Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 17-May-2024)

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Details on Acronym:   GM
   GM (Gyulbudaghian+Maghakian) Write:<<GM 1-NN>>
<<GM 2-NN>>
<<GM 3-NN>> N: 79+42+15 Object:Nebula + HH-like  (SIMBAD class: RefNeb = Reflection Nebula) Note:1977PAZh....3..113G: format '1-NN':
Table I: (Nos 1-12), Arcuate Nebulae. Table II: (Nos 13-32), Conical Nebulae. Table III: (Nos 33-54), Stars with tailed Nebulae. Table IV: (Nos 55-57), Biconical Nebulae. Table V: (Nos 58-79), Stars in Halo Nebulae. GM 1-29 is a variable cometary nebula illuminated by PV Cep. GM 1-11 is a poss. PN in Gasparian+ 1988Afz....28..679G, and in ref. 1992ESOPN...1....1A. 1977DoArm..64..104G: format '2-NN:
Table I: (Nos 1-36) are Herbig-Haro like objects identical to GGD Table II: (Nos 37-44) are Nebular knots in nebulae. 1977ATsir.953....1G: format '3-NN':
Neb. objects (Nos 1-15). Ref:=1977PAZh....3..113G byGYULBUDAGHIAN A.L. , MAGHAKIAN T.Y. Pis'ma Astron. Zh., 3, 113-116 (1977) New cometary nebulae. oTranslation in 1977SvAL....3...58G. oTables I-V: <GM 1-NN> (Nos 1-79). Ref:=1977DoArm..64..104G byGYULBUDAGHIAN A.L. , MAGHAKIAN T.Y. Doklady - Akad. Nauk Arm. SSR, 64, 104-107 (1977) New red objects resembling Herbig-Haro objects. oTables I-II: <GM 2-NN> (Nos 1-42) Ref:=1977ATsir.953....1G byGYULBUDAGHIAN A.L. , MAGHAKIAN T.Y. Astron. Tsirk., 953, 1-2 (1977) New interesting nebulous objects. o<GM 3-NN> (Nos 1-15)
Details on Acronym:   GM
   GM (Gomez+Mendoza) ***** Avoid the usage of GM, prefer [GM76] Originof the Acronym: D = Assigned by the Dictionary of Acronyms
Details on Acronym:   GM
   GM (Gallagher+Mould) ***** Avoid the usage of GM, prefer [GM81] Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database