Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 31-May-2024)

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Details on Acronym:   IRc
   IRc (Infrared compact) ***** Avoid the usage of IRc, prefer [RLK73] Originof the Acronym: A = Assigned by the author(s)
Details on Acronym:   IRe
   IRe (Infrared, extended) ***** Avoid the usage of IRe, prefer [RLK73] Originof the Acronym: A = Assigned by the author(s)
Details on Acronym:   [RLK73]
   [RLK73] (Rieke+Low+Kleinmann, 1973)= (IRc) = (IRe) Write:<<[RLK73] IRc NNa>>
<<[RLK73] IRc NWW>>
<<[RLK73] IRe N>> N: 23+2 Object:(IR)  (SIMBAD class: Infrared = Infra-Red Source) Note:IRc, compact sources: (Nos 1-9, 11-18, 2a-2d, 6N, 4NW).
IRe, extended sources: (Nos 1-2). in source:NAME Orion Nebula Ref:=1973ApJ...186L...7R byRIEKE G.H. , LOW F.J., KLEINMANN D.E. Astrophys. J., 186, 7-11 (1973) High-resolution maps of the Kleinmann-Low nebula in Orion. oTable 1: <[RLK73] IRc N> (Nos 1-5), <[RLK73] IRe N> (Nos 1-2) Ref:=1981ApJ...244..869D byDOWNES D. , GENZEL R., BECKLIN E.E., WYNN-WILLIAMS C.G. Astrophys. J., 244, 869-883 (1981) Outflow of matter in the Kl nebula : the role of IRC 2. o[RLK73] IRc 4 = [GD77] A, [RLK73] IRc 5 = [GD77] B, [RLK73] IRc 9 = [WBN72] W 3 IRS 2 o<[RLK73] IRc N> (Nos 6-9) added. Ref:=1984ApJ...280..163C byCHELLI A. , PERRIER C., LENA P. Astrophys. J., 280, 163-169 (1984) The sub-arc second structure of IRc2 at 5 microns. o<[RLK73] IRc 2a> (Nos 2a-2b) added. Ref:=1993ApJ...406..112D byDOUGADOS C. , LENA P., RIDGWAY S.T., CHRISTOU J.C., PROBST R.G. Astrophys. J., 406, 112-121 (1993) Near-infrared imaging of the Becklin-Neugebauer-IRc2 region in Orion with subarcsecond resolution. o(Erratum) DEC of IRc 2b should be -05 24 23.02 instead of -05 24 32.02 oIRc2-A to D = [RLK73] IRc 2a to d oTable 3 and p. 116: <[RLK73] IRc 2a> (Nos 2c-2d) added. Table 4: <LBLS aa> (No. aa) added. Ref:=1998ApJ...509..283G byGEZARI D.Y. , BACKMAN D.E., WERNER M.W. Astrophys. J., 509, 283-298 (1998) Mid-infrared imaging of Orion BN/KL. II. Luminosity sources, extinction distribution, and the nature of IRc2. oTable 2: <[RLK73] IRc NWW> (Nos 4NW and 6N), <[RLK73] IRc NN> (Nos 11-18). Ref:=2004AJ....128..363S bySHUPING R.Y. , MORRIS M., BALLY J. Astron. J., 128, 363-374 (2004) A new mid-infrared map of the BN/KL region using the Keck telescope. oTable 1: <[RLK73] IRc NNW> (Nos 2e, 3N, 3S, 6E, 16N, 16S, 16W, 19-23) added. Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database