Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 31-May-2024)

Result of query: info cati VCR2011]$

Details on Acronym:   PTF1
   PTF1 (van Eyken+Ciardi+Rebull+, 2011) ***** Avoid the usage of PTF1, prefer [VCR2011] Originof the Acronym: A = Assigned by the author(s)
Details on Acronym:   [VCR2011]
   [VCR2011] (van Eyken+Ciardi+Rebull+, 2011)= (PTF1) Write:<<[VCR2011] NN-NNNNN>> N: 82+16 Object:EB* + Poss. T Tau*  (SIMBAD class: Variable* = Variable Star) Note:Palomar 48-inch telescope observations of N=82 eclipsing binary systems and N=16 candidate classical T Tauri stars, within the Palomar Transient Factory Orion project.
in source:NAME 25 ORI GROUP Ref:=2011AJ....142...60V byVAN EYKEN J.C. , CIARDI D.R., REBULL L.M., STAUFFER J.R., AKESON R.L., BEICHMAN C.A., BODEN A.F., VON BRAUN K., GELINO D.M., HOARD D.W., HOWELL S.B., KANE S.R., PLAVCHAN P., RAMIREZ S.V., BLOOM J.S., CENKO S.B., KASLIWAL M.M., KULKARNI S.R., LAW N.M., NUGENT P.E., OFEK E.O., POZNANSKI D., QUIMBY R.M., GRILLMAIR C.J., LAHER R., LEVITAN D., MATTINGLY S., SURACE J.A. Astron. J., 142, 60 (2011) The Palomar Transient Factory Orion project: eclipsing binaries and young stellar objects. oTables 1, 3: <[VCR2011] NN-NNNN> N=82+16. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/AJ/142/60/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database