Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

Use of UKIRT Hemisphere Survey (UHS) in the near-infrared J-band, the Pan-STARRS1 survey (PS-1) at optical wavelengths, the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) archive in the mid-infrared. Ref:=2019ApJ...870L..11F byFAN X. , WANG F., YANG J., KEETON C.R., YUE M., ZABLUDOFF A., BIAN F., BONAGLIA M., GEORGIEV I.Y., HENNAWI J.F., LI J., McGREER I.D., NAIDU R., PACUCCI F., RABIEN S., THOMPSON D., VENEMANS B., WALTER F., WANG R., WU X.-B. Astrophys. J., 870L, 11-11 (2019) The discovery of a gravitationally lensed quasar at z = 6.51. o<[FWY2019] J0439+1634 system> N=1. <[FWY2019] J0439+1634 lens> N=1. <[FWY2019] UHS J043947.08+163415.7> N=1.
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