Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 22-Oct-2021)

Result of query: info cati STK2009b]$

Details on Acronym:   [STK2009b]
   [STK2009b] (Saito+Tamura+Kandori+, 2009) Write:<<[STK2009b] NNN>> N: 583 Object:*  (SIMBAD class: Star) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:IRSF 1.4m telescope SIRIUS NIR observations of Sh 2-106. in source:SH 2-106 Ref:=2009AJ....137.3149S bySAITO H. , TAMURA M., KANDORI R., KUSAKABE N., HASHIMOTO J., NAKAJIMA Y., SATO Y., NAGATA T., NAGAYAMA T., KATO D. Astron. J., 137, 3149-3157 (2009) Near-infrared imaging polarimetry of S106 cluster-forming region with SIRPOL. oTable 1: <[STK2009b] NNN> (Nos 1-583). =E=Catalogue in electronic form as J/AJ/137/3149 Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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