Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

  cluster, format 'E2 N', N=2
* in SL 126 (= [SL63] 126) cluster, format 'SL 126 N', N=1
* in LW NNN clusters (N=17 clusters), format 'LW NNN N', N=38
Others * in Table 4: in ESO 121-3: [MSH86] NNN
in E2 cluster: [SOA86] NNN
in clusters Hodge, NGC, or IC: Cl* Ref:=1991AJ....101..515O byOLSZEWSKI E.W. , SCHOMMER R.A., SUNTZEFF N.B., HARRIS H.C. Astron. J., 101, 515-537 (1991) Spectroscopy of giants in LMC clusters. I. Velocities, abundances, and the age-metallicity relation. o* BF not identified (Blanco + Frogel, in prepa in 1990, not found) oTable 4: <OSSH OHSC NN N> N=8. <OSSH ESO 121-3 a> (Nos a-b). <OSSH E2 N> N=2. <OSSH SL 126 N> N=1. <OSSH LW NNN N> N=38. <Cl* Hodge NN OSSH N> N=9. <Cl* NGC NNNN OSSH N> N=28. <Cl* IC NNNN OSSH N> N=8.
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