Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 of G    by White+Bhavsar+Bormann 1983, has not been published.
It contains over 600 poor clusters.
In Hanisch 1984, N=37. In Burns+ 1987, N=139.
In the format, 'BB' stands for galactic latitude, (N45 means that the cluster is at a North galactic latitude between 40deg and 50deg.) Ref:=1984A&A...133..192H byHANISCH R.J. Astron. Astrophys., 133, 192-204 (1984) Westerbork observations of 37 poor clusters of galaxies at 1415 MHz. oTable 1: <WBB NBB-NNN> or <WBB SBB-NNN> N=37. Table 3: <[H84a] HHMM+DDd> or <[H84a] HHMM+DDd.N> or <[H84a] HHMM+DDda> N=97 Ref:=1987AJ.....94..587B byBURNS J.O. , HANISCH R.J., WHITE R.A., NELSON E.R., MORRISETTE K.A., WARD M.J. Astron. J., 94, 587-617 (1987) A VLA 20cm survey of poor groups of galaxies. o<WBB NBB-NNN> and <WBB SBB-NNN> N=139
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