Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 19-Apr-2024)

Result of query: info cati Cl* NGC 458 ARP$

Details on Acronym:   Cl* NGC 458 Arp
   Cl* NGC 458 Arp (Arp) Write:<<Cl* NGC 458 Arp a>>
<<Cl* NGC 458 Arp a N>>
<<Cl* NGC 458 Arp R-NNN>> N: 25+53+58+229+149 Object:*inCl Rem:Table I: format 'a' or 'a N', N=21
Tables II to V: the roman digit stands for 4 regions I to IV:
region I: format 'I-NN', N=53
region II: format 'II-NN', N=58
region III: format 'III-NNN', N=229
region IV: format 'IV-NNN', N=149
Format can also be written 'NNNN' with 4 digits,
ex.: Cl* NGC 458 Arp II-58 = Cl* NGC 458 Arp 2058 Ref:=1959AJ.....64..175A byARP H. Astron. J., 64, 175-182 (1959) Southern hemisphere photometry. VI. The color-magnitude diagram of NGC 458 and the adjoining region of the Small Magellanic Cloud. oin the ref list 1958AJ.....63..487A instead of 457 oTable I: <Cl* NGC 458 ARP a>, <Cl* NGC 458 ARP aN> N=21. Tables II to V: <Cl* NGC 458 ARP I-NN> N=53, <Cl* NGC 458 ARP II-NN> N=58, <Cl* NGC 458 ARP III-NNN> N=229, <Cl* NGC 458 ARP IV-NNN> N=149