Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 10-Jul-2024)

Result of query: info cati ** MCT$


Details on Acronym:   **
   ** (Double Star) Write:<<** AAA NNNNAA>>
<<** H N NNNAA>>
<<** H N NNNAA>> Object:**  (SIMBAD class: ** = Double or Multiple Star) Note:In SIMBAD only.
To find the designation as in the literature, drop the first word (**).
'AAA' is an abbreviation for discoverers' names. A list of these abbreviations can be found at : http://www.astro.gsu.edu/wds/Webtextfiles/wdsnewref.txt
An additional 'A' is used to distinguish between systems from the main list or appendices from the same discoverer (e.g. STF 3136 is the 3136th system in Struve's main list, whereas STFA 11 and STFB 11 are the 11th system respectively in Struve's appendix I and II).
For the William Herschel discoveries, a list identifier is added to column three of each designation. For example:
H 19 (at 16 hours) was originally H II 19 and is now known as H 2 19,
H 7 (at 18 hours) was originally H V 7 and is now known as H 5 7, and
H 111 (at 06 hours) was originally H N 111 and is now known as H N 111.