Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 26-Sep-2023)

Result of query: info cati M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM A-Aa$



Details on Acronym:   [M2010]
   [M2010] (Maiz-Apellaniz, 2010) Write:<<[M2010] JHHMM.m+DDMMA-A>>
<<[M2010] JHHMM.m+DDMMA-Aa>>
<<[M2010] JHHMM.m+DDMMAa-A>>
<<[M2010] JHHMM.m+DDMMAa-Aa>>
<<[M2010] JHHMM.m+DDMMA>>
<<[M2010] JHHMM.m+DDMMAa>>
<<[M2010] 15 Mon Aa-Ab>>
<<[M2010] 15 Mon Aa-B>>
<<[M2010] 15 Mon Aa>>
<<[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN A-A>>
<<[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN A-Aa>>
<<[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN Aa-Aa>>
<<[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN A>>
<<[M2010] Cyg OB2-22 Aa>> Object:** + *  (SIMBAD class: ** = Double or Multiple Star) Note:Observations of multiple star systems with the AstraLux camera at the 2.2m Calar Alto telescope. Ref:=2010A&A...518A...1M byMAIZ-APELLANIZ J. Astron. Astrophys., 518A, 1-1 (2010) High-resolution imaging of galactic massive stars with AstraLux. I. 138 fields with δ> -25°. oTable 2: <[M2010] 15 Mon Aa-Ab> N=1, <[M2010] 15 Mon Aa-B> N=1, <[M2010] 15 Mon Aa> (Nos A-B, Aa-Ab), <[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN A-A>, <[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN A-Aa>, <[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN Aa-Aa>, N=13 pairs, <[M2010] Cyg OB2-NN A> N=9+5, <[M2010] Cyg OB2-22 Aa> (Nos Ba-Bb). Table 3: <[M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM A-A>, <[M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM A-Aa>, <[M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM Aa-A>, <[M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM Aa-Aa> N=142 pairs. <[M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM A>, <[M2010] JHHMMm+DDMM Aa>. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/A+A/518/A1/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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