Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 13-Jan-2022)

Result of query: info cati SLB2011b]$

Details on Acronym:   [SLB2011b]
   [SLB2011b] (Smolinski+Lee+Beers+, 2011) Write:<<[SLB2011b] DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>> N: 1060 Object:Star  (SIMBAD class: Star) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:Spectroscopic and photometric data for five Galactic globular clusters (M3, M53, M71, M92, and NGC 5053) and three open clusters (M35, NGC 2158, and NGC 6791), processed by the SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline (SSPP).
See also [LBS2008]. in source:M 3 = NGC 5272 in source:M 53 = NGC 5024 in source:M 71 = NGC 6838 in source:M 92 = NGC 6341 in source:NGC 5053 in source:M 35 = NGC 2168 in source:NGC 2158 in source:NGC 6791 Ref:=2011AJ....141...89S bySMOLINSKI J.P. , LEE Y.S., BEERS T.C., AN D., BICKERTON S.J., JOHNSON J.A., LOOMIS C.P., ROCKOSI C.M., SIVARANI T., YANNY B. Astron. J., 141, 89 (2011) The SEGUE stellar parameter pipeline. IV. Validation with an extended sample of galactic globular and open clusters. oTable 4: <[SLB2011b] DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=1060. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as J/AJ/141/89 Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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