Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 29-Mar-2023)

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Details on Acronym:   [KSP2018]
   [KSP2018] (Keeney+Stocke+Pratt+, 2018) Write:<<[KSP2018] 1esHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] 1sax1032 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] 3cNNN NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] b1612 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] csoNNNN NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] fbqsHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] h1821 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] heHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] hs1102 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] mrk421 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] pgHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] phl1811 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] pks2005 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] q1230 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] rbs711 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] rxjHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] s0716 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] sbsHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] sdssHHMM NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] tonNNNN NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] viizw244 NNN NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] 1esHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>> (not recognised by Simbad, but found in literature)
<<[KSP2018] 1sax1032_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] 3cNNN_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] b1612_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] csoNNNN_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] fbqsHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] h1821_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] heHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] hs1102_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] mrk421_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] pgHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] phl1811_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] pks2005_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] q1230_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] rbs711_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] rxjHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] s0716_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] sbsHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] sdssHHMM_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] tonNNNN_NNN_NNNNa>>
<<[KSP2018] viizw244_NNN_NNNNa>> N: 8886 Object:G  (SIMBAD class: Galaxy) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:WIYN HYDRA and MMT Hectospec observations of N=8886 galaxies in the line of sight of 48 AGNs tageted by the HST COS science team (GTO). Ref:=2018ApJS..237...11K byKEENEY B.A. , STOCKE J.T., PRATT C.T., DAVIS J.D., SYPHERS D., DANFORTH C.W., SHULL J.M., FRONING C.S., GREEN J.C., PENTON S.V., SAVAGE B.D. Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser., 237, 11-11 (2018) A galaxy redshift survey near HST/COS AGN sight lines. oTable 6: <[KSP2018] 1esHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] 1sax1032 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] 3CNNN NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] b1612 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] csoNNNN NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] fbqsHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] h1821 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] heHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] hs1102 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] mrk421 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] pgHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] phl1811 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] pks2005 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] q1230 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] rbs711 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] rxjHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] s0716 NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] sbsHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] sdssHHMM NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] tonNNNN NNN NNNNa>, <[KSP2018] viizw244 NNN NNNNa>, N=8886. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/ApJS/237/11/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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