Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 17-May-2024)

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Details on Acronym:   HBK
   HBK (Huchra+Brodie+Kent) Write:<<HBK NNN-NNN>> N: 150+21 Object:GlCl  (SIMBAD class: GlobCluster = Globular Cluster) Note:Table 1: The format is a combination of the designations given by Battistini+ 1980 (acronyme Bol) and by Sargent+ 1977 (acronyme SKHB). For ex., '291-9' is Bol 291 and SKHB 9. Table 2: 17 Galaxies, 3 stars, 1 HII region in source:M 31 = NGC 224 Ref:=1991ApJ...370..495H byHUCHRA J.P. , BRODIE J.P., KENT S.M. Astrophys. J., 370, 495-504 (1991) Extragalactic globular cluster. II. The M 31 globular cluster system. oHBK 4-000 is HBK 4-50 oTable 1: <HBK NNN-NNN> N=150. Combination of Bol and SKHB Originof the Acronym: L = Found in the literature