Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 02-Nov-2023)

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Details on Acronym:   [WZA2016]
   [WZA2016] (Wilson+Zabludoff+Ammons+, 2016) Write:<<[WZA2016] bHHMM NN>>
<<[WZA2016] bHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] bHHMM r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] briHHMM NN>>
<<[WZA2016] briHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] briHHMM r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] fbqHHMM NN>>
<<[WZA2016] fbqHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] h1413 N>>
<<[WZA2016] h1413 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] h12531 N>>
<<[WZA2016] h12531 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] heHHMM NN>>
<<[WZA2016] heHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] heHHMM r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] hst14113 NN>>
<<[WZA2016] hst14113 NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] hst14113 r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] lbq1333 N>>
<<[WZA2016] lbq1333 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] mgHHMM NN>>
<<[WZA2016] mgHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] mgHHMM r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] pg1115 NN>>
<<[WZA2016] pg1115 NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] qHHMM NN>>
<<[WZA2016] qHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] qHHMM r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] rxj1131 NN>>
<<[WZA2016] rxj1131 NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] rxj1131 r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] sbs1520 N>>
<<[WZA2016] sbs1520 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] wfi2033 N>>
<<[WZA2016] wfi2033 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>>
<<[WZA2016] wfi2033 r DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>> N: 269+3059+225 Object:Group of G + G in Group  (SIMBAD class: Unknown = Object of Unknown Nature) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:Catalog of N=269 algorithmic groups of galaxies and N=3084 galaxies in the field of N=26 galaxy-scale strong gravitational lenses.
See also [MWC2015]. Ref:=2016ApJ...833..194W byWILSON M.L. , ZABLUDOFF A.I., AMMONS S.M., MOMCHEVA I.G., WILLIAMS K.A., KEETON C.R. Astrophys. J., 833, 194-194 (2016) A spectroscopic survey of the fields of 28 strong gravitational lenses: the group catalog. oTables 1-2: <[WZA2016] bHHMM NN> N=48, <[WZA2016] briHHMM NN> N=5, <[WZA2016] fbqHHMM NN> N=26, <[WZA2016] h1413 N> (Nos 0-4), <[WZA2016] h12531 N> (Nos 0-8), <[WZA2016] heHHMM NN> N=28, <[WZA2016] hst14113 NN> (Nos 0-15), <[WZA2016] lbq1333 N> (Nos 0-9), <[WZA2016] mgHHMM NN> N=35, <[WZA2016] pg1115 NN> (Nos 0-11), <[WZA2016] qHHMM NN> N=39, <[WZA2016] rxj1131 NN> (Nos 0-12), <[WZA2016] sbs1520 N> (Nos 0-8), <[WZA2016] wfi2033 N> (Nos 0-6). Tables 5-6: <[WZA2016] bHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] briHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] fbqHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] h1413 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] h12531 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] heHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] hst14113 NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] lbq1333 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] mgHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] pg1115 NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] qHHMM NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] rxj1131 NN DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] sbs1520 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd>, <[WZA2016] wfi2033 N DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=3059. Table 7: <[WZA2016] bHHMM R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=47, <[WZA2016] briHHMM R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=19, <[WZA2016] h12531 R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=7, <[WZA2016] heHHMM R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=31, <[WZA2016] hst14113 R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=48, <[WZA2016] mg1131 R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=7, <[WZA2016] qHHMM R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=24, <[WZA2016] rxj1131 R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=17, <[WZA2016] wfi2033 R DDD.ddddd+DD.ddddd> N=25. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as J/ApJ/833/194 Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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