Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 26-Sep-2023)

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Details on Acronym:   H-M
   H-M (Heydari-Malayeri+) ***** Avoid the usage of H-M, prefer [HGM93] Originof the Acronym: L (1999AJ....118.1684W)
Details on Acronym:   [HGM93]
   [HGM93] (Heydari-Malayeri+Grebel+Melnick+, 1993)= (HM) = (H-M) Write:<<[HGM93] NNAa>> N: 31+9+2 Object:*  (SIMBAD class: Star) Note:Format 'NN', (Nos 3-33), some stars been resolved in several formats 'NNA', and star 5A been itself resolved in 2 '5Aa' and '5Ab'. in source:Magellanic Clouds:LMC = LMC Ref:=1993A&A...278...11H byHEYDARI-MALAYERI M. , GREBEL E.K., MELNICK J., JORDA L. Astron. Astrophys., 278, 11-22 (1993) HDE 269828 : a reddened massive star cluster. o<[HGM93] NN> N=31 (Nos 3-33) Ref:=1995ApJ...439L..47W byWALBORN N.R. , MacKENTY J.W., SAHA A., WHITE R.L., PARKER J.W. Astrophys. J., 439, 47-50 (1995) Resolution of massive compact clusters in the 30 Doradus periphery with the Hubble space telescope. oTable 1: <[TLD88] NNA> (Nos 1A-1C, 2A-2C), <[HGM93] NNA> (Nos 5A-5C, 9A-9B, 11A-11B), <[ST92] 2-NNA> (Nos 62A-62B, 67A-67B, 69A-69B). Ref:=1999AJ....118.1684W byWALBORN N.R. , DRISSEN L., PARKER J.W., SAHA A., MacKENTY J.W., WHITE R.L. Astron. J., 118, 1684-1699 (1999) HST/FOS spatially resolved spectral classification of compact OB groups in the Large Magellanic Cloud. oLH 10-3209 is [L72] LH 10-3209 = PGMW 3209 in SIMBAD. oTable 1: <[WDP99] Brey 73 NN> N=23 among (Nos 1-28). Table 2: <[WDP99] NGC 2044W NN> N=37 among (Nos 1-45). Table 3: <[WDP99] LH 10-3209 NN> (Nos 14-19) = <[WDP99] LH 10-3209 A> (Nos A-F). Table 4: <[WDP99] HD 32228 NN> N=71 among (Nos 1-98). Fig.5, Table 2: <[HGM93] NNAa> (Nos 5Aa, 5Ab, 5D, 5E) added. Fig.12, Table 4: <[HT83] HD 32228 aN> (Nos b1-b2, g1-g3, h1-h2) added. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/AJ/118/1684/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database
Details on Acronym:   HM
   HM (Heydari-Malayeri+) ***** Avoid the usage of HM, prefer [HGM93] Originof the Acronym: L (2000AJ....119.2214M)

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