Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 17-May-2024)

Result of query: info cati RSK2010]$

Details on Acronym:   [RSK2010]
   [RSK2010] (Richard+Smith+Kneib+, 2010)= ([RSK2010a]) Write:<<[RSK2010] A NNNN N.N>>
<<[RSK2010] ZNNNN N.N>>
<<[RSK2010] RXJHHMM N.N>>
<<[RSK2010] A NNN N.N A>> N: 74+40 Object:Grav. lensed image of a G  (SIMBAD class: LensedG = Gravitationally Lensed Image of a Galaxy) Stat.in SIMBAD: Table 4 is completely incorporated. Note:Keck-I LRIS observations of N=10 strong lensing clusters. in source:ACO 521 in source:ACO 611 in source:ACO 773 in source:ACO 868 in source:ZwCl 2701 in source:ACO 1413 in source:ACO 1835 in source:ACO 2204 in source:RX J1720.0+2637 in source:ClG J2129+0005 = RX J2129.6+0005 Ref:=2010MNRAS.404..325R byRICHARD J. , SMITH G.P., KNEIB J.-P., ELLIS R.S., SANDERSON A.J.R., PEI L., TARGETT T.A., SAND D.J., SWINBANK A.M., DANNERBAUER H., MAZZOTTA P., LIMOUSIN M., EGAMI E., JULLO E., HAMILTON-MORRIS V., MORAN S.M. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 404, 325-349 (2010) LoCuSS: first results from strong-lensing analysis of 20 massive galaxy clusters at z = 0.2. oTable 4, Fig. 2: <[RSK2010] A NNNN N.N> , <[RSK2010] ZNNNN N.N>, <[RSK2010] RXJHHMM N.N>, N=74. Fig. 2: <[RSK2010] A NNN N.N A> N=40. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/MNRAS/404/325/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database
Details on Acronym:   [RSK2010a]
   [RSK2010a] (Richard+Smith+Kneib+, 2010) ***** Avoid the usage of [RSK2010a], prefer [RSK2010] Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database