Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 21-Jun-2024)

Result of query: info cati GT$

Details on Acronym:   GT
   GT (Gregory+Taylor) Write:<<GT HHMM+DDda>> N: 534+1274+20 Object:(Rad)  (SIMBAD class: Radio = Radio Source) Note:Format 'HHMM+DDd': truncated format. 1983AJ.....88.1784T: N=534 discrete radio-sources among which 15 variables sources newly discovered (Table V). 1988AJ.....95.1149D: 17 sources previously suspected variables are observed as variables. Ref:=1981ApJ...248..596G byGREGORY P.C. , TAYLOR A.R. Astrophys. J., 248, 596-605 (1981) Radio patrol of the Northern Milky Way: a survey for variable sources. oTable 3: <GT HHMM+DDd> N=5 Ref:=1983AJ.....88.1784T byTAYLOR A.R. , GREGORY P.C. Astron. J., 88, 1784-1809 (1983) Radio patrol of the Northern Milky Way: a catalog of sources. I. oTable IV: <GT HHMM+DDda> N=534 Ref:=1986AJ.....92..371G byGREGORY P.C. , TAYLOR A.R. Astron. J., 92, 371-411 (1986) Radio patrol of the Northern Milky Way: a catalog of sources. II. oTable II: <GT HHMM+DDda> N=1274 Originof the Acronym: A = Assigned by the author(s)
Details on Acronym:   Cl* IC 1590 GT
   Cl* IC 1590 GT (Guetter+Turner) Write:<<Cl* IC 1590 GT A>>
<<Cl* IC 1590 GT NNN>> N: 8+246 Object:*inCl Ref:=1997AJ....113.2116G byGUETTER H.H. , TURNER D.G. Astron. J., 113, 2116-2129 (1997) IC 1590, a young cluster embedded in the nebulosity of NGC 281. oTable 1: * HD NNNNaaa from Sharpless and cross-id. Sharpless not in SIMBAD oTable 1: <Cl* IC 1590 GT A> (Nos A-K). Table 2: <Cl* IC 1590 GT NNN> (Nos 1-246)