Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 17-May-2024)

Result of query: info cati EM* AS$

Details on Acronym:   AS
   AS (Additional Star) Write:<<Em* AS NNNA>> N: 521 Object:Em* + PN  (SIMBAD class: EmLine* = Emission-line Star) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:Continues MWC. N=521 among which 39 PN. Ref:=1950ApJ...112...72M byMERRILL P.W. , BURWELL C.G. Astrophys. J., 112, 72-89 (1950) Additional stars whose spectra have a bright H-α line. oTable I: <Em* AS NNN> (Nos 1-519) Ref:=1951ApJ...113..624M byMILLER W.C. , MERRILL P.W. Astrophys. J., 113, 624-625 (1951) Spectroscopic observations of Be stars. oTable 1: <Em* AS NNN> (Nos 520-521)