Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 29-Sep-2022)

Result of query: info cati 2XRS HHMMm+DDd$


Details on Acronym:   2XRS
   2XRS (X-Ray Source)= An 2 XRS (Not yet in Simbad) Write:<<2XRS HHMMm+DDd>> N: 677 Object:(X)  (SIMBAD class: X = X-ray Source) Ref:=1982Ap&SS..82....3A byAMNUEL P.R. , GUSEINOV O.H., RAKHAMINOV S.Y. Astrophys. Space Sci., 82, 3-103 (1982) Second catalogue of X-ray sources. oTable I: <2XRS HHMMm+DDd> N=677

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