15 A> N=1, <[GKF2018] GGD 12-15 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] Serpens Main A> (Nos A-B), <[GKF2018] Serpens Main UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] Serpens South A> (Nos A-D), <[GKF2018] Serpens South UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] IRAS 20050+2720 A> (Nos A-E), <[GKF2018] IRAS 20050+2720 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] Sh 2-106 A> (Nos A-D), <[GKF2018] Sh 2-106 UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] LDN 1251B A> N=1, <[GKF2018] LDN1251B UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] Cep OB3b A> (Nos A-D), <[GKF2018] Cep OB3b UnCl> N=1, <[GKF2018] Cep A A> N=1+2, <[GKF2018] Cep C UnCl> N=1. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/MNRAS/477/298/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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